Tree Planting at Solar Power Plant India-One

Tree Planting at Solar Power Plant India-One

at Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Headquarters, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India

The tree plantation at India-One restores bio-diversity, absorbs carbon and prevents dust on the large 60m2solar plates. India-One Solar Plant became operational in 2017, and the tree planting started long before, in 2010. More than 3000 trees of approximately 45 varieties have been planted. These trees absorb about 42tonnes of CO2 per year.

“A mature tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year. In one year, an acre of forest can absorb twice the CO2 produced by a car driving an average annual mileage -”

The trees at the boundary fencing were planted in 2010. Mostly various wood trees, pine and teak trees were planted. Those 900 trees are now more than 10 years old.

Next phase of tree planting took place 2013-2014 at the inside ring road. Mainly the fruit trees like Mango, Lemon, Sapota and Guava trees were planted, and those 600 trees are now almost 7- 8 years old.

The other varieties of trees were planted from 2016-2020 inside the solar field.

List of trees planted 2010-2020

Sr.No Name of Tree Quantity
1 Various wood Tree 550
2 Mango Tree 350
3 Dragon Fruit 250
4 Banana Tree 250
5 Azadirachta indica 150
6 Lemon 150
7 Papaya Tree 150
8 Palm Tree 150
9 Pomegranate 145
10 Sapota 110
11 Teak Wood 90
12 Custard Apple 85
13 Guava 75
14 Moringa Tree 60
15 Polyathia (Ashoka) 55
16 Jungle wood tree 55
17 Ficus Benjamina 50
18 Rose plants 50
19 Orange 40
20 Sweet Lime 40
21 Lychee 35
22 Wild Sweetsop 35
23 Jack Fruit 30
24 Acai Berry 30
25 Gooseberry 25
26 Tamarind 25
27 Bamboo 25
28 Almond Tree 25
29 Coconut 21
30 Pear Tree 20
31 Peach 20
32 Fig Tree 20
33 Jujube Tree 20
34 Betal Leaves 20
35 Water Apple 18
36 Indian Pine tree 10
37 carandas plum 8
38 Mulberry 5
39 Curry Tree 5
40 Ficus religiosa 3
41 Butter Fruit 2
42 cashew 2
43 Big Lime 2
Grand Total 3261


The Peepal Tree - Ficus Religiosa

The oldest tree is more than 80 years old and this holy tree is a Peepal Tree (Ficus Religiosa). In Hinduism it is believed that the spirits of the ancestors live on the Peepal tree.Many sages have practiced asceticism and attained enlightenment under a Peepal tree, Lord Buddha is the most well-know example.

The Peepal tree is the most rewarding tree because it is one of the few trees that release oxygen 24 hours per dayand it can absorb carbon night time also. A Peepal tree never sheds off all of its leaves at one time, they keep falling and new leaves keep coming.

The Peepal tree at India-One was standing in the way of the construction. Rather than cutting down the holy tree, the team decided in 2014to move it. In a massive operation demanding 2 cranes, they lifted the trimmed tree weighing 30 tons. The India-One Peepal tree is now accustomed to it’s new location and it is a symbol of happiness, wealth and a world of harmony.

India-One Garden

A beautiful and lush garden has been created at the solar field. There are Holy basil plants, mint plants, lemongrass plants, Aloe vera shoots, sugarcane shoots and vegetable plants. The garden is used for meetings and gatherings enjoying the serene atmosphere at the plant.


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