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Vison – Unity – Action – Reconnecting with Mother Earth

Reconnecting with Mother Earth –  A collaborative event organised by the Brahma Kumaris Environmental Initiative, The Yoko Forum and The GreenHeart Foundation.

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Africa Climate Summit, Nairobi, Kenya

Sisters Pratibha and Urvashi attended the Africa Climate Summit. It was a great opportunity to meet many dignitaries.  Over 20 heads of State and hundreds of delegates including members of the diplomatic community, ordinary farmers and members of the indigenous communities also attended.

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BK Philippines Service News “Soul-utions to Plastic Pollution” In Observance of UN Environment Day

BK Philippines Service News “Soul-utions to Plastic Pollution” In Observance of UN Environment Day

Malaysia: Report on Climate Change Public Forum

Malaysia: Report on Climate Change Public ForumTheme: Reversibility of Climate Change – The Missing Dimension 23rd July 2023 Sunday 6.00 pm to 8.30 pm,  Bangsar

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Launch Event of Eco Champions Ghana

The Ghana Wing of the Global BK Eco Initiative was launched on 8th December 2021 by the Accra BK Center as ‘Eco-Champions Ghana.’ The official launch was a two-hour long ceremony, including a panel discussion and networking session, at a quaint Coffee Shop named Theia House, with over 50 people in attendance, from various sectors ranging from agriculture, micro-farming, to waste recycling, energy and oil, holistic wellbeing and health, among many others. The owner of the venue, Lana Captan, graciously gave us the space free of cost.

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ECO Yogis

In celebration of nature, and encompassing Mother Earth Day (22 April) and Environment Day (5 June), we invite you to join in on 7 special conversations with some members of the International Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative team where we will harvest their experiences, ideas and perspectives about nature, the environment and the work they do.

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2019-09-24 Consultation Program

This conference of faith based organisations considered the following topics

  • Climate Justice
  • Climate change Loss and Damage
  • Climate migration
  • Climate emergency declarations
  • 2019 and beyond

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Golo’s service tour of Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania

Golo’s service tour of Denmark, Sweden and Lithuania

Easing the lock-down and re-starting BK centre activities

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Green Day in Madhuban 2020

The Green Day dedicated to the environment has now become a bi-annual event in Madhuban. Many activities took place with focus on emergency preparedness and refining our relationship with and service of Mother Earth.

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Prakruti Mitra Award

Brahma Kumaris centre in Bangalore was honoured  with the “Prakruti Mitra Award” by BNM Institute of Technology, Banashankari & Heritage Trust(R) , Basavanagudi.

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Building community resilience in the face of environmental injustice

The Southern African Faith Communities’ Environment Institute policy conference was held on 5-7 November 2019 in Johannesburg.  Its purpose was to allow faith leaders from Southern Africa and beyond to deliberate, share practices, and jointly develop policy positions on a number of key issues.  Sister Usha of Brahma Kumaris gave an impassioned speech at the closing of the conference.

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LH Positive Planet Forum 2019

5000 people gathered in Le Havre over three days, with 150 speakers from all over the world who presented practical positive propositions to change our societies facing new challenges.  The Brahma Kumaris were invited to participate. Please see the link to the Positive Planet Foundation website:

UN Conference Combating Desertification

Published: 26 September 2019 The UNCCD COP14 was organized from 2nd to 13th September 2019 at the India Expo Mart in Greater Noida in which delegates from 196 countries participated. The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) actively participated in the conference. The conference participants also visited Happy Farm to look at the yogic farming

Climate Week, Latin America & Caribbean, 2019

LACCWThs is a photo report of the participation of Brhama Kumaris in the Climate Week in Latin America & Caribbean.

Sister Jayanti visit to Japan

Sr Jayanti In Japan 2019
Sister Jayanti visited a number of places in Japan, meeting the BK family and giving talks and sharing panel discussions on environmental issues. She also facilitated a rakhi celebration. Much good service was done.

Spirituality in Society: Christiana Figueres in conversation

SpiritualityinSociety2019This event took place in GCH7th July 2019. Christiana Figueres was the Executive Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) 2010-2016. Here she was in conversation with Sister Jayanti each supporting the idea that changes in attitude can create changes in the world environment, from their perspective.

Vegan Life Live Show 2019

AliPaliBrahma Kumaris (UK) took part for the first time in the Vegan Life Live Show held at Alexandra Palace in North London under the banner: Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative. As well as having a popular exhibition stand, Sister Maureen, UK Director of Brahma Kumaris, gave a presentation.

Tree Planting Ceremony at Denpasar, Bali

Published: 22 April 2019

MangroveThe Brahma Kumaris family engaged in tree planting with great enthusiasm at Denpasar centre in Bali.

Seminar in the FAO of the United Nations 2019

Published: 20 April 2019

The Brahma Kumaris attended this significant seminar of the Catholic church and various parts of the United Nations concerned with the environment.  The seminar focussed particuarly on the Amazon area and its indigenous people.  These people make a big contribution to the health of the world.

Green Day in Madhuban – March 2019

Published: 11 March 2019

In Madhuban, the Green Day dedicated to the environment has now become an annual event for double foreigners. It was a chance to look at the environment from a number of different perspectives and to develop planetary consciousness.

The Active Peace Project Pilgrimage

Published: 11 March 2019

On Thursday, 22 February 2019, Valériane Bernard, Brahma Kumaris, joined the Peace Pledge Pilgrimage organised by the Active Peace Foundation in New Delhi, India. This project, initiated by the Universal Sufi Council, includes the explicit study and promotion of the universal values at the core of every major religious and faith tradition. This pilgrimage brought together a range of faith based orgnaisations who shared their perspectives for a better world and a better environment.

Global Summit on Environment Concludes at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi

Published: 19 February 2019

This report describes the last day of this important meeting and includes a series of photographs.

7 Days of rest and reflection

This invitation says: 7 Days of Rest and Reflection is an annual global event inviting individuals and groups around the world to co-create a global field of rest, reflection and intention for the healing and replenishment of the Planet and all its Inhabitants. This is an opportunity for all of us to bring healing to ourselves and the world. The 7 days are the first week of January.

Inauguration of Solar Photo Voltaic power plant

Published: 02 November 2018

The 1MW solar PV power plant at Shantivan, Rajastan, India was recently inaugurated by Dadi Jank and other seniors in the presence of other VIPs and companies that had worked on the project.

