COP20 Lima, Climate Change

COP 20 – Valériane Bernard interview

On 3rd December, Valériane Bernard, of Brahma Kumaris, was interviewed in Lima at the COP 20 conference by Vilde Blix Huseby of Vårt Land (Our Land), a Christian based newspaper distributed across Norway.

COP 20 Final report

After an action-packed event, the team continued to meet important and beautiful individuals and to work with a wide range of other groups.

COP 20 Report for 10th December

This has been a busy day for the Green Team. They have had interfaith activities plus a press conference and a side event on “Ethics at the heart of climate change”. They have taken part in a panel discussion on Gender Equality and Climate Change as part of Gender Day at COP 20. The team have also taken part in the round table discussion organised by the Universidad Ricardo Palma. They have met ministers from a number of countries and held some BK programmes too.

COP 20 Report 8th – 9th December

These two days have proven to be very busy with numerous high level meetings. Valériane Bernard of Brahma Kumaris addressed the workshop on Strengthening Inner Resilience at the Flora Tristan women’s centre. Meetings were held with Unesco and with Interfaith groups. Golo Pils of Brahma Kumaris was invited by the Peru Government to make a presentation to the Voices for Climate group. Brahma Kumaris took part in the Interfaith ceremony in the beautiful Basilica San Francis in Lima city centre.

COP 20 Report for 5th – 7th December

The delegation have now spent some time with the representatives of the Congress of the Republic of Peru and discussed countering violence against women. They also took great advantage of the Interfaith room, having many meetings. Sunday was a free day – the scenery and food at the beach house were deeply studied!

COP 20 Report for 4th December

The conference is now busy and the Brahma Kumaris have been attending and supporting sessions. Valériane Bernard took part in a panel session on Voices for Climate discussing the relevance of interfaith communities in managing climate change. The youth of the Brahma Kumaris have been especially busy.

COP 20 Report for 3rd December

The conference is now under way and this report describes the the groups they have co-operated with and the side events attended (and the powerful views being expressed at them). Valérian Bernard of Brahma Kumaris participated in one of the panels and was interviewed by the press afterwards.

COP 20: First Report – setting up

The Brahma Kumaris team have arrived in Lima from all over the world and are already actively engaged in meeting other groups and working hard to make all the preparations needed for a successful event (and having a good time too it seems!).

Amazing start of COP 20

The Brahma Kumaris delegation have now all come together in Lima. They are sharing their ideas with others and attending side events at the start of the conference.

Ethics at the Heart of Climate Change

Brahma Kumaris are actively attending the COP 20 for climate change at Lima, Peru.

A side event with a number of distinguished speakers will take place 10th December, 15:00 to 16:30 in Side Event Room Coral (130.) to discuss the ethics required at the heart of climate change management.  The details can be seen in the flyer.

Climate Change: COP 20, Lima, Preparation

The Brahma Kumaris COP delegation are now mobilised to support a global agreement on reducing climate change by attending the COP 20 in Lima. The delegation will use that visit to do service in a number of countries in South America by way of events, talks and ‘green’ retreats. The countries to be visited include Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile and Colombia.