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Dear Friends and well-wishers of our environmental newsletter,

I hope you are all okay and doing fine. We are all aware that we are in a challenging moment of history.  First, we thought the Corona virus may be not so bad or would disappear after some time. Then it dawns on us that the pandemic may be with us longer than we thought.

Already Corona is teaching us so many lessons. We have had to accept and come to terms with social distancing, reduce or even avoid completely beloved distractions, travel less and even simplify our shopping list. On top of that, our economy is taking a big hit and as yet, we do not really know where the bottom of these developments are. It seems we are on a pathway to redefine our purpose in life and we must ask ourselves some important questions:

  • What lessons have I learned from the corona time?
  • Are we up to the present double challenge of dealing with both corona and climate change?
  • Is our society following the right pathway? What are the new ways we need to replace the old "damaging" ways and practices?
  • Do I have the right priorities in my life?
  • What decisions do I need to take to bring a new future close?
  • What is my vision of the future?
  • How can I accelerate my spiritual transformation?
  • How is my meditation progressing?
  • How can I help others?

The corona challenge has brought drastic and immediate lifestyle changes and our Governments have made available huge funds to deal with the crisis. Many of us ask ourselves: how is it possible that climate change has not received the same attention? For such a long time we are aware of the coming dramatic effects and its impact on life of this plant. Somehow the response has not been adequate at all.

To make sense of what is going on right now, it is worth reflecting on the human psyche and its mechanism to deal with potentially dangerous situations.

In any case, we can see people waking up and reflecting on deeper issues underlying our current crisis.  Even soft topics like compassion and healing are surfacing in science articles.

We all feel it is important to improve our inner resilience, stay connected to our family, friends and our network to share and support each other.

We wish you all the ability to find the right answers and to stay happy and healthy.  May you progress on the path towards the light and be an inspiration for others.

With best wishes

BK Golo, Moringen 3.9.2020


Coming Up:

Green Champion Training

The UK ECO Team are delighted to announce that we will be offering an online 'Green Champions' Training on Sunday 13 September from 10am to 3.45pm on Zoom which will be open to BKs from UK, Europe and the Middle East. The aim is to train ‘Green Champions’ within the BK community to promote the BK Environmental Initiative (BKEI) and to demonstrate an attitude of caring for Nature. The report from our first training on 21 June 2020 is here. You can register for the training by filling out this form. For any queries please email Joanna at

Humanlinks Festival for Mental Health 2020

“Person – Societies – Institutions: Connections and Collaborations in a changing World”. Focus on Environment  8-13 Sept. Human values and their effect on the environment. The prospects of a therapeutic relationship between the environment and man. People, Societies, environment:


Article series in the Daily Guardian
“Finding our place in the natural” order is written by BK Sylvia Ismail, Writer & Editor, New Cairo, Egypt. More articles to come!

Saving the Environment is it too late
Sister Jayanti shares her views on why climate change has become a problem and a sensible way forward to a better world.



Youth for Change

Streaming of Voices of Youth for World Change from UN International Youth Day 2020(a mix of English and Hindi) on Awakening TV

Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet
Link to photos and report of brother Golo's tour and lecture series “Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet” in northern Europe.


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The biodiversity leader who is fighting for nature amid a pandemic - New Director of Biodiversity Convention Elizabeth Mrema has a mighty task ahead of her, leading countries as they negotiate new biodiversity targets.

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Can These Companies Solve The Plastic Waste Problem?


Peaceful Greetings
Brahma Kumaris Eco
and your newsletter editors
Peter, Jignesh, Golo, Arnold, Sonja

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