Interfaith project for biodiversity – Cologne September 2018

Published: 03 October 2018

Many religious organisations came together in Colgne to consider what changes they could make as individuals and as religions to better protect biodiversity. The Brahma Kumaris supported this activity.

The Global Summit-Cum-Expo, Abu Road, India 2018

This summit on Science, Spirituality and Environment was held at the Brahma Kumaris site in Abu Road, Rajasthan, India in September 2018 – looking at the role of human beings in creating a better world”. 

Climate Action Summit 2018

Published: 26 September 2018

Golo attended the Climate Action Summit in San Francisco and took the opportunity to visit various places in Canada and the US west coast, doing good service all the way. About 4000 delegates from all over the world attended the summit including numerous VIPs.

UK Eco News – sustainability workshop

This workshop was carried out by Joanna on a very hot day in May at the Bradford Inner Space for the general public. It focused on sustainability – what does it mean, how is it achieved. A presentation was made as to how Global Co-operation House in London (Europe’s BK main office) are now using bio-degradable refectory materials; a good lesson for us all. It is all very interesting.

Programmes in Estonia 2018

Sonja and Golo facilitated a number of programmes in Tallin Estonia and have created a lovely photo report.

Live Well with Happier Cooking and Eating, 2018

Published: 06 August 2018

In July, four very experienced cooks gave a seminar at Global Co-operation House, London, on how to eat in a healthy way for body and soul. They described and demonstrated favourite recipies which were much appreciated at the end of the seminar. Their talks included the preparation of food and mind before cooking.

Golo and Sonja in St. Petersburg 2018

Published: 15 July 2018

Golo s. Sonja and ecologists SMALLGolo and Sonja visited St Petersburg and gave a number of talks and had meetings with several VIPs of Russian society. It was a warm meeting of minds.

Environmental training at Shantivan

Published: 29 June 2018

A Waste Management and Recycling workshop was held recently for the residents of Shantivan complex. Shantivan can accommodate 25,000 people and is located near Abu Road, Rajasthan, India.

Replacing hunger with a smile – the work of Foodlink, Hong Kong

A small dedicated team are working vigorously to reduce the food waste in Hong Kong and to ensure people in need get 3 good meals each day. Today they are dealing with nearly 3 tons of food per week with just 8 volunteers and 3 staff. It is an extraordinary organisation.

ACE Youth Forum, Bonn, 2018

Published: 12 June 2018

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change was adopted at the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio de Janeiro, June 1992. In Article 6, the convention calls on governments to educate, empower and engage all stakeholders and major groups on policies relating to climate change. The elements of Article 6 – education, training, public access to information, public awareness, public participation and international cooperation on climate action – are referred to as Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE).

The ACE Youth Forum, the first youth forum for climate empowerment, was held on 29th April 2018 at the World Conference Hall, Bonn. Brahma Kumaris attended this event.

Sustainable Energy for All, Lisbon, 2018 – BK report

Published: 11 June 2018

Sustainable Energy for All Conference for 2018 was held in Lisbon, Portugal. The Forum discussed innovation and action in the global sustainable energy movement. The 2-day conference and market place fostered new partnerships, ideas, investment and action towards securing clean, affordable energy for all. The main theme of the whole conference was “Leaving No One Behind

Innovate 4 Climate Conference, 2018

Published: 11 June 2018

This conference looked at the financial, marketing and technical aspects of managing and mitigating climate change. It was held in Frankfurt, May 18-23, 2018. Brahma Kumaris attended the conference and report here.

Profiles of Paris Launch

Published: 06 June 2018

Profiles of Paris is a collection of narratives bringing together international leaders and changemakers to offer unique views on how the Paris Agreement was achieved and what lessons can be drawn for the future.

It is being launched on the eve of the 1-year anniversary of Donald Trump announcing his intent to withdraw the US from the Paris Agreement: May 31 0000 EST / 0500 UK / 0600 CEST.

It is an initiative of Global Optimism, a purpose-driven enterprise focused on social and environmental change. Its initiatives include Mission 2020 and Profiles of Paris, and it was co-founded by Christiana Figueres and Tom Rivett-Carnac.

Sister Jayanti, Director of Brahma Kumaris, has been active in the climate negotiations since 2009. Her profile can be seen at: as Jayanti Kirpalani.

Angel’s walk – Sanjay Gandhi National Park India 2017

Published: 05 June 2018

A meditative walk on the theme – “Angel’s Walk” was organised at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali, Mumbai on 3rd Dec 2017. The objective was to serve nature and people by spreading vibrations of positive thoughts.

Collective Meditation for World Peace, India, 2018

Published: 05 June 2018

A Collective “Meditation for World Peace” program was organised by Brahma Kumaris Borivali Subzone centres at Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Borivali east on 22nd April 2018. About 1300 students of Brahma Kumaris took part in this meditation and created a powerful atmosphere.

The 2018 Africa Carbon Forum

Published: 21 May 2018

Brahma Kumaris participated in the 2018 Africa Carbon Forum organised by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) from 11th to 13th April 2018 in Gigiri, Kenya. The theme for this year’s forum was “Climate Action for Sustainable Development: Driving Change in Africa.”

Award for Energy Conservation

Published: 21 May 2018

The Brahma Kumaris have been awarded a first prize for energy conservation by the Maharashtra Energy Development Agency.

International Mother Earth Day celebrated in Russia

Published: 21 May 2018 International Mother Earth Day is celebrated all over the world on the 22nd of April and the Brahma Kumaris in Russia, CIS and the Baltic states were active in this. Special events were held in Moscow (Russia), Novosibirsk (Siberia, Russia), Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), Astana (Kazakhstan), Vilnius (Lithuania) and others.

Green Building Recognition to Brahma Kumaris

The residential campuses “Manmohinivan and Anand Sarovar” at Brahma Kumaris international spiritual headquarters in Abu Road, Rajastan, India was recently awarded the prestigious “Green Building” recognition by “Indian Green Building Council” in Jaipur.

