COP25 – Madrid – Report 11 (last)

COP25 team.  Back row:Jose Maria, Shantanu, Henriques, Bill, Sanjay.  
Middle row: Marta, Sister Jayanti, Antonio.  
Front row: Golo, Shanti, Sonja, Carolin, Urmail, Julia.

Friday 13th December 2019 Madrid, Spain

After a busy two weeks, much has been done by the team.  Several new collaborations have been created.  The team is now dispersing back to their places around the world.  In this report:

  • A review of the final outcome from COP25
  • Article in German Newspaper “Die Zeit”
  • A Vigil by Interfaith community
  • Travel compensation arrangements
  • A creative reflection and dialogue
  • Feedback meeting
  • A birthday party
  • Goodbye from the editing team
  • Additional reporting on the reflection and dialogue space

    See the report

    See the report (phone)


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