Newsletter June 2020

The Green Newsletter, Report of World Environment Day.

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COP 13, bio-diversity – third Report

  • The side event: Awakening Biodiversity Consciousness – Connection Between the Inner State and Nature
  • The success arising from the Bioclick programme
  • News from the press conference
  • Activities at the CEPA kiosk
  • a great photo of the team

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Newsletter for World Environment Day

The Green Newsletter special edition for World Environment Day.

Greetings in advance for World Environment Day.

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Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet, Global Online Summit

Eminent speakers and wonderful performers from all walks of life from Peru, Costa Rica, New York, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia contributed to the Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet webinar.

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World Environment Day (Youth events).

A new initiative by Brahma Kumaris Youth has been launched on the occasion of the World Environment Day (WED 2020).

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Talk on Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal

Amidst the worldwide lockdown and in conjunction with World Environment Day, Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative, in cooperation with Brahma Kumaris Malaysia and Awakening TV Channel, hosted a thought-provoking Global YouTube LIVE Public Talk themed:  “Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal”

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Newsletter May 2020

The Green Newsletter, Happy World Environment Day to all of You.

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COP 13, bio-diversity – second Report

The busy activities of the Brahma Kumaris continued through the first week of the COP13 events including:

  • Taking part in: Handprint: Positive Action for Sustainability
  • Interesting events attended
  • the BK side event: Awakening Biodiversity Consciousness – The role of human awareness preserving biodiversity
  • Our kiosk at the CEPA fair
  • Government representatives met
  • weekend hikes
  • some great photos…

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BioCOP13, Cancun, Mexico 2016, 1st report

Brahma Kumaris are actively attending the Conference of Parties for Biodiversity (BioCop13) being held in Cancun, Mexico 2016.  This first report includes:

  • The background to the conference
  • The Brahma Kumaris theme
  • The delegates
  • Brahma Kumaris activities
  • The participation of the President of Mexico
  • Some of the side events that were attended

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Newsletter April 2020

The Green Newsletter, Happy Earth Day to all of You.

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Green Day in Madhuban 2020

The Green Day dedicated to the environment has now become a bi-annual event in Madhuban. Many activities took place with focus on emergency preparedness and refining our relationship with and service of Mother Earth.

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Meditation for the World

Welcome to our daily 15 minutes synchronised meditation with the whole Brahma Kumaris community around the world to share vibrations of peace with the world.

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Newsletter March 2020

Dear Friends of the Green Newsletter:

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Newsletter February 2020

The green newsletter.  Happy Shivratri to all original utopians

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How the light gets in – report 2019 (phone)

Modern Crises and Ancient Gods: How the Light Gets in Festival, Kenwood House, London, UK, 21st September 2019 The annual How the Light Gets In Festival, organized by the Institute of Art and Ideas, brings together leading thinkers and public figures to discuss topical and wide-ranging themes. David Malone, film producer and UK Green Party…

Prakruti Mitra Award

Brahma Kumaris centre in Bangalore was honoured  with the “Prakruti Mitra Award” by BNM Institute of Technology, Banashankari & Heritage Trust(R) , Basavanagudi.

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Building community resilience in the face of environmental injustice

The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute policy conference was held on 5-7 November 2019 in Johannesburg.  Its purpose was to allow faith leaders from Southern Africa and beyond to deliberate, share practices, and jointly develop policy positions on a number of key issues.  Sister Usha of Brahma Kumaris gave an impassioned speech at the closing of the conference.

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Building community resilience in the face of environmental injustice (phone)

Sister Usha offered an impactful input at the closing of SAFCEI’s (Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute) policy conference “A new vision for sacred life and living earth”  It was held on 5-7 November 2019 in Johannesburg. The purpose of this conference was to create a space where faith leaders from Southern Africa and beyond…

COP25 – Chile – Report 2

The programme of events in Chile for COP25 has continued, even though the conference was moved to Spain.  This report describes some of the many team activities.

    See the report and photos

LCOY15 Netherlands (phone)

Report: BK participation at LCOY – the Local Conference of Youth for Climate Change in Netherlands 16th – 17th November 2019, Amsterdam The Local Conference of Youth for Climate Change Netherlands (LCOYNL) 2019 took place from 16-17 November at the Amsterdam University College. The Conference of Youth (COY) is a youth-powered conference which take place…

LCOY15 Netherlands

The Brahma Kumaris supported The Local Conference of Youth for Climate Change Netherlands (LCOYNL) 2019 with an experienced team.  This conference took place from 16-17 November at the Amsterdam University College.

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COY15 Madrid

The Conference of Youth (COY) is held annually in the same country and prior to the Conference of the Parties (COP), which is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). COY serves as a preparation session for youth non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to develop position papers, network and form strategic decisions on climate change solutions.  Despite the COP venue moving from Chile to Spain, Brahma Kumaris fielded a strong team of experienced young people.