International Scientific Conference, Ecology, 2018

Brahma Kumaris Centre of Spiritual Development, Moscow, Russia took part in the IX International Scientific Conference on the problems of ecological worldview “Ecology of the external and internal environment of the social system” on April 29th, 2018. Read the report Read the lecture Reports in Russian

Celebrating International Women’s day at ORC, India

A conference on “Women and Spirituality – Moving Forward to Protect our World” was organised on 7th March 2018 by the Embassy of Costa Rica in collaboration with the Brahma Kumaris at Om Shanti Retreat Centre (ORC) in Gurugram.

The organiser of the event, Ambassador of Costa Rica, H.E. Mariela Cruz Alvarez, said: “Feminine leadership is one that comes from the heart and does not follow the path of aggression. It comes by being connected to something higher.”

Sister Jaymini at the House of Lords March 2018

Sister Jaymini represented Brahma Kumaris at the House of Lords on Thursday 22nd March when she attended the United Nations World Water Day Celebrations.  This is a short photo report of the event.

10 ways in Thailand

Bangkok Center ran a programme focused on the Green Angel for 2018 with the overall theme of “Heal the world through silence”. “10 ways to change the world” is the main inspiration for both the BK center and for service.

Spirituality and the Environment – Moscow 2017

Spirituality and environment was discussed by various professionals during a friendly get-together in the Brahma Kumaris Centre of Spiritual Development, Moscow, in October 2017. This year was declared as the Year of Ecology by President Putin to generate the interest of people in the problems of the environment, in Russia especially.

Award for Radio Madhuban 2017

Radio Madhuban received the “Rajastha Energy Conservation Award 2017”- रेडियो मधुबन को ऊर्जा संरक्षण 2017, उर्जा विभाग राजस्थान सरकार

The award was given in recognition of Radio Madhuban’s effort to create awareness about energy conservation around Mount Abu.

Miss Vegetarian, 2017, Ryazan, Russia

This delightful competition was organised to promote vegetarianism in Russia.  The Brahma Kumaris did well!. Read the report Telephone friendly version

Events at the Science Museum, London

The famous Science Museum, in South Kensington, London has held a number of events where the Brahma Kumaris attended, or were promoting the main events.  Numerous talk and meditation sessions were held and hundreds of people benefited.

Faith and Climate: Sacred Waters

Under the theme: “Faith and Climate: Sacred Waters”, more than 60 young leaders from eighteen Latin American countries, belonging to a diversity of creeds and spiritualities met for a leadership training convergence in Rio de Janeiro from April 30 to May 4 (2017). By taking part in interreligious dialogue and by learning from climate scientists, ecotheologians, senior faith leaders and enviornmental activists, they began to develop a community of faiths in action for the Earth, committed to mobilizing across Latin America on climate and enviornmental concerns.

The Extractive Industry and Human Dignity: Ethical Perspectives

This panel discussion, held at the Palais des Nations, United Nations, Geneva, covered many aspects of how mining has impacted people, including issues to do with the Rights of The Child, Migration, and Spiritual and Ethical perspectives.  Sister Jayanti of Brahma Kumaris started the discussion describing some real world examples and relating them to human dignity.

Franciscans International and Brahma Kumaris Statement to UN Human Rights Council 2017

This NGO oral statement was made to 36th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.  It was Agenda Item 4 of the General Debate on 19 September 2017.  The speaker was Valériane Bernard of Brahma Kumaris, Geneva.

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The extractive industry and human dignity 25 september 2017

Sister Jayanti of the Brahma Kumaris participated in the panel discussion held 25 september 2017 at the Palais des Nations, Geneva.  The panel also included Ms. Athena Peralta of the World Council of Churches, Mr Bejamin Schalter of the Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights and Mr Budi Tjahjono of Franciscans International.

Sacred Activism – Healing the split

On September 17th 2017 our local Raja Yoga meditation group took part in a big protest organized by the BUND (organisation for the protection oft the environment) for sustainable and renewable energies and against the rebooting of one of the oldest and unsafe nuclear Powerstations in Europe, Fessenheim, very close to the german border in France.

Climate Chance – Agadir 2017

The Climate Chance 2017 summit in Agadir took place from the Monday 11th to the Wednesday 13th of September.  There were more than 5,000 participants, with 80 nationalities represented and a program of about 120 sessions.  The summit was a major event for non-state actors involved in the fight against climate change.

Golo in the Philippines 2017

At the end of July, Golo Pliz did a grand tour of the Philippines sharing his knowledge and understanding of climate change and renewable energy. This included talks on

  • Climate Change and Consciousness,
  • The Urgency of Climate Change and Stepping Up Our Resilience,
  • Creating A Climate of Change,
  • Climate change and meditation,
  • Power of Positivity and Weathering Criticisms, Climate Change Adaptation and the Ethics of Climate Change.

Mombasa Interfaith waste management – 2017

The Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA) conducted a training on waste management and disposal, at Reef Hotel in Mombasa from 1st to 2nd July 2017. The Brahma Kumaris actively supported this meeeting with representatives from South Africa and Mombasa. This meeting was funded by The Global Green Grants Fund.

International Vegetarian Forum – Beijing

On June 28th, 2017, the first “International Vegetarian Forum” was held in the Big Health Life Driving School Research Base in Miyun District of Beijing, which has taken the lead of world’s healthy eating habits. More than 200 participants, including experts, scholars, entrepreneur representatives, president of Big Health Life Driving School, warm-hearted ones who pay close attention to “Healthy, Low carbon and Green” have taken part in this forum.

Carribbean Green Awareness Tour

Brother Golo was invited to the Caribbean region to share about the link between the environment and our state of mind. It became a full service tour meeting many individuals who are concerned about the climate change, deterioration of sensitive coral reefs and increased hurricanes. It was new for many that we can influence the world with our attitudes and power of thoughts.

Transforming our World – From Awareness to Action, BK Exhibition March 2017, India

At the Brahma Kumaris National Coordinators Meeting, March 2017, Mount Abu, India, an exhibition was held to increase awareness on various environmental issues.

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icon linking to PDF document    See the agenda.

Panels on sustainability in Biocultura Barcelona 2017

Biocultura is a large ecological fair that happens every year in Barcelona and in many other big cities of Spain with many exhibitions, talks and panels for 4 days. On the 7th of May 2017 at 2pm, Brahma Kumaris organised a panel discussion titled “Conscience and sustainability”.  Later that day there was a talk by Valériane Bernard “5 keys for sustainable happiness”.

