EU Energy Week 2016

EU Sustainable Energy Week, 2016

This report includes some of the many activities Brahma Kumaris carried out to support the EU Sustainable Energy Week. This includes:

  • Outdoor Meditation for the Environment
  • Leading from Within: Creating a Better Life
  • Sustainable Transitions – People and Energy Efficiency
  • An event at Antwerp
  • Simple Living, Antwerp
  • Simple methods of Self Audit
  • Renewable Energy for the Future: Solar Energy

Renewable Energy for the Future Solar energy

This information seminar will discuss the new 1MW solar energy site in Rajastan India, designed to serve the local community. It will cater for 25,000 visitors to the Shantivan complex nearby. This equipment has been designed and built by the Brahma Kumaris renewable energy team. The seminar will be held at the Brahma Kumaris Inner Space, 277 High Street, Glasgow, UK, June 16th 7 – 8:30pm.

Meditation for the Environment

You can nourish both your soul and the planet with peaceful thoughts in a meditation outdoors. Both beginners and experienced meditators can participate. An introduction to meditation, to personal responsibility to change lifestyle, and to sustainable energy will be given, followed by 45 minutes of meditation with both guidance and silence.  This event is Sunday 12th June at Den Grønne plæne ved Ørestundsstein 7, Copenhagen.

People and Energy Efficiency, June 14th

People are at the heart of sustainability leading to global innovative solutions in energy efficiency and sustainability to restore balance in relationship with nature. Education and raising awareness that “we are in this together” is of prime importance. This subject and related topics will be discussed Tuesday 14 June 13:00 – 14:30 at Aloft Hotel, Schuman, Brussels. The presenters include

  • Sister Jayanti, Director Brahma Kumaris,
  • Dr Thorsten Ludwig, Berlin Institute for Innovative Energy and Propulsion Technologies
  • Anders Mavik, Vice President EU Political Affairs Office at Statoil
  • Victoria Martín de la Torre (Spain), journalist
  • Yoland Iliano, President of Religions for Peace Europe

EU Energy Week 2016

EU Energy Days show citizens and businesses why sustainable energy is important – and help them discover the issues in the transition to secure, clean, efficient energy.