World Food Day 2020

Food behaviour - Aahaar Vyavhaar(Hindi)

Food impacts not only individuals but also the entire ecosystem, why choose low carbon impact food systems, what are their health benefits, what are their ecological benefits, how can youth be part of it, how can grassroots level people be benefited, how can agriculture look more prestigious for farmers and their children, like any other profession, mixing ancient Ayurveda and contemporary diet and nutrition practices, Aahaar Vyavhaar(Hindi) i.e, Food behaviour is an interactive session to know all about our behaviour with food and the behaviour of the food within our systems. Food Behavior is like Good Behavior(the G replaced by F), depicting Food is Good when it's with a lot of wise consciousness involved in the entire process, or else it's very dangerous when done in very reckless and casual attitude. This change in behaviour for food is dependent on consciousness and consciousness is dependent on awareness.

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16 October, 2020

18:00 19:00 IST

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12 Hours Meditation, Grow. Nurture. Sustain. Together.

Friday 16 October 2020, 8am - 8pm (AEST)

Dedicated to UN World Food Day 2020

The theme for WFD this year is Grow. Nourish. Sustain. Together. Our Actions are our Future.  and it’s about recognising our connection with nature and each other, and in particular, our 'Food Heroes' who play their parts to ensure all of us get access to good quality food.

The Brahma Kumaris Australia is hosting a 12-hour meditation from 8 am-8 pm (AEST) on Friday 16th October to help bring more awareness about how food is produced, the many components in our food chain, and to support the great efforts by all of the Food Heroes who play a part in making wholesome, nutritious food available to everyone.

People are being invited to join the 12-hour meditation at any time, even for 15 minutes, to send vibrations of gratitude and support to Mother Nature and all of our Food Heroes, and to become more aware about the sanctity of food and our food chain.

The 12 hours will include guided meditations and gentle music to the backdrop of beautiful images of nature, and short segment talks supporting World Food Day.

Hosted by The Brahma Kumaris Australia Environment Group

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