Earth Day in Abu, 2017

Earth Day in Abu Radio Madhuban 90.4 FM celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April 2017 with the community in Abu, Rajasthan. The team produced radio shows and organized outreach events to educate the community about the global challenges faced today and spread awareness about the Sustainable Development Goals.

3rd Spirit of Humanity Forum, Reykjavik

The four-day forum of the 3rd Spirit of Humanity has been held in Reykjavik, Iceland.  The forum has the subject title of: Caring for a World in Transition:
Building Foundation for a Loving and Peaceful World.  This report of the second day describes the panel of highly qualified individuals that considered “Caring for our planet: A new way of being”.  The audience was asked to reflect: How might our ‘duty of care’ and a growing collective consciousness change decision-making processes in ways that express more love and foster compassion for the planet?

Big Lemon goes solar electric

The first solar powered bus in the UK has been launched in Brighton. One of our contacts sponsored this project through the Big Lemon company and he had the chance to name it Om Shanti (means “I am peace”).  When it was launched our friend spoke and shared what its name means.  The name was much appreciated. The bus is bright yellow so will most definitely be noticed.

Brahma Kumaris Community Services

The Brahma Kumaris carry out a wide range of community services including efforts for sustanability, yogic farming, solar energy generation and work to promote our environmental initiatives.

Radio Madhuban celebrating Water & Forest Days

A team from Radio Madhuban, of Brahma Kumaris, celebrated Water day and Forest day with the residents and children of Abu.  Various competitions and events were arranged and the children took part with glee.  Many new trees were planted.

UN Panel Report 13 February 2017

A number of international groups had a panel discussion in the framework of COP22 and for the preparation of the 34th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, titled: “Perspectives on Climate Ethics: from COP22 Marrakesh onward”.  This was held in the UN Palais des Nations in Geneva.  The panel focussed particularly on ethics, climate justice and human rights.  Valériane Bernhard of Brahma Kumaris was the moderator.

Environmental Conference in Global Co-operation House, London

A conference was held in Global Co-operation House, London, the UK headquarters ofthe Brahma Kumaris, to discuss the various aspects of the Environmental Initiative of the Brahma Kumaris. This was well attended and included some lighter elements of singing and entertainment.

News from Dominican Republic 2016

On his Caribbean tour, Francois Becher, Brahma Kumaris co-ordinator of France, visited the Dominican Republic to emphasize the impact of human consciousness on our environment. This report describes the many TV and radio interviews given and the success of their meeting wih the University of Santo Domingo and Government official who were very supportive.

World Soil Day – the importance of soil

This report on soil underlines its importance to our existence. It gives a world overview of how we are, or are not, looking after this valuable resource. It gives good advice on how we can do things better and what we should be bringing to an end.

Sister Jayanti visit to Copenhagen 2016

Sister Jayanti made a visit to Copenhagen, Denmark, for two meetings concerning the environment. The first discussed the “10 ways to change the world” and the second discussed the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.  The meetings were supported by several high profile VIPs and were well attended.

BioClick Challenge 2016

We would like to inform you that the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative is launching “BioClick”. BioClick is photography challenge organized in parallel to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (4 to 17 December 2016 in Cancun, Mexico). Your challenge is to express through pictures a change in awareness that is needed to see the world with a different lens, prompting all of us to act differently (best practice).

Walking initiatives for the environment

The Brahma Kumaris family, in the main centre in London, created a wonderful walking initiative that was originally done for World Environment Day.  Now London Eco friends are organising a walk each month on different themes.  It’s a great idea and could be done at any of the BK centres.

Growing Green Angels – August 2016

The Brahma Kumaris Australia Environment Wing have sent out there latest newsletter describing their successes in persuading the BK family to become vegan, to grow and plant more things and to generally create a more sustainable world, all while having fun at the same time.

Visiting the Thar Desert

Patrick Johann Schindler – International Relations Advisor at the São Paulo State Department for Sanitation and Water Resources visited the Thar desert in Rajastan, India with his notebook and camera. It is a place of frequent drought and the indigenous people have found successful ways of coping with this. Patrick describes the techniques they use and his time with these colourful people.

International Oceans Day, Paris 2016

On Sunday 12 June, following International Oceans Day, at the cine Rex, the biggest cinema theatre in Paris a team of committed people organised “24 hours to meditate for water, whales and dolphins”. The Brahma Kumaris took an active part in this event.

Environment Programs in Kenya

After the United Nations programmes in Kenya, the Environment team visited a number of BK and governmental locations in Kenya sharing the environmental message linking the state of the world to our internal spiritual state. Their visits were very well received. The report contains many photos.

Golo Pilz – Interview with NST, Malaysia

During his visit to Malaysia, Golo Pilz was interviewed by the New Sunday Times, The Sunday edition of the New Straits Times which is Malaysia’s oldest newspaper. Golo spoke about the consequences of global warming and the importance of spiritual values and renewable energies to assist in protecting the future of the planet.

Mother Earth Day – April 2016

This meeting of the Mother Earth Day panel took place on the same day of the signing in New York of the Paris COP21 Agreement. The meeting was to share ideas about caring for and nurturing the planet we live on. The meeting was attended by representatives from all around the world. Sonja Ohlsson presented thoughts about how the Brahma Kumaris life-style blended spirituality and a sustainable lifestyle that was good for the planet. She also presented the development of the India-One solar plant being completed in Rajastan, India.

Award for best water practices 2016

The Brahma Kumaris received an award from the World CSR Congress for BEST WATER MANAGEMENT PRACTICES.

Mangement of solid waste and composting, reducing and reusing

Tereza Cristina, a professional environmentalist, gave a lecture on management of solid waste and general orientation about compost, reducing, reusing, recycling for bk teachers. This was held at the beautiful retreat centre in Brazil. They all learned much from this. Here is a brief report.

Francois Becher visits Columbia

Francois Becher, the most senior member of the Brahma Kumaris in France has a special interest in environmental issues. He visited Columbia and presented a number of programs. He also gave interviews to radio stations and members of the government. The Brahma Kumaris family in Columbia found his vist to be inspiring such that they have now created their own environmental team. After their own training, they will train the rest of the Brahma Kumaris family and then the public. This report has many photos and, although it has few words, it has links to all the recorded events so it is a very good resource.