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COY15 Madrid (phone)

Report: BK participation at COY15 – the Conference of Youth for Climate Change held in Spain November 29 – December 1, 2019, Madrid The Conference of Youth (COY) is held annually in the same country and prior to the Conference of the Parties (COP), which is the supreme decision-making body of the United Nations Framework…

LCOY in Germany (phone)

Report about first BK Local Conference of Youth in Germany 4.-6. October 2019, in Heidelberg The Local Conferences of Youth (LCOY´s) are organized in addition to the international COY, which always take place shortly before the UN Climate Change Conference in the same host country. Since the awareness of the need to inform and act…

LCOY in Germany 2019

The Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) for Germany was held in Heidelberg, Germany in October 2019.  Over 550 young people attended the event.  The local BKs, as well as having an exhibition stand, organised many meditation sessions for the participants.  It was a good success.

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COP25 – Madrid – Report 11 (last)

After a busy two weeks, much has been done by the team.  Several new collaborations have been created.  The team is now dispersing back to their places around the world.  In this report:

  • A review of the final outcome from COP25
  • Article in German Newspaper “Die Zeit”
  • A Vigil by Interfaith community
  • Travel compensation arrangements
  • A creative reflection and dialogue
  • Feedback meeting
  • A birthday party
  • Goodbye from the editing team
  • Additional reporting on the reflection and dialogue space

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COP25 – Madrid – Report 11 (last) (phone)

Friday 13th December 2019 Madrid, Spain This is the final day, and slowly the last members of green team leave our lovely BK centre in Madrid. Final on late Sunday morning a very weak and almost useless declaration has been signed.  No major breakthrough had been seriously expected but observers had at least hoped to…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 10

The tireless BK COP Team continue holding events and collaborating with other groups.  In this report:

  • More news from the COP
  • Side event in the Chile Pavilion
  • An intergenerational dialogue between all the UN climate bodies and youth representations
  • A UN head of organisations leadership dialogue
  • Civil society forum
  • Some splendid photos

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COP25 – Madrid – Report 10 (phone)

Thursday 12 December 2019 Madrid, Spain While protesters were pondering how best to make their point as the Friday evening deadline for the negotiations approached, the conference halls were still thronging with business executives and representatives of corporate groups.  Many were hosting receptions, cocktails and dinners for financial backers, institutions and government officials. There seems…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 9 (phone)

Wednesday 10th December 2019 Madrid, Spain This morning started with a series of talks in the main plenary hall, moderated by Gonzalo Muñoz.  He is the designated climate champion from Chile.  The first Speaker was Johan Rockström of the Potsdam Climate Institute and he summed up the latest findings in climate research.  The picture he…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 9

In this report:

  • Greta Thunberg’s speech and a review of the COP25
  • A side event by BK and Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, at the German Pavilion
  • Training with Green Faith
  • An interfaith co-ordination meeting
  • A second BK reception
  • Meeting an education leader from Ahmedabad, India

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COP25 – Madrid – Report 8 (phone)

Tuesday 10th December 2019 Madrid, Spain Opening of high-level plenum at the COP High level delegates from the Governments are meeting in Madrid for the second week of crucial UN talks on the global response to the climate emergency.  Campaigners have been frustrated by the slow pace of the negotiations, despite growing public clamour, including…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 8

COP25 is now reaching its important stage where decisions need to be made.  The BK team continue to give their message in many creative ways.  In this report, there is:

  • Opening of the high level plenum and where we are at
  • Addressing climate change through a human perspective
  • BK public program dedicated to COP25
  • Youngo daily meeting
  • Side event with Al Gore, chairman of the Climate Reality Project
  • Action for climate empowerment
  • A smoke ceremony

    See the report and photos

   See the report and photos (phone)

COP25 – Madrid – Report 7 (phone)

Monday 9th December 2019 Madrid, Spain This Monday morning, we went early to the Conference as Golo had a Press conference along with Solar Cookers inter-national.  At the entrance we were greeted by climate protesters chanting: There is no future without a planet.  But before our press conference, the Hall was used by Fridays for…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 7

The team in Madrid continue to make important connections and meet more VIPs.  Monday 9th December was a particularly busy day for them. In this report is included:

  • The arrival of Greta Thunberg
  • Press conference solar cookers
  • BK press conference with Sister Jayanti
  • Faith leaders meeting UNFCCC Deputy Executive Secretary
  • A Briefing on Geo-engineering
  • A side event “The power of the religious environmental movement”
  • Meeting the Nigerian Minister of the Environment
  • A Dialogue of the Resistance Frontiers Initiative
  • Some photos of key moments

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COP25 – Madrid – Report 6 (phone)

Saturday 7th December 2019 Madrid, Spain The climate conference is entering in its second week and soon environment and foreign ministers will arrive to give a boost and finalise the outcome.  Interestingly, the overriding issue of how fast the world needs to cut greenhouse gas emissions has received little official attention.  “We are at risk…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 6

