Newsletter March 2020

Green Newsletter March 2020

Dear Friends of the Green Newsletter

Hello everybody.  After a bit of time, we send you a new green newsletter!  Recently we created a new webpage, went to the climate change conference in Madrid and had a variety of green actions. There is lots of information in this newsletter and soon another issue with focus on Africa and India will follow.

Have a look at the webpage and let us know what you think.

Have you seen or subscribed our BK ECO YouTube ChannelGolo’s TED Talk “World in Transition - A Spiritual Awakening and New Paradigm” is also available there.

COP25 –

The annual UN Climate Change Conference took place in Madrid, Spain in December 2019. It was the 11th Climate Conference in which Brahma Kumaris was actively participating.


The conference was abruptly moved to Madrid, Spain due to the civil unrest in Chile.  So everybody was forced to change tickets and plans. The BK Environment initiative participated in more than 26 programs. The need for a peaceful presence is the need of the time as the so called new “Eco Anxiety” is spreading wings at a fast speed. Here is a link to all 12 reports with many photos.

Youth Conferences on Climate Change

In India, Austria, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands, many young BK’s have been active to protect the environment or raise awareness. Their reports along with photos can be seen here: LINK

Fridays for Future in Berlin

Nice open air walking act with a cow mask on Friday 20th September. See pictures with posters "For a Climate Change in the heart" and "Respect and compassion for all creatures/ beings"


From London:

The annual How the Light Gets In Festival, organized by the Institute of Art and Ideas, brings together leading thinkers and public figures to discuss topical and wide-ranging themes. Sister Jayanti participated in the debate: "Modern Crises and Ancient Gods", read more here, or see a clip at IAI TV, or hear the podcast.

Sister Jayanti writes from Global Co-operation House: On the 24th January, we had a presentation of Eco-Cleaning Products that had been researched to an amazing degree, and it was a very interesting briefing on the whole subject of products that are free from cruelty to animals. It is surprising to know of the things that go on in the world today.

UK Green Group:

You may have heard of Veganuary which is an initiative that encourages people to try going vegan for the month of January.  The website provides lots of useful information and practical support. Going vegan is one of the best choices anyone can make to reduce the suffering of animals, help the planet and improve personal health.


On the last weekend in November, some of the UK eco team met at Worthing Lighthouse Retreat Centre to trial a Green Champions training programme to give support to BKs and/or BK centres in adopting more eco-friendly practices.

Soul and Soil

This was organised for National Interfaith Week in November in the Isle of Man.  See also Greenfaith for inspirations:

Personal Experiences from Australia:

"We have just had horrendous bushfires in two states in Australia  - the likes of what has never been seen before - hotter, bigger, faster and harder to control.  Our Sakash Team has asked for an increase in good wishes and peaceful vibrations for everything and everyone affected by the fires - especially the animals.


This morning three of us joined in an activity run by our City Council called Sand Angels - hoping to break the record for the number of people who did this.  You lie in the sand on the beach and move your arms and legs to make impressions like wings and the dress of an angel.  There were groups of different coloured angels - we were the Green Angels! - which I thought was very fitting :)"

"We had two Good Vibrations special events (one in Sydney, the other in the Blue Mountains) in relation to the wild fires across Australia. We invited all Meditators to gather together to meditate/prayer: to calm the element of fire; heal the pain and losses (people, animals, nature, property); re-energize the exhausted fire-fighters, emergency workers and infrastructure workers; and to replenish nature and the environment.  We played all the Green Angel Guided Meditations." (See the invitation at the end of this mail)

Good News:

Our headquarters in Mount Abu and Abu Road have declared to be a plastic free Zone - Congratulations.


Green Day in Madhuban 3rd March.

Another green day took place in Madhuban. Through presentations and interviews about Climate Emergency and Planetary Consciousness we went deep into the connection between mind and matter. We arranged a variety of green conversations, art workshops, silent morning walks and an evening peace concert. You are most welcome to join.

Mother Earth Day:

50th. Anniversary on Wednesday, April 22. Events that support this campaign can be of great service to our world. Please send us your ideas and news. Get involved.

Green BK Retreat in Lisbon -

You are invited the next European Green Retreat 18th to 22nd June 2020 in Lisbon, Portugal. More information in the next newsletter.

Green Faith

(Christian environment initiative)  invites you to host a Living the Change Supper or a conversation in your faith community. We’ve developed a great toolkit to help you organize your own Living the Change Supper or guided conversation, which has everything you’ll need to create a really special event.


Peaceful Greetings
Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative
and your newsletter editors
Peter, Golo, Arnold, Sonja

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