Golo Pilz visit to Malaysia 2016

Golo Pilz had a 3 day visit to Malaysia giving talks and seminars to the public, business leaders and some in collaboration with University of Malaya. He spoke about the link between consciousness and climate change, the practical impacts of solar energy generation and how we can all work together for a better world. His visit was well received and touched many people.

Newsletter – Growing Green Angels, March 2016

This newsletter gives all the latest news from around the world. The Australian team have been particularly active and the newsletter includes some of their environmentally friendly (and cheap) cleaning methods.

Awakening the Dreamer Workshop in Quito, Ecuador

The Brahma Kumaris and the Pachamama Alliance collaboratively presented the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop at the Brahma Kumaris Center in Quito, Ecuador on December 19, 2015.

Farewell to coal (Australia)

News received from Brahma Kumaris in Australia: The Climate March in Melbourne on 27th Nov. – “FAREWELL TO COAL”

Brahma Kumaris (BK) were asked to be at an Interfaith service at 5pm in Wesley Church in CBD, Victoria.. The church was built in 1858, so it is old by Australian standards. The organisers asked BK to read a sweet universal message then they sent this video with scenes of the march etc.

Over 40,000 marched representing all living generations. It was a peaceful, upbeat vibration.

India Gate programme November 2015

On November 8th 2015, a Mega Public Program on “Collective Raj-yoga for Universal Peace” organized by the Brahma Kumaris institution at India Gate Grounds was held. It witnessed a huge gathering of around fifty thousand raj-yoga practitioners from India and abroad. Over nine lakh raj-yoga students of Brahma Kumaris in 146 countries in all continents also did meditation at the same Indian time. Dadi Janki, who is almost 100 years old, gave a talk in which she emphasised that a spiritual lifestyle will improve the atmosphere and reduce the effects of climate change.

Human Rights Council September 2015

At the Human Rights Council, 22 September 2015, a group of civil society organisations in Geneva working on climate change and human rights organised a Side Event “From Geneva to Paris: One voice on rights for a just climate agreement”. This side event offered an opportunity to hear the joint call of constituencies of the civil society to include strong and effective human rights language in the Agreement in Paris and views of the States leading the UNFCCC process.

To live in harmony. François Becher, Kyrgyzstan

François Becher (Brahma Kumaris, France) visited Kyrgyzstan and on 8 and 9 July 2015 he gave two public lectures: “Our Inner Ecology and our Outer Environment” and “The Way to Wisdom” at the library of the Kyrgyz State University. He also ran a retreat and inspired meditation in some very eco-friendly buildings.

Protecting the Environment in Gold Coast, Australia

The Brahma Kumaris family in Gold Coast Australia tell a wonderful story of the tree in their garden and how it was saved from the ravages of cyclone Oswald.

Spiritual Dimension and Negotiations towards Paris

As organizations across the globe promote strong measures against climate change, the Geneva Interfaith Forum on Climate Change Environment and Human Rights, (Forum composed of the World Council of Churches, Franciscan International, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and Southern Diaspora Research and Development Center) organized a side event to the United Nations Human Rights Council on 22 June, 2015, themed ”Human Rights and Climate Change: Spiritual Dimension and Negotiations towards Paris”. PAX Press Agency (Geneva) made a video report that can be see here…

Green Angels of North America – Initiative 2015

Green Angels of North America have been busy supporting environmental initiatives around the world, including the CoP20 meeting in Lima, Peru, the India-One solar project in Rajasthan, India and the 4th annual green retreat in Peace Village, New York with Neville Hodkinson facilitating. There is also an excellent paper by Anthony Strano.

How can meditation help our “World in Transition”?

Brother Golo from Madhuban made an environment service tour of the Nordic Countries, including 15 programs. Golo shared about the present environmental state of the world, what Brahma Kumaris is doing in the area of renewable energy and finally how our thoughts and awareness are connected to the world.

The Green Angel Midsummer Retreat took place on Iniø island in the Finnish archipelago. The Nordic countries have traditionally a close relationship to nature. By having nature walks and interactive sessions the participants could experience their personal connection to the environment, the self and the Creator.

One Earth Community, One Common Destiny

A conference in the Netherlands entitled ‘One Earth Community, One Common Destiny’ was held 29th June 2015. The full-day conference, a celebration of the 15 years of completion of the Earth Charter in the Netherlands, took place in an hotel in a beautiful estate in the middle of a forest called ‘Zonheuvel’.

Pachamama News Letter June 2015

Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage, travel and cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all.

Generating a Critical Mass of Conscious Commitment
With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, our programs integrate indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling, socially just human presence on this planet.

Fast for climate change

365 persons from all walks of life on all continents will fast for one day each from December 1st, 2014, at the beginning of the UN climate conference in Lima, Peru, to November 30th, 2015, at the beginning of the COP 21 conference in Paris, France.
They will fast to stand in solidarity with vulnerable people who are most affected by dangerous climate impacts.

South Korea activities

The green team in South Korea have been busy with a number of activities including the Asian Civil Society Conference on Climate Change and Ecology(ACCE), which was held in South Korea, April 24-30, 2015, with the theme of “Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience.” They have also held a number of workshops and meetings to extend the green message.

Healing the self, healing the earth

This seminar, facilitated by Ian Siddons Heginworth and Dr Joanna Kitto, considered the idea:

‘We live in a technological age in which we are increasingly out of touch with our environment and the consequences of this are damaging for our spiritual, mental and emotional health and our relationship of care with our environment and the world as a whole’.

It was held in Global Co-operation House, London, the headquarters of the Brahma Kumaris in the UK, on 19th April 2015.

28th HR council 2015

Made up of 47 member States, the United Nations Human Rights Council is an inter-governmental body responsible for strengthening the promotion and protection of human rights around the globe and for addressing situations of human rights violations. On Friday 6th March the Council devoted a day of the 28th session (2nd to 27th March 2015) to a debate on Climate Change. Brahma Kumaris attended the debate and had a significant role in a side event on “Human rights and climate change”. Valériane Bernard of Brahma Kumaris was able to speak about the moral obligations upon individuals, nations and the international community to respond to the harm caused by climate change.