The BK COP team in Madrid continue to make important connections and collaborations, sharing the idea that the world needs a change in consciousness.  Included in this report:

  • A report of the state of the COP negotiations
  • The interfaith press conference with Sister Jayanti
  • Activities in the Civil Society space
  • A side event, “Building a spirit of solidarity to deal with the climate emergency
  • The creation of the Sanctuary Space, a new collaboration including BK

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    See the report and photos (phone)

COP25 – Madrid – Report 5 (phone)

Friday 6th December 2019 Madrid, Spain Half-way briefing This morning, our team met for the half-way briefing.  BKs programs and activities have gone well but it appears the conference is not yet on track to deal adequately with the climate crisis.  There is still a week to go but experts already voice doubts if the…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 5

The team had a chance to take some time out from their busy schedule.  This report includes:

  • The half way briefing
  • A message from Dadi Janki
  • The president of India visiting Madhuban
  • A green outing
  • News of the climate march

    See the report and photos

    See the report and photos (phone)

COP25 – Madrid – Report 4 (phone)

Thursday 5th December 2019 Madrid, Spain Golo and Sonja brought the eternal COP flame from Chile to Madrid.  Sister Jayanti official handed it over to the Spanish Brahma Kumaris (BK’s). Workshop on tracking progress 2020-23 Julia and Maria attended a meeting which was part of a two-day CAMDA workshop on data collection and climate action. …

COP25 – Madrid – Report 4

After the intense period of BK programmes and side events, the team were able to network with other groups and enjoy some social occasions with them.  In this report there is:

  • Workshop on tracking progress 2020-23, a two day CAMDA workshop
  • Inner Dimension of Climate Change, a programme of the Global Peace Initiative
  • A reception for friends
  • How do we relate to future generations? – Organised by the Institute for Advanced Social Studies and BKs helped to facilitate

    See the report and photos

    See the report and photos (phone)

COP25 – Madrid – Report 3 (Phone)

Wednesday 4th December 2019 Madrid, Spain COP Press conference The day started with our press conference “Climate Emergency needs Visionary Leadership”. Prior to us, the Fridays for Future School strike movement held their press Conference and so the hall was packed and vibrant with the energy when we entered. In our press conference, we discussed…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 3

The Brahma Kumaris team continue to be busy meeting organisation leaders from around the world and sharing the message of peace.  In this report there is:

  • BK COP Press conference
  • Lecture at University Carlos III
  • Sister Jayanti meeting the Environment Minister of Argentina
  • A view of the Indian Pavillion

    See the report and photos
    See the report and photos (phone)

Sonja, Shantanau, Golo and Julia at the COP25 entrance

COP25 – Madrid – Report 2

This second report from the COP25 reflects one of the Brahma Kumaris’ busiest days. There were several Brahma Kumaris side events and the exhibition stand has been kept busy as it has been, once again, very popular. This report includes:

  • Background information for COP25
  • 10 ways to change the world exhibition stand
  • The interfaith coordination meeting
  • Side event: Strengthening Peaceful Pathways to Sustainable Solutions
  • Side event: Inspiring Courage to Act and Adapt in a Climate Emergency
  • Side event: Collective Adaptation to the Climate Emergency

    See the report and photos

    See the report and photos (phone)

COP25 – Madrid – Report 2 (phone)

Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 Tuesday 3rd December 2019, Madrid, Spain The climate conference has started and is now in full swing.  More than 20,000 delegates have arrived.  The civil society is also present in big numbers and even Greta Thunberg has arrived in Lisbon today by sailboat.  This COP is all…

COP25 – Faith communities demand climate justice

The inadequate response from those in power has already led to harmful consequences.  The legally-binding Paris Agreement must be implemented.  The faith communities offer an empowering voice of hope over fear, of compassion over indifference, and urgent and fair action as a moral obligation.

        See the document

COP25 – Madrid – Report 1 (phone)

Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP25 Sunday 1st December 2019 Madrid, Spain From 2nd to14th December, the 25th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP25) is taking place in Madrid, Spain.  It is the 11th Climate Conference where Brahma Kumaris (BK) is actively participating.  Our BK…

COP25 – Madrid – Report 1

This report records the formation of the highly qualified Brahma Kumaris team from around the world participating in the COP25.  This report includes:

  • The BK team introduction
  • Attending the Indigenous Peoples’ Platform
  • The initiation of action by the interfaith group
  • The opening of the COP25
  • Attending the Human Rights and Climate Change meeting
  • The BK exhibition stand firing into action

PDF             See the report and photos

PDF             See the report and photos (phone)

COP25 – Collective adaptation to the climate emergency

The panel for this side event, 18:30 3rd December, discuss providing support for all humanity.

       See the flyer

COP25 – Inspiring courage to act and adapt in a climate emergency

This side event, 16:45 3rd December, with Sister Jayanti in the panel discusses implementing the Paris Agreement in solidarity and compassion.

