The new year and the new decade announced themselves with a wakeup call. Without much of a warning, the coronavirus appeared and is spreading fast around the world. People are dying suddenly, others are experiencing isolation and hardship and our so busy world has suddenly come to a thundering standstill.

In such times our hearts and minds reach out to all souls of the world - those who suddenly left us, those who have lost a loved one, those who are discriminated against and abused, those who have to deal with anxiety and fear and those who are facing severe economic difficulties.

Brahma Kumaris is calling for solidarity to build bridges of kindness and compassion that transcend human-made barriers. We send our gratitude to decision-makers, doctors and nurses and all those who are working tirelessly to stop the disease and heal the sick.

As much as the pandemic poses a global threat to peace and security, it also presents an opportunity to demonstrate unity and join hands. Brahma Kumaris is supporting the efforts to prevent the virus from spreading. All our centres and retreat places around the world are closed and we are actively encouraging our community to implement preventative measures and observe government guidelines and rules.

In recent weeks the Internet has become more and more helpful as a way to stay connected – to help us to share our thoughts and feelings, to reflect and to find a place of peace and calm within.We have initiated daily global meditation sessions, joined by our 6,000 centres and offer regular online courses and spiritual talks for the public and our regular students.

From a spiritual viewpoint, we understand that what we are experiencing has its roots in our past actions. There have been plenty of signs that things are going in the wrong direction. Climate change and the loss of biodiversity have been clear calls for change. However, the solutions we agreed upon have been half-heartedly executed and, as a global community, we failed to change our lifestyle and our economic model on the scale that is needed.

Now, suddenly, the virus has brought our lives to a standstill. Some scientists tell us that our reckless exploitation of the last remote regions and cruel treatment of animals and wildlife has brought our world to a much unhealthier state and so made it possible for the virus to operate, mutate and transfer to humans.

This is a decisive turning point in human history. The old paradigm is not functioning any longer and doesn’t hold the promise of a better world.  As we reflect deeply, it is clear that the change needed is a radical one. One thing is, of course, to deal with the virus and overcome the immediate crisis, but what spiritual lessons can we learn? And, on that basis, what changes do we need to make? It is our consciousness that underpin our decision-making and our consequent actions and behaviour. Therefore, a deep inner transformation is needed at this time.

Inner transformation begins with our thoughts. Taking time to reflect each day and connect with our inherent qualities of peace and love will strengthen inner resilience and give us the spiritual power for sustained change. In this time of reflection, we can also renew our relationship with God, the unlimited source of peace, love and truth. Reconnecting in this way enables our inherent goodness to become the foundation for a new beginning.

In order to go beyond mere words, we would like to offer you an opportunity right here for reflection and meditation. Please take 3 minutes of your time and let us join minds and hearts as we reflect on the following words:

I calm my mind and enter the realm of stillness and peace inside and detach from the problems of the world.

I stop any other thoughts and experience.

I am a being of light, peace and love.

I connect to God, the Source of Light, the Being of peace,

a dimension of spiritual energy and power.

I take anything I need or want from this Source.

I feel my inner self being recharged and uplifted.

Now I visualise and reach out to the people of the world.

I send them peace, love and wish for them to experience this pure protection.

I share compassion and understanding:

May you overcome the difficulties and achieve peace and harmony.

I now focus on the planet, nature and all living beings.

I send them gratitude and co-operation:

May you become whole and healthy again.

Looking at the planet with my inner eye, I project vibrations of peace,

love and compassion to everyone and everything.

I come back and stabilise myself in my true nature of peace and love.

You are welcome to join our daily 15-minutes global meditation at 12.30 PM (BST), wherever you are, whenever you can.

Be with us in creating peaceful and positive thoughts for the world.


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