Report from 4th Conference on Degrowth

Brahma Kumaris attended the Fourth Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity held in Leipzig, Germany, 3rd – 6th September 2014. A team of four from Germany and Copenhagen attended and learned much that was useful and were able to share the idea that a change of consciousness is needed to create new ideas for sustainability.

Mexico service news 2014

A short video of service news in Mexico including Pachama training, working with Mayans and companies.

Launch of

The Brahma Kumaris were invited to join the launch of on Wednesday, September 17 at the United Nations Church Center, New York City, USA, by Rev Fletcher Harper, Executive Director of GreenFaith and Gopal Patel, Project Manager of The Bhumi Project.

It was an honor for the Brahma Kumaris to join the event where representatives and leaders from various spiritual traditions, as well as musicians and activists, including Dr James Hansen, one of the world’s experts on the science for the Earth were present to share their voices. Sister Gayatri of Brahma Kumaris gave a presentation on the 6 Habits of the heart for Sustainablity.

Report on Interfaith Summit on Climate Change – 2014

As part of a global effort to mobilize action and ambition on climate change, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon organized a Climate Summit on 23 September 2014 in New York. In order to highlight the specific contributions that faith traditions bring to the international climate debate, the World Council of Churches and Religions for Peace organized an Interfaith Summit on Climate Change, held in New York 21-22 September 2014.

Religion for the Earth Conference – 2014

On Friday 19th and Saturday 20th September 2014, the weekend before the United Nations Climate Summit the “Religion for the Earth Conference”, conference was held in New York. This report gives a summary of the conference and the participation of the Brahma Kumaris.

The Impact of Solar Energy on our Future

This United Nations conference, held 29th August 2014 at Mercy College, New York, USA, looked at the impact iof Soilar energy, solar cooking and going beyond The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

Spirituality – The heart of sustainability

The loss of humanity’s spirituality and original value system has led to unsustainable patterns of living. Regaining balance and harmony in our world requires a reawakening of human consciousness, whereby ‘hot heads and cold hearts’ are transformed into ‘cool heads and warm hearts’. Spirituality is living a life based on inner guiding principles – a life which naturally embraces the wellbeing of the individual, the family, the community and the world.

The Brahma Kumaris in Australia are offering retreats to discuss this (August and September 2014, in the Blue Mountains and Melbourne) with special guests selected from: Dr Haydn Washington, Janet O’Sullivan, Julian Crawford and Kris Schaffer.

Interfaith Summit, New York

Valériane Bernard’s gave reflections in a short interview (5 mins) on the contributions Brahma Kumaris can make to the discussions and decision making on climate change.

Creating The Future We Want

The economics of trust happiness and positive change: Creating the future we want.

Sunday 3rd August, 2:00 – 5:30pm.  Youth Environmental Event.  Global Coo-operation House, London W10 2HH, UK

The International conference in Chisinau, Moldova (CIS)

On the 22nd of May 2014 an international conference “From the ecology of soul to the ecology of nature” was successfully hosted in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau (CIS).The conference was organized on the initiative of the Chisinau Centre of Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University within socially significant project “Bridge of Kindness.” Co-founders of the conference were: the National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History of the Republic of Moldova; Republican Centre of non-governmental organizations “Harmony”; Association “Moldova and its national minorities”, UNESCO Club; Family Federation in Moldova.

Environmental activities in Hong Kong

Evening programmes, in Cantonese and English were held in the BK centre at Dragon road, Tin Hau Temple, Hong Kong on 13th and 15th July 2014. Videos of talks given elsewhere in the world were shown, plus talks by local environmental experts were given. As ever for the Hong Kong centre, food and entertainment were provided.

Power Shift UK 2014-05

Breaking down barriers and diversifying the Climate Movement.

Power Shift UK Power Shift UK is part of Global Power Shift – the starting point in the international climate movement that aims to strengthen, link & inspire groups/individuals to create a stronger, diverse climate movement. This report is of the meeting held May 2014 at University College London (UCL)

Report of panel during the 26th session of the Human Rights Council

A panel discussion was set up as a side event to the 26th session of the Human Rights Council, on Thursday, 19 June 2014, at the Palais des Nations, by the Geneva Interfaith Forum on Climate Change, Environment and Human Rights.

Balancing Material and Spiritual Development – Bhutan

Global Peace Initiative of Women and the Gross National Happiness Center of Bhutan – Gathering in June 2013

The Kingdom of Bhutan is leading the way in seeking a new development paradigm that has as it central values the happiness and wellbeing of its people and the health of its environment.

The Gross National Happiness Index is designed to assess how the nation is doing in this regard. The Kingdom has taken many steps to ensure the health of its eco systems, including a commitment to maintain 60% forest cover, to grow its food organically, to ban plastics, to have one day each month be a carless day, among other efforts.

Sister Jayanti of Brahma Kumaris gave significant contributions to this gathering.

Values, conscience and climate change

Learning to live in harmony with our natural world is the most pressing need of our time.

Solutions based on education, legislation and advances in technology, although important, are not enough to turn the tide. There needs to be a radical shift in our hearts and minds – a change of consciousness in the way we relate to ourselves, others and nature.

So, where do we start? In an age where values such as harmony and simplicity have got trampled on in the rush for the latest i-pad or holiday destination, can we find the time – or even the will- to listen to that barely audible voice of the human conscience?

Sr Jayanti,  Brahma Kumaris’ NGO representative at the United Nations and the European director of the Brahma Kumaris and the Revd david Alan Rice, who is is Rector of the Anglican Church of St.Margaret, Lee, in South London and Chair of the World Congress of Faiths, as well as being the journal editor for Interreligious Insight, will explore these topical issues.

7pm – 8:45pm, 5th June 2014, Pound Lane, London NW10, UK.

Simple Living Workshop

This workshop, by Romina Melwani and Stephane Tardy, looks at how simple living can be used to improve your life and our effect on the world. It is held in Oxford, UK, 31st May 2014.

Environment Wing Newsletter April 2014 (Australia)

Here is the Environment Wing Newsletter for April 2014 with green news from Australia and lots of household tips.

Earth Day in Costa Rica

On the 21st April 2014, At the MINAE (Ministry of Environment) in the city of Cartago, in Costa Rica Brahma Kumaris was invited to conduct a Workshop to celebrate the Earth day with the local office of the ministry and Community leaders of the zone.