See the flyer

COP25 – Chile – Report 1 – Phone

ECO Programs in Chile – November and December 2019 Sonja and Golo visited Chile as part of the preparation for the planned UN climate change conference COP25. The conference has meanwhile been moved to Spain due to civil unrest. They conducted programs in the main centre and in Viña del Mar and experienced a growing…

COP25 – Strengthening peaceful pathways to sustainable solutions

This side event, 2:45 3rd December,  is a collaboration between Brahma Kumaris and Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies.  The panel discuss the co-benefits of working together in peace, for peaceful solutions.

        See the flyer

COP25 – The beginning

As has been the case for many years now, Brahma Kumaris will be participating in the Conference of Parties 25 (COP25).  Even though the event has moved half way around the world, from Chile to Spain, a strong team has been assembled for the event.  Many programs have been arranged to enable us to convey our message of spirituality and its importance to managing climate change. Here we give the team profiles, the calendar of events and a press statement of 2/12/19.

PDF  Team Profiles

PDF  Calendar of events

PDF  Press statement


COP25 – Chile – Report 1, November and December

The COP25 team assembled in Chile produced a number of events in preparation for COP25 being in Chile.  This report describes the team and a presentation by Golo Pilz.  This talk included all the main points of the work of Brahma Kumaris for the environment. There is also description of a talk: Healthy mind, healthy planet at Viña del Mar.

PDF  See the report and photos

PDF  See the report and photos (phone version)

LCOY Austria 2019

The Local Climate Conference of Youth (LCOY) for Austria took place in November 2019.  About 300 young people attended.

    See the report

    See the report (phone)

LCOY Austria 2019 (phone)

LOCAL CLIMATE CONFERENCE OF YOUTH The LCOY Austria took place in Vienna from the 8th to 11th of November 2019. About 300 young people participated. The content was well organized and over 65 workshops were offered. As participants had to be under 30 years old to join the conference, Rainer and Stephanie from the BK…

LCOY 15 India

LCOY-15, INDIA is being hosted by Brahma Kumaris from 2nd to 4th November at its spiritual HQ, Mt.Abu, Rajasthan. Youth from all parts of India were invited to participate in this event and make their voices heard.

    See the report

    See the participant stories

LH Positive Planet Forum 2019

5000 people gathered in Le Havre over three days, with 150 speakers from all over the world who presented practical positive propositions to change our societies facing new challenges.  The Brahma Kumaris were invited to participate. Please see the link to the Positive Planet Foundation website:

LCOY-15 Invitation

LCOY-15, INDIA is being hosted by Brahma Kumaris from 2nd to 4th November at its International HQs, Mt.Abu, Rajasthan. Youth from all parts of India are invited to participate in this event and make their voices heard.

COY14, Katowice, Poland

The Conference of Youth is organised by and attended by youth of the world who are interested in environmental issues.  It is an opportunity for them to learn about the latest issues, to network and to ensure they are equipped with everyday “tools” for climate action.  The Brahma Kumaris sent 4 members this year.  They organised workshops and meditation sessions as well as attending the events of other parties.  They were kept busy!

LCOY14 held in India

COY14 is a three-day international summit which precedes the deliberations of the United Nations Conference for climate change – COP24. … The aim of COY is to motivate youth to commit to fighting climate change and give them a space to brainstorm about global climate policies. LCOY is an offshoot of COY allowing youth to participate in the discussion at a local level.

COY13 Bonn, Germany – Report

This report is from the Conference of Youth (COY) 13 that was held in Bonn, Germany from 2nd to 4th November. The report includes descriptions of:

  • Delegates
  • Stand
  • Art exhibition
  • 5 workshops
  • Many photos

COY12 for south Asian youth

This meeting of youth from around south Asia looked at a range of environmental issues, including the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals with a number of inspiring indoor and outdoors activities.  They were also entertained with some delightful theatrical events.

UN Conference Combating Desertification

The UNCCD COP14 was organized from 2nd to 13th September 2019 at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida in which delegates from 196 countries participated.

The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) actively participated in the conference.

COY12 – Report 4th – 6th November

Marrakesh hosted the 12th annual global Conference of Youth (COY12) for Climate Change and it was run by the Moroccan Youth organizations. Around 1800 young people from 37 countries attended. Included in this report:

  • Events at the Oasys of peace
  • Intergenerational dialogue “Co-creating a future to believe in”
  • The workshop Generation of Change: Harnessing our Highest Potential
  • The closing ceremony

COP21 – COY11 report

The youth of Bahma Kumaris attended the Conference of Youth (COY11) over three days.  They met a number of distinguished people and showed how it is possible to convey a serious message and have fun.

COY11 programmes

There are a number of programmes organised as part of the COY11 event.

