Friday 18th December 2009

The Last Word
This is the final report from the BK COP15 delegation and we just want to mention a couple of additional things:

  • Today Viggo, one of the BKs from another part of Denmark was on the way to work and was listening to the Radio and heard Sonja's interview on Radio Denmark.
  • Anna Mogensen from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the BK center today. She has a focus on youth and children and they wanted their voices to be heard. She was interested in our visions and principles for their future work in Climate Change. She had seen our stand at the Bella Center, and had collected the material but had never seen anyone – Sonja explained this was because for the last two days we had not been able to get into the Bella Center due to the restrictions on the numbers of NGOs allowed in! Anna is coming to interview Sonja at the Center on Tuesday.
  • Piero gave a phone interview with Lifegate Radio which broadcasts in Milano and Rome about what a spiritual organization like the Brahma Kumaris has to do with COP15. It was a chance let people know the importance of a change in consciousness, starting with thought, to bring a change in the environment.

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