The Bhumi Project

The Bhumi Project is a worldwide Hindu response to the environmental issues facing our planet.

Dadi gave them a short message of support for their activities.

Read more here…

Under this campaign, an Holistic Environment Exhibition was organized in Gyan Sarovar complex of the Brahma Kumaris at Mt.Abu, from 17th to 23rd February 2014. To bring awareness on this matter, a public programme was organized on 20th February 2014 for national and international guests.

Green Team tour of South America 2014

Brahma Kumaris attended the Fourth Conference on Degrowth for Ecological Sustainability and Social Equity held in Leipzig, Germany, 3rd – 6th September 2014. A team of four from Germany and Copenhagen attended and learned much that was useful and were able to share the idea that a change of consciousness is needed to create new ideas for sustainability.

BK Energy Conservation Initiative, December 2013

The Brahma Kumaris Energy Conservation Initiative team held public talks and presentations, 14th December 2014. Some were held in Om Shanti Bhawan, Mount Abu and there was a one day programme in St John’s English School, Abu Road, Mount Abu. This report records the events of the day.

The “Fifth International Forum on Food and Nutrition”

This forum was held 26 – 27 November 2013 and organized by the famous Barilla Company, Italy. There were high-level speakers from the Food and Agricultural Organisation (FAO), the UN Commissioner General for EXPO 2015, and various other top people from the European Union. The subjects were about ‘Food Security’, Accessibility to Food and Food Waste; The Nutrition of People and Animals; Education and Healthy Lifestyles.
Alex Thompson from Channel 4 BBC was presenter.

Green Team tour of Australia

Visit to Aravali Meditation Sanctuary
See a short film of the Green Team at Aravali Meditation Sanctuary

2013-06 North America newsletter

This is the 2013 June news letter from North America including:

  • Why are you passionate about spirituality and the environment?
  • Celebrating Best Practices
  • What vision are we holding for the future?

UNISDR conference, Geneva, 22 May 2013

On the 22 May, Valériane Bernard attended the 2013 conference of “Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction” to be aware of the trend of the work of the different agencies, NGOs and Countries.

The main theme of the conference was Resilient People – Resilient Planet.

The Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction was established in 2007 by the United Nations and takes place every two years. The Fourth Session took place 19-23 May 2013 in Geneva, Switzerland.

Report from CEM 4 and Innovation Showcase Pavilion New Delhi, 16-19 April, 2013

Report by: “India One” Solar Thermal Power Plant Team

At the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference of parties in Copenhagen in December 2009, U.S. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced that USA would host the first Clean Energy Ministerial.

The first CEM was organized in USA in 2010, followed by Abu Dhabi and UK. The fourth CEM was hosted by India from April’16th-18th 2013 at New Delhi.

One of the exhibitors invited to participate in the Innovation Showcase Pavilion was Brahma Kumaris and World Renewal Spiritual Trust featuring “India One” Solar Thermal Power Plant Project.

Earth Day 2013

To celebrate Earth Day 2013, there was a special program on Thoughts, Time and Nature at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre and Gallery in Manhattan, New York. The subject was Sustainable Yogic Agriculture. Dr Tamasin Ramsay, environmental anthropologist and NGO Representative to the United Nations, introduced the SYA project to a full and engaged audience.

Watch “Be Bold”: Spiritual leaders in Rio+20

The second video is now available about the spiritual leaders: “Be Bold”, Global Peace Initiative of Women (GPIW) invited spiritual leaders from all over the world to Rio in June 2012 as part of the Rio + 20 conference on the global environment. “Tapping inner Resources for the Transformation of the Global Economy” was the theme.

Meeting with Mr Peter Kenmore, FAO

Meeting with Mr Peter Kenmore, Food and Agriculture Organization’s Representative to India (FAO)
On 26 February 2013, a delegation from the Brahma Kumaris visited the FAO Representative in India, Mr Peter Erwin Kenmore in his office in the United Nations compound in New Delhi.

Human Rights and Climate Change

Human Rights and Climate Change
Meeting in Room XXIV
24 February 2013
North South XXI, Brahma Kumaris, the World Council of
Churches (WCC) and Franciscans can co-sponsor

Tamasin Ramsay’s visit to FAO – Rome

On 19 February 2013, Tamasin Ramsay, Brahma Kumaris representative to the United Nations in New York, was invited to give a speech in the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO), Headquarters in Rome.

Caring for Environment in South America

Francois Becher visits Argentina, Chilie, Brazil and Peru Nov-Dec. 2012.
Argentina – Recalculating and Care for the Environment
Lecture “Recalculating, on Caring for the Environment” at the Parliament in Buenos Aires. It was hosted by Rabi Sergio Bergman, a deputy of the ruling party of the Autonomous Government of Buenos Aires.

Water a vital resource: waste not, want not

Without dwelling on how vital a resource water is for life (our life!) on planet Earth, and without elaborating how water scarcity impacts the lives of countless human souls on planet Earth, I feel it is best to begin with my own personal relationship and responsibility towards this valuable resource.

Sustainability Conference, Hiroshima, Japan

At the international Sustainability Conference in Hiroshima Japan, from January 23 – 25, the BK team, including Charlie Hogg, Rajni, Mizue, Yasue and Evelyn, participated daily in many sessions, networking with delegates from many of the 46 countries represented.

Awakening Together Update (August – October 2012)

Brahma Kumaris Pachamama Alliance Partnership Update (October 2012)

Awakening the Dreamer Workshop goes to INDIA

For the first time in India, outside of Shantivan, Awakening the Dreamer (Kumbhakarna) Workshop was presented at Shantisarovar Retreat Centre in Hyderabad. The Brahma Kumaris and the Pachamama Alliance collaboratively presented the workshop with Jon Symes, Program Director from Pachamama Alliance and Brahma Kumari Elizabeth of San Francisco, USA. There were 110 participants, half of which were BKs and 25 of the other had come to a BK event for the first time.

Expo en verdeser

Expo en verdeser Claudia Gonzalez

Awakening Together Update

As the partnership between the Pachamama Alliance and the Brahma Kumaris continues to strengthen… we are excited to share with you some of the great news and happenings around the world. Earlier this year we launched this beautiful partnership and created the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop (specifically designed for the Brahma Kumaris). The workshop materials are available on the Pachamama website and this report is based on the number of downloads and presentations that have happened between January and August of 2012.

