BIO COP15 Report 4: December 15-19, 2022

The Brahma Kumaris at  UN Biodiversity COP15 in Montreal, December 6-19, 2022
Report 4 : December 15-19, 2022

The 15th of December was a busy service day for the BK delegation at the CBD COP15 in Montreal, as well as for many ministers and heads of international organizations who lined up for the opening of the high-level segment. In the high-level segment, the COP President, Huang Runique, Minister of Ecology and Environment of China, welcomed delegates and announced the participation of 126 ministers and 77 deputy ministerial representatives from 140 parties as well as 60 heads of international organizations. Together with many dignitaries, he urged participants to show leadership and decisiveness for an ambitious, practical, and transformative GBF.

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