Report for 5 Dec 2012

Qatar Foundation Presentation

Opposite the Qatar National Convention Centre, where COP18 , the venue of COP 18, a new Education City is being built by Qatar Foundation. Many innovative buildings and arenas are in this area, where many international universities are also established. The Qatar Foundation is under the patronage of Her Highness Sheika Mozah.

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The Health, Safety, Security & Environment Directorate of Qatar Foundation hosted a presentation on "Alternative Sources of Energy" by Golo Pilz, from the Brahma Kumaris delegation. The invitation had gone out to all staff members of the Education City, so the audience was a mix of professors, engineers and senior advisers.

Golo Pilz started by giving an overview of the possibilities renewable energies in the global picture, and the pressing need of the hour to rethink the global energies resources. There were also some questions on how much Qatar would be able to supply the energy needs of the nation with alternative energies. From the global picture Golo Pilz showcased the unique project of India-One in India, to how what is possible if the will and motivation is there.
The program ended with a reception with an abundance of juices and snacks.

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Interfaith Meeting

Valeriane Bernard participated in an Interfaith Meeting as chair of the meeting. In the meeting there was talk about developing an Interfaith Manifesto that all the different faiths could contribute to and that with be shared amongst all different faith representatives in June in Bonn (Germany) during the next Interfaith Meeting. An Interfaith preparatory meeting will be organized called “Towards Warsaw”, closer to the date of the COP19. COP19 is being held in Warsaw in late 2013.

Interview on Yogic Farming by a journalist from the Peninsula To Valeriane Bernard.

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Interview by Peninsula to Sister Jayanti Kirpalani about Climate Change and Consciousness. The article is envisaged to be posted during the course of this week.

Talk to the managers of Mercury Hotel
Brahma Kumaris delegation were then invited to give a talk to the managers of Mercury Hotel. Valeriane Bernard offered the topic of "The Mechanisms of Success". Around twenty managers attended and were very interested and inspired by a new approach to achieving success. The presentation looked at the different ways each participants understand the components of success, and how when we work on the deepest inner values related to our perception of a satisfying life, the deepest values that we live by yield a feeling of success. However we feel like we have failed when these values are compromised.

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Reception organized by "bread for the world"

Valeriane Bernard and Sonja Ohlsson participated in an informal get together organized to allow the NGOs and some negotiators from different parties (countries) to mingle and chat in an informal way in order to think out of the box in the hope of making progress in all the negotiations.

Youth activities

Teresa Mungazi took part in a youth organized action to show support for the Phillipines, which has recently been hit by typhoon "Bhopa" (4 Decenber 2012). The youth came together with those that have been impacted by climate change towards justice, equity and ambition. They sent a clear message to the governments that "blocking ambition and equity at global level is a criminal act and the time for talk is out". The action was successfully conducted and reflected the solidarity between youth from across the world.

Side event organized by the Government of India Equity and ADP:

How equity should become an integral part of the Ad hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (ADP) negotiations

Participants from Brahma Kumaris were Sister Jayanti Kirpalani, Mohit Sibal, Jyotika Hulmani and Teresa Lugones.

The event addressed key elements of a new framework that result in an equitable outcome and maximise buy-in from negotiating parties to increase its political feasibility. The discussions reasserted that without addressing equity, the challenge of climate change cannot be resolved.

Mr R R Rashmi, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Environment and Forests addressed the public illustrating the Indian’s Government’s opinions and actions relevant to climate change.

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Ms Sunita Narain, Director-General, Centre for Science and Environment made a summary of the COP activities relevant to Climate Change since 1992. Unless we get the history right, we will not get the future right, she said. It is never the end, there is always a new beginning.

She insisted on the limits that should be imposed to everyone, based on equitable sharing of common atmospheric space. For this, there is need for collective will. The principle of equity will establish the road map for the present and the future. Climate Change talks are giving the opportunity to the world to connect. There is interdependence between countries. It is an opportunity to refer our requests to Corporations together.

Momentum for Change: Women for Results

This special event provided recognition to the crucial role played by women in addressing climate change. The event was opened with special remarks by Heather Grady, Vice President of the Rockefeller Foundation, and Christiana Figueres, UNFCCC Executive Secretary.

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In the reception which followed the event, Sister Jayanti had the opportunity to talk to Ms. Lakshmi Puri, UN Women Deputy Executive Director, to Ms. Terezya Huvisa, AMCEN Chairperson and Minister of State in the Vice-President’s Office, United Republic of Tanzania and to Ms Heather Grady from the Rockefeller Foundation. She introduced to them the work done by the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative and all of them demonstrated great interest. The BKEI was represented by Sister Jayanti, Jyotika Hulmani, Mohit Sibal, Teresa Mungazi and Teresa Lugones

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