Climate Change: COP 20, Lima, Preparation

The Brahma Kumaris COP delegation are now mobilised to support a global agreement on reducing climate change by attending the COP 20 in Lima. The delegation will use that visit to do service in a number of countries in South America by way of events, talks and 'green' retreats. The countries to be visited include Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia. Meet the experienced team here:

The main theme for the Brahma Kumaris contribution to COP20 in Lima is:

Ethics at the Heart of Climate Change - Effective and sustainable climate change requires a change of deeply held ethics, or virtues.  The move towards deeper ethics or virtues is in contrast to the economic and political paradigm espoused by most countries.  This deeper layer is encapsulated in the principles of spirituality.  This practical approach requires the personal and national boundaries developed over a long period to be reconsidered.

A statement on the issues has been prepared.

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