4th and 5th Day – Climate Change Conference – Thursday and Friday, 2nd & 3rd December


Thursday 2nd December

Golo Pilz set off early in the morning for a live interview with Michelle Begue, Correspondent, Chinese TV Chinese Central Television where he shared how the Brahma Kumaris have been working successfully for the last fifteen years with renewable energies and that India had favorable conditions for successful implementation, as many villages still have little or no electrical connection and they would greatly benefit from such technology.


We arrived around 10 am and all was quiet at KlimaForum because many of the hundred or so volunteers who attend many of the events wake up late. However, as soon as we entered grounds, Sister Jayanti was approached by Televisia an international television company, who asked: What was her message for the Climate Conference? Sister Jayanti answered that our message is to explain how human consciousness affects the world around us and also our larger environment.

The day was warm but with a cool breeze and we had a nice big tent for our workshop on Consciousness and Climate: the Confluence of Two Living System led by Sister Jayanti. The audience who was young, and form all over the world was very interested in, and enthusiastic about, the topic and had many questions. As the workshop proceeded two newspaper reporters from El Periodico from Cancun and Poresto from Yucatan came by to take notes and a local television Chanel 10 recorded the group meditation.

Sister Jayanti shared that human beings have intervened in the delicate biological system of the planet and have failed to understand the consequences of their interventions. These interventions were actually interference and exploitation. Those actions, and in fact any actions, are preceded by a thought. Our thoughts come from our awareness, our consciousness and so it is therefore crucial to take time to see what is going on inside us, to look at our consciousness and approach things from inside out.


In a state of ignorance of the consequences of our action, our actions are actually causing us to experience feeling of emptiness, so we chase after possessions and power from the external world in order to fill ourselves up. So in order to re-fill ourselves and create harmony with the natural world we must first create inner peace, secondly a life style of non-violence, and the third step which is more subtle and yet very powerful is to send out thoughts of healing and peace to nature. After her presentation she was asked many questions about Brahma Kumaris, and she shared that the purpose of our organization is to make people aware of the spiritual dimension of life.

Evening meditation and dinner with spiritual and religious leaders at Casa Shanty. We were a group of about 30, the Brahma Kumaris (BK) delegation, the religious leaders from The Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) whom we had been partnering with in various events through the past week and some additional guests including Mateo Castillo, Coordinator of Social Participation and Transparency Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources, Mexican Government, who Valerianne had met in Ahmadabad at "The Earth Charter +10 Conference at the beginning of November.

After a welcome by BK Yolanda, one of the hosts of the evening, Sister Jayanti led us into silent meditation with a few words on our connection with each other and nature. We all sat in a large circle lit by candles, the moon and soft colored garden lights. In silence we listened to the waves and remembered the Unlimited Ocean of all Qualities – God. We then shared a delicious traditional Mexican dinner prepared by our local Mexican BKs Aide and Rossi which everyone thoroughly enjoyed (Grilled vegetables on a stick Tamales and Guava with avocado moose for desert.) It was a wonderful evening of rich conversations and friendship.


Friday 3rd December

Chichen Izta

We set off early for a two hour drive to the ancient Mayan City of Chichen Izta. Chichen Izta means the sacred well where seven rivers meet. It was known for its Cosmology University which initiated the Mayan Priests that came from all the areas of the Mayan world, from Southern Mexico from the state of Chiapas, the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, Guatemala, and Honduras.

We met the religious leaders at Mayaland – a hotel owned by BK Carmen's family. Carmen and Yolanda had arranged for a local Mayan Priest and Priestess to meet with us and initiate our day by doing a short Mayan ceremony which purifies and gives blessings to the soul.

They joined us on our guided tour of the city. The city is fascinating showing a civilization with a rich spiritual culture, and architecture based on very precise mathematical and cosmic calculations. Our group did a short prayer and meditation ceremony at the base of one of the pyramids sending pure vibrations and good wishes to our colleagues at the Climate Change conference to encourage enlightened decisions would be made.

Our tour ended with a presentation by a well known acknowledged researcher and writer on the Mayan Culture called Alberto Haggar. He explained many fascinating things including the meaning of the Mayan Calendar and 2012. His explanation was that this would be a time of the new era of the Golden Age to begin. We all returned home with a greater sense of Mexican history and the spiritual nature of the Mayan people.

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