UNEP conference, Nairobi, 2019

This UNEP conference held in Nairobi in July 2019, was for youth leaders to come together to discuss actions they can take to facilitate control of climate change. It was a celebration of the 4th anniversary of Laudato Si and the 5th anniversary of the Catholic environment group CYNESA and was attended by a number of world leaders concerned with environmental issues.

Climate Week, Latin America & Caribbean, 2019

LACCWThs is a photo report of the participation of Brhama Kumaris in the Climate Week in Latin America & Caribbean.

Fertigation and orchard farming with meditation

The Brahma Kumaris family in Malaysia held a green retreat to look at aspects of agriculture with experts giving advice on such matters as Fertigation and Hydroponic Farming Systems. This was combined with reflections on the power of meditation to positively affect agriculture yields (yogic farming).

Brahma Kumaris celebrating EU Sustainable Energy Week

As well as attending and participating in the EU event in Brussels, Brahma Kumaris held a number of events in several countries to bring spiritual awareness to a wider audience.  These are described in this short report.

United Religious Initiative Nairobi 2019

A meeting was organised in the Desmond Tutu Conference Centre in Nairobi to commemorate World Environment day, 5th June. Many religious groups attended this meeting and Brahma Kumaris, represented by BK. Jyotsna Patel and Dorcas, were active there.

SB50 Climate Change Conference 2019 – week 2

This report gives a summary on the BKEI involvement in the second week of SB50, the intercessional meeting of the United Nation Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Bonn. In this second week the BKEI served through:

  • a stand with information material and posters
  • Our BKEI official Side Event on Thursday 27th June
  • One focus of networking was with youth to prepare for COY15 in Chile
  • Another focus had been on bilateral meetings with people from the UNFCCC and the new Chilean COP25 Presidency.

COP15 – Copenhagen Archives

Daily Reports from Brahma Kumaris Delegation at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark took place 7th -19th December 2009. It included the fifteenth Conference of the Parties (COP 15) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and the fifth Conference of the Parties serving as the Meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol (COP/MOP 5).

Monday 7th December 2009

After long lines for the conference registration, Renaud, Arnold, and Patricia went to the Government meeting and NGO Forum while Sister Jayanti, Julia, and Sonja went to the Religious Leaders meeting.

COP15 Government Meetings, where Brahma Kumaris have observer status.
The main government groups seem to want an agreement, however there are differing opinions as to whether it will be successful or not.

Gathering of Religious Leaders in support of COP-15 (December 7th–13th)

Sister Jayanti is one of the 35 religious leaders who have been called together by an organization called the Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW).
The theme of the gathering is Addressing Climate Change by Awakening to Oneness. BKWSU, Denmark was thanked, in all the literature and also at the opening plenary on Monday afternoon, for all the help that they have given as a local partner of this event.

Tuesday 8th December 2009

Morning Session:
Presentation by Sr Joan Chittister, Benedictine Nun, Renowned Author, and Prominent Voice in Interfaith spoke of Judeo-Christian story of creation. There are two versions of the creation story. The first, the masculine domination of the scriptures, has been used to dominate: Come now gentleman – God creates man in His own image – be fruitful and multiply, have dominion over every living thing. You can have it all; it is all for you, it is all here to satisfy your needs.

Wednesday 9th December 2009

A Day of Media Interviews!
COP 15 – Bella Center
Sister Jayanti, Sonja, Julia, Patricia, Winnie, and Arnold set off to COP15, the government meeting. This was Sister Jayanti, Sonja and Julia’s first visit to the Bella Center, as they had been involved with the Religious Leaders meeting up until now.

Thursday 10th December 2009

Meetings with UN Secretariat
Sister Jayanti and Renaud left early for the Bella Center for a pre-arranged meeting with Preety Bhandari, Financial and Technical Support, Climate Change Secretariat. The negotiations are basically divided up into five themes. Finance is one of them, which Preety Bhandari heads up. This was a very pleasant meeting; Preety was very open and listened with attention to our spiritual perspective.

Wednesday 16th December 2009

Sister Jayanti departed from Copenhagen after breakfast, and there were many fond farewells. It had been such a special time for all, spending 10 days together, and everyone was so appreciative of Sister Jayanti’s presence.

Because of the planned demonstrations to enter the Bella Center by force, our delegation decided not to go the Bella Center today, but instead to focus on our events and stand at the Klimaform.

Thursday 17th December 2009

We woke up on Thursday to a snow covered Copenhagen.
Julia and Piero set off early in the hopes of getting into the Bella Center, where over 100 Heads of State would be meeting that day. Battling freezing cold winds, they arrived with about 20 others only to find that the numbers of NGOs allowed to enter the Bella Center had been reduced from 1,000 to 300, and that if you were not on a special list –with a green access card – you were not going to get in!

