Peace Drops

Peace Drops for the Great Green Wall
a Meditation Initiative

The Peace Drops is a project of the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative inspired by the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD). Our aim is to contribute a value based and spiritual perspective to compliment the Great Green Wall Initiative (GGW), while collaborating and learning from all involved in this initiative through their needs, challenges and aspirations. It is an open invitation to all nationalities, faiths, and everyone who cares about GGW and Mother Earth, so together we can grow a world wonder.

As a spiritual organisation our main aim is to help people to experience greater well-being and empowerment through inner peace, universal values and personal / collective resilience. The Peace Drops initiative will, at first focus on three core values: Cooperation, Peace and Hope.

Our Vision

To achieve anything new and bold, we must first begin with the right mindset. It is our belief that when we spend time in silent reflection or meditation, we become conscious of our deeper values and our inner strength. This awareness serves to inspire us to live a mindful and more sustainable lifestyle. The Peace Drops are constant, subtle showers of good wishes, positive thoughts and pure intentions for the success of the Great Green Wall Initiative to transform the lives of millions living on the frontline of climate change.

Our Method

  • Through silent reflection/meditation, we will send and encourage as many others to send drops of cooperation, peace and hope:
    • to inspire inter-nation and interfaith harmony across Africa
    • to encourage peace in countries where conflict continues to displace communities, and
    • to grow a wall of hope against abject poverty.
  • Through encouragement of as many individuals and groups involved in the GGW and throughout the globe to spend 1 minute every morning in silent reflection, meditation or prayer to send the vibration of best wishes and pure feelings to the Sahel environment and the millions living there.
  • Through organising regular collective meditation, reflection, prayer to create a powerful atmosphere of newness and cooperation.
  • Through organising regular webinars to create further awareness and to share the development of the initiative thus far.

We invite and welcome everyone who would like to add their peace drops to the Great Green Wall.

The inauguration of the initiative is on the 17th of June 2022, the Desertification and Drought Day 2022.


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