Message at the time of COVID-19

Statement of Brahma Kumaris at the time of Covid-19

The new year and the new decade announced themselves with a wakeup call. Without much of a warning, the coronavirus appeared and is sweeping around the world. People are dying suddenly, others are experiencing isolation and hardship and our so-busy world has suddenly come to a thundering standstill.

As much as the pandemic poses a global threat to peace and security, it also presents an opportunity to demonstrate unity and join hands. Brahma Kumaris is supporting the efforts to prevent the virus from spreading. All our centres and retreat places around the world are closed and we are actively encouraging our community to implement preventative measures and observe government guidelines and rules.

In recent weeks the Internet has become more and more helpful as a way to stay connected – to help us to share our thoughts and feelings, to reflect and to find a place of peace and calm within. We have initiated daily global meditation sessions, joined by our 6,000 centres and offer regular online courses and spiritual talks for the public and our regular students.

From a spiritual viewpoint, we understand that what we are experiencing has its roots in our past actions. There have been plenty of signs that things are going in the wrong direction. Climate change and the loss of biodiversity have been clear calls for change. However, the solutions we agreed upon have been half-heartedly executed and, as a global community, we failed to change our lifestyle and our economic model on the scale that is needed.

The old paradigm has failed us and doesn’t hold the promise of a better world.  As we reflect deeply, it is clear that the change needed is a radical one. One thing is, of course, to deal with the virus and overcome the immediate crisis, but what spiritual lessons can we learn? And, on that basis, what changes do we need to make? It is our consciousness that underpins our decision-making and our consequent actions and behaviour. Therefore, a deep inner transformation is needed at this time.

Inner transformation begins with a change in awareness, which leads to a change in our attitude and the vision we hold.  With a different vision we take different action.

Taking time to reflect each day on how closely connected the human family is with the natural world will make it clear that the awareness we hold and the actions we take as a result of that vision, ripple across the planet, touching all of its inhabitants

Some years ago, Dadi Janki, leader of the Brahma Kumaris, who recently passed on, spoke of this ripple effect and how it can work for bad and for our great benefit:

“We talk about how science, technology and media have made this world a global village.  There is a kind of sharing that causes the world to be global.  One bird from Asia can bring a flu to the rest of the world.  The same thing can happen with the spreading of a change of awareness.  When enough people begin to experience themselves and humanity in a way that is not limited by the physical world, in the unlimited way that God sees us, the world will reach a tipping point and will tip into an age of truth.”  (Something Beyond Greatness, p. 93)

Each of us can support a change in the natural world through our thoughts and reflections.  It is a gift to the world, when we sit in meditation and offer an elevated vision:

“In my mind’s eye, I see the earth in the way that those who travelled into space could see her – a blue marble floating in the vastness of the cosmos.  Looking more closely, I am aware of how fragile she has become. I sense that her rivers and forests, her air and her oceans, and many of her creatures are distressed, and I make a quiet promise that I will preserve and protect her. I have the awareness that this is a time when beauty is to be restored to the world, and I hold a vision of the Earth in her original, pure state, knowing in my heart that this affirmation will draw God’s mercy and blessings.”

Brahma Kumaris understands that meditation is a powerful tool to change our consciousness and restore peace and harmony on our planet. You are welcome to join our daily 15-minute global meditation at 12.30pm (UK time; GMT+1), wherever you are, whenever you can. Be with us in creating peaceful and positive thoughts for the world.

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