Friday 18th December 2009

The Last Word
This is the final report from the BK COP15 delegation and we just want to mention a couple of additional things:

  • Today Viggo, one of the BKs from another part of Denmark was on the way to work and was listening to the Radio and heard Sonja’s interview on Radio Denmark.
  • Anna Mogensen from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the BK center today. She has a focus on youth and children and they wanted their voices to be heard. She was interested in our visions and principles for their future work in Climate Change. She had seen our stand at the Bella Center, and had collected the material but had never seen anyone – Sonja explained this was because for the last two days we had not been able to get into the Bella Center due to the restrictions on the numbers of NGOs allowed in! Anna is coming to interview Sonja at the Center on Tuesday.
  • Piero gave a phone interview with Lifegate Radio which broadcasts in Milano and Rome about what a spiritual organization like the Brahma Kumaris has to do with COP15. It was a chance let people know the importance of a change in consciousness, starting with thought, to bring a change in the environment.

BK Delegation at the Climate Change Conference in Mexico

Daily reports from the Conference
Setting the Context:
This year’s Climate Change Conference COP16 is being held in the beautiful ‘Mexican Caribbean’ state of Quintana Roo in the port of Morelos, south of Cancun. Our delegation is staying in a gorgeous beach house with unlimited vistas of the ocean where we are constantly accompanied by the sound of breaking waves on long sandy beaches. However, we are here to attend a conference with a busy schedule and so not too much time is spent at the house, but Amrit Vela and the morning sunrises are very special.

2nd Day Climate Change Conference – Tuesday 30th November

Cancun Messe
Half the delegation went to Cancum Messe, the exhibition and workshop center where the Brahma Kumaris have a stand. The afternoon was spent speaking to various people and exploring the area, where Governments, UN secretariat, UN agencies and NGOs are exhibiting together. Some of the governments have large exhibitions and Brazil has particularly wonderful stand, which as you enter, it is as if you are exploring the Amazon jungle full of sights and sounds.

3rd Day — Climate Change Conference – Wednesday 1st December

Our delegation is now complete with the arrival of Sister Jayanti last night and Patricia Itergurri, from Peru arriving mid-morning. We also had an arrival and departure from our local centers, Raquel from Mexico City who departed and Rossy Rea who arrived from Tijuana (close to the USA boarder). After holding a meeting to brief Sister Jayanti and share news with each other from the previous day’s activities, most of us set off for the day.

4th and 5th Day – Climate Change Conference – Thursday and Friday, 2nd & 3rd December

Thursday 2nd December
Golo Pilz set off early in the morning for a live interview with Michelle Begue, Correspondent, Chinese TV Chinese Central Television where he shared how the Brahma Kumaris have been working successfully for the last fifteen years with renewable energies and that India had favorable conditions for successful implementation, as many villages still have little or no electrical connection and they would greatly benefit from such technology.

6th and 7th Day – Climate Change Conference – Saturday and Sunday, 4th and 5th December

Saturday 4th December
Climate Change Village
A group of us accompanied Sister Jayanti, Golo Pilz and Patricia Itergurri for a presentation on Consciousness and Climate: A Confluence of Two Living Systems at the Climate change Village – this is the NGO Forum sponsored by the Mexican Federal Government. The area is a converted go-cart sports arena with large pavilions and huge stages that had been set up for evening entertainment.

8th Day – Climate Change Conference – Monday, 6th December

A group of us accompanied Piero Musini to the KlimaForum for a talk on “Natural Farming and Yogic Agriculture” It was the perfect place for such a meeting as the setting is the most natural, of all the arena’s of the Climate Change Conference, being open to the outside elements and the audience is the most interested in natural ways of doing things.

9th Day — Climate Change Conference

Meeting with South African Minister at the Moon Palace Hotel (COP16).
A group from our delegation, Sister Jayanti, BK Usha, Sonja and Golo met with Edna Molewa, the Minister of Water and Environmental Affairs. Sister Jayanti shared with her the necessity for ethics and values to be incorporated into the climate negotiations. The minister agreed and said that when there is not trust it is very difficult to come to an agreement.

10th Day — Climate Change Conference

Yesterday our delegation began to break up as Sister Jayanti, BK Carmen, and Usha left for Merida. Early this morning S Jayanti went to the University of Merida to meet with the alumni of business administration. She spoke on the theme of Administration for the 21st Century: Leading with Love. 200 business people attended. After the program she had a live interview on national radio station called Radio Formula which was also broadcast in twenty-five cities across the US.

11th & 12th Day — Climate Change Conference

Being at our Stand in Cancun Messe . . . .is an interesting experience as many passers by, on seeing the words “spiritual university” are amazed and want to know more about the relationship between spirituality and climate change and are also interested in our presence here.

Brahma Kumaris in South Africa for COP17, UN Conference on Climate Change

The Brahma Kumaris Centre in Durban is currently hosting international visitors for COP17, associated exhibitions, parallel events, and participating in various associated conferences. The UN Conference COP17 is taking place from 28th November – 9th December.