Awakening the Dreamer Kickoff in the USA

The Brahma Kumaris and the Pachamama Alliance collaboratively presented the Awakening the Dreamer Workshop at Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Centre in Novato, California (near San Francisco) on July 28, 2012. This joint venture was done for the first time in the USA to engage members of the public in some of the urgent and necessary questions of this age: Where are we? How did we get here? What is possible now? Where do we go from here? Our common mission is to create an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just world.

A Spirituality and Environment Retreat

The aim of the retreat was to create an experience for participants that spiritual understanding creates a shift of awareness and through this awareness we can deeply feel the well being within ourselves, while contributing to that of our planet. Eco Shanti was presented for the first time in Peace Village the Brahma Kumaris Retreat center in the state of New York. There were fifteen participants who attended to the invitation. The retreat last for three days and during the weekend the participants had the opportunity to rediscover the natural harmony that can exist between the self and Mother Earth.

e-Book: Wings for Rio+20

A Call for Conscious Collective Action

Engaging Leaders from Business, Society and Spirituality

RIO+20, United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in June 2012. For leaders around the world it has become more than a conference for governments. It has stimulated them, from all walks of life, to raise their voice towards sustainable development. Giving ‘wings’ to sustainable development needs, concerted leadership by multiple stakeholders creating, innovating and working together with a common purpose towards shared value for people, teams, organizations, society and nature.

This book brings together all those voices that were raised during the Wings for RIO+20 Leadership Forum in The Hague in May 2012. An event that brought together spiritual, organizational business and societal leaders. Consciousness was raised, attitudes changed, visions created. This will impact our behavior for a sustainable world where happiness, health and wellbeing for all beings are our primary goals. It is meant to be shared, inspire and give wings to continuous conscious collective action in your own environment and beyond. We are looking forward to continue our common journey towards a more sustainable world.

Muriel Arts, SEAL Institute
Sander Tideman, Global Leaders Academy
Brigitte van Baren, Inner Sense

Report On The Eco Retreat In Gubbio

5th – 9th July 2012

At first, human beings used to live in harmony with the environment, using only the resources on the surface of the planet.

There was self-regulation, a perfect balance between the population and resources available, and growth was organic.

People were only using renewable energies, the waste was recycled. Then, with the evolution of science and technology and the mechanistic paradigm, people’s view and attitude towards our Mother Earth changed radically, and man became a predator.
In order to increase development and to face the demographic ascending curve, we started to look for energy under the ground and God OIL became the savior and also our killer.

UN-Climate Change Conference

On 16 May 2012, Heidi and Gopi participated in the UN University programme called “Bonn dialogues“, it was held at the Deutsche Welle Radio channel. The panel discussion was “Cities: Drivers of development – drivers of risk?“. Gopi then attended another side event (around 60 participants) where the audience was allowed to ask questions.

Climate Change, Inner Change, a Shift in Consciousness

Interfaith Forum held at the Blue Mountains Environment Expo, 16th June, 2012, Australia.
The forum was part of a larger Blue Mountains Environment Expo. The Asian Green Team and the wing in Australia also had a number of small programmes for World Environment Day. How do we conceive of ourselves in relation to the earth?

Awakening The Dreamer Workshop ready for worldwide rollout

During the past years of service in the environment field a lot of service has happened in working closely together with other organizations. The next co-operation is with The Pachamama Alliance, an organization committed to bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just human presence on this planet.

Davao City, Philippines

Awakening the Dreamer Symposium was held at the Sangguniang Panlungsod (City Council) of Davao City on June 27, 2012 from 9am-5pm. After an initial run in May, two local organizations volunteered to host the event and invited their local partners working on environmental issues, namely, Interface for Development Initiatives (IDIS) which has gained major inroads on watershed management and protection in the city, and the Mindanao Commission on Women which highlights the role of women in the peace process and environmental protection.

Awakening the Healing Heart

Transforming Communities through Love and Compassion

“Responding to the Cry of the Earth – Responding to the Human Cry”

United Nations gathering in Nairobi Kenya on March 2nd 2012 – Organized by the Global Peace Initiative of Women in partnership with the Ol ari Nyiro, Laikipia Nature Conservancy

Awakening the Healing Heart brought together leaders from Africa and the international community to explore the theme healing of the Earth communities, with all the diversity of life that exists, and on healing of the human community.

Climate Change & Consciousness

Do thoughts & consciousness impact climate change?

Sunday 19 Feb 2.30pm – 4.30pm Free Admission
South Lakes Foyer, Frieda Scott Room, Stricklandgate

The first in a series of discussions on Climate Change and Consciousness, bringing insight, humour, and respect to a subject that is often beyond reach and celebrating the National Climate Change Week in March 2012

Brahma Kumaris participation in EXPO En Verde Ser 2011

November 4 -6 , 2011, World Trade Center, Mexico City

EXPO En Verde Ser is an event carried out for third consecutive year, is represents the most important sustainable EXPO of the country, it involves more than 180 exhibit companies with inspiring ideas.

Anthony Strano on Environment & Climate Change Program

Report – Anthony Strano on Environment Climate Change Program

Zee News My Earth My Duty

India’s biggest climate campaign – ‘Zee News My Earth My Duty’ – was celebrated at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium on 24th November 2011 in New Delhi. The celebration witnessed the country’s first Eco- Friendly concert and My Earth My Duty Samman.

Tribute to Professor Wangari Maathai

1 April 1940 – 25 September 2011

Professor Maathai played a very important role as an environmentalist, campaigner for women’s rights and for the abolition of poverty. Her tireless dedication earned her the respect of millions around the world.

Bridging the Gap: Faith and Ethics Perspectives

Climate change is impacting human life and nature in severe ways. Yet it is the vulnerable who suffer most. As the life of such people is dependent on eco-systems for survival, churches join hands with other faith based organizations to support their cause, stressing an ethical aspect in the debate on climate change.

Climate Change Conference, South Africa 2011

Preliminary list of Brahma Kumaris participation in the Climate Change Conference, Durban, South Africa 2011.

Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia 24-8-2010

Climate Change and Conciousness
Meta House in co-operation with Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University in Phnom Penh hosted an evening talk about the link between “Climate and Consciousness”.