First day of COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa

Opening Ceremony
COP17 was officially opened Monday 28th Nov. with a welcome ceremony attended by the President of the Republic of South Africa, His Excellency, Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma and H.E. Ms Maite Nkoana-Mashabane, Minister of International Relations and Cooperation for the Republic of South Africa and President Elect of COP17/CMP7, together with many other dignitaries.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 29th Nov.

Two presentations on Solar Energy

  • NGO Forum, enthusiastic crowd of 200 people at the C7 NGO forum at University of KwaZulu Natel
  • Digital Media Lounge in the Durban Exhibition Centre

The BKWSU has established a solar thermal power plant (India-One Project) at Shantivan Campus in India which is set to reduce the negative effects of global warming.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 30th Nov.

Media morning at C7, NGO Forum at University of KwaZulu-Natal

On this beautiful summer morningSister Jayanti and Golo Pilz were interviewed by both Live TV and radio on the veranda of the university overlooking the green hillsides of Durban.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 1st Dec.

Living in Harmony
Creating Inner resilience in Challenging Times
The tour of talks by Sister Jayanti entitled Living in Harmony started with the first talk in Port Elizabeth. After COP17 there will be total six Living in Harmony talks around South Africa and in neighboring countries.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 2nd Dec.

Press Conference – Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change presents Religion & Science on the same page.
Mr. Stuart Scott, Director of Interfaith Declaration, had arranged this press conference in co-operation with the South African Faith Communities Environment Initiative (SAFCEI). Former Bishop Geoff Davies, coordinator of SAFCEI, underlined that in the spirit of trust there has to be co-operation between us.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 3rd Dec.

COP17 Side event in Durban Exhibition Centre, a joint panel of Brahma Kumaris and Maryknoll Sisters

Empowering Individuals and Communities to Act.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 4th Dec.

Interfaith Prayer Meeting

The COP17 Faith Secretariat hosted an inter-faith prayer service at the Sports Centre of Steve Biko Campus, Durban University of Technology. Prayers from different faiths were welcomed at the prayer service, and the BKWSU was one of the seven different faiths that took part. Others were from Hindu, Moslem, Baha’I, Christian, Buddhist, and Jewish, traditions.

Cop17, Un’s Climate Change Conference In Durban, South Africa – 5th Dec.


Sister Jayanti met with Sheila Sisulu, Deputy Executive Director, Hunger Solutions Office, World Food Programme, who showed a lot of interest both in spirituality and solar energy.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 6th Dec.

Wisdom from the Past, Solutions for the Present – hosted by the Gandhi Development Trust/Satyagraha.

Panel discussion at Diakonia, lead by Ela Gandhi, granddaughter of Mahatma Gandhi.

The afternoon began with a visual presentation of posters created by the Gandhi Development Trust with quotations from Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Martin Luther King and E.F. Schumacher.  

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 7th Dec.

Sustainable Capacity Building – Empowering Individuals and Communities to Act
Panel discussion at the NGO Forum, UKZN. The first speaker, Golo Pilz, set the context of climate change globally and provided statistics to illustrate the accelerating depletion of the earth’s resources. He highlighted the role of spiritual values and the resulting lifestyle of simplicity, and explained the positive effects these have on reducing the impact of climate change.

COP17, UN’s Climate Change Conference in Durban, South Africa – 8th Dec.

Research and Independent Non Governmental Organization (RINGO) Constituency Meetings
The Brahma Kumaris are registered with UNFCCC as part of the RINGO constituency. Julia Grindon-Welch and Valeriane Bernard attended these meetings. RINGO does not advocate; it is an independent group whose role is to supply information to COP, indicating how scientific research relates to the Climate Community. 50-100 representatives from RINGO met every other day from 9:00-10:00 am to share the highlights from the negotiations.

Faith Based Leaders Discuss Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change

December 7th – As the closing of COP 18 looms, particularly given how things are going, if one is a person of faith, it is befitting to start this day with prayer, as it the prospective outcomes are far from promising. After the now-routine 1-hour bus ride and 20 minute walk from where the shuttle bus drops us to where the sessions occur, I started my day at the session, “Ethical and Religious Insights on the Climate Crisis,” organized by the World Council of Churches(WCC).

Report for 6 & 7 Dec 2012

Side event at the Intercontinental Hotel: Sustainable Innovation Forum
As COP18 Qatar draws to a close, business and government leaders gathered at the Sustainable Innovation Forum. The forum took place in the Intercontinental Hotel overlooking the beautiful Al Corniche area of Doha and the Arabian Gulf. It was hosted by Climate Action in partnership with UNEP led by Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director and Under Secretary General of the United Nations.

Report for 5 Dec 2012

Qatar Foundation Presentation
Opposite the Qatar National Convention Centre, where COP18 , the venue of COP 18, a new Education City is being built by Qatar Foundation. Many innovative buildings and arenas are in this area, where many international universities are also established. The Qatar Foundation is under the patronage of Her Highness Sheika Mozah.

Report for 4 Dec 2012

Inter-religious Coordination Meeting
This meeting focussed on the need to start preparing now for COP 19 meeting in Warsaw, especially building an inter-religious presence based on partnerships with Polish faith and inter-faith organisations and networks as hosts. It was agreed that faiths are diverse and yet there is a clear common purpose to do what is noble and right, to protect nature, to reduce harm, and to act wisely and in line with faith-based scriptures and values.

Report for 3 Dec 2012

Side event on “Environmental Protection: Religious Perspective”
Dr Ibrahim Saleh Al Naimi, Chairman-Board of Directors, DICID, gave an introduction stating that different religions have in common the devotion to God, and His creation, the environment, needs to be protected.

Report for 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012

30 November 2012
The international delegation had another wonderful day. The early morning lesson was held together with all the Brahma Kumaris members in Qatar and those who came from Dubai and Oman. It was a very warm gathering, in which we shared experiences, presents and a delicious breakfast together.

Report for 29 November 2012

RINGO morning meeting
RINGO is the constituency Brahma Kumaris is affiliated with, it stands for Research and Independent NGO. Valeriane Bernard attended several RINGO meetings. On 29 November, all the participants informed about their activities in COP 18. Some of them followed meetings on mitigation, others on poverty or adaptation.

8th Conference of Youth

The BK Environment Initiative (BKEI) youth participation was scaled up in 2012 with a meaningful and effective participation at COY8 as part of the overall UN set of meetings on climate change in Doha. COY8 was held on 23rd to 25th November 2012 at the Doha Student Centre in Qatar.

Report for 28 November 2012

RINGO meeting
This morning Valeriane Bernard participated in the RINGO meeting (Research Institutions NGO), as Brahma Kumaris is part of this constituency within the Major Groups of the United Nations. It was a short meeting but Valeriane had the opportunity to meet some of the drafters of the declaration that RINGO will present at the COP 18 (text will follow).

Report for 27 November 2012

Side Event: Gender and Climate: Moving beyond the Rhetoric
BKWSU delegates: Sister Jayanti, Golo Piltz, Anthony Phelips, Sonja Ohlsson, Jyothi Hulmani, Teresa Mungazi and Teresa Lugones.

Report for 26 November 2012

Since the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) entered into force in 1994, the Conference of the Parties (COP) to the UNFCCC has been meeting annually to assess progress in dealing with climate change. The COP is the highest decision-making authority of the Convention. There are now 195 parties to the convention taking part in climate change negotiations.

What is needed now is a profound shift in global awareness

Think globally, act locally.
For twenty years this slogan has been used to catch the world’s attention. The good news is that thousands of small scale green projects have popped up all over the world: people acting locally.

This we have done. This we already do.

Summary Report of COP19 and COY9

COP19 was taking place in the atmosphere of a strong call from science as well as from the communities adversely impacted on by climate change, with the most pleading message coming from the Philippines, recently devastated by a typhoon. Their lead negotiator, Mr Naderev Yeb Saño, inspired many to join in the solidarity fast with typhoon victims, which he himself initiated and held throughout the climate change conference, thus protesting global inaction.

Report 20th to 22nd November 2013

The Indian Minister for Environment and Forest, Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan gave a press conference on India’s position in COP19. Sister Jayanti and Golo Pilz were invited by the Indian Ambassador in Poland, Mrs. Monika Kapil to attend, even though this press conference was for press only. They were accompanied by Aneta Loj and Sonja Ohlsson.

CIDSE and Lutheren World Federation press briefing; 22nd November 2013

Sr Jayanti was invited to participate in this press briefing which included an opening statement from the Deputy Minister from the Phillipines. Sister Jayanti spoke of the importance and power of silence and the need to develop awareness and value for human dignity.

Report of 19th November 2013

Every morning, the international group makes a 30 minutes long power walk through the old town of Warsaw to the Smolna meditation center. There they have their daily briefing sessions on the activities of the day. Tuesday will be a busy day…

Report of 17th + 18th November 2015

World Climate Ltd arranges a yearly two-day business forum in connection with the Climate Change Conferences. For the first time they gave five tickets free to selected NGOs in order to fulfil their statement of collaborating with civil society. From the Brahma Kumaris, Francois Becher, Sonja Ohlsson, Nonie Reaño, Aneta Loj and Golo Pilz participated.

This cold and winter-like Sunday in Warsaw finished with a Roman Catholic Mass for the climate in the Cathedral Basilica of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist. It was the first time in the recent Polish history that an orthodox and a protestant priest participated together in a Roman Catholic ecumenical prayer.

Interview, Sister Jayanti, 15th November 2013

Sister Jayanti (Brahma Kumaris) gives a refreshing insight into how our attitudes and how we live can be changed to help make the world a much better place for all of us to live in. The interview by the UNFCCC climate studio can be seen here.