COP24 – Katowice

COY14, Katowice, Poland

The Conference of Youth is organised by and attended by youth of the world who are interested in environmental issues.  It is an opportunity for them to learn about the latest issues, to network and to ensure they are equipped with everyday “tools” for climate action.  The Brahma Kumaris sent 4 members this year.  They organised workshops and meditation sessions as well as attending the events of other parties.  They were kept busy!

COP24 10th Report – 12th – 14th December 2018

After a very busy two weeks, the team prepare to leave COP24. This report includes:

  • A summary of the result from COP24
  • 2 press conferences
  • Interfaith co-ordination meeting
  • Last day of the conference
  • Photo gallery from the last days

COP24 9th report – 11th December 2018

This report includes:

  • Planning the Earth Day Network 50th celebration of 2020
  • Presentation: Mind and matter: Confluence of two living systems
  • Presentation: Change demands inner change
  • The main BK COP programme: Healthy minds, healthy people, healthy planet
  • An ECO reception
  • Preparation for the press conference next day

COP24 8th report 10th December 2018

This report includes:

  • Sister Jayanti representing the interfaith community at a high level dialogue
  • A climate debate with a number of groups joining with BK
  • A dialogue of science and religion with several VVIPs attending
  • An exhibition of the SOULS photographs

COP24 7th report – 9th December

This report includes:

  • Mind and Matter programme held in Gliwice
  • The ecumenical service in the Cathederal of Christ the King
  • Meditation for Peace and the Environment
  • A change in the team

COP24 6th report – 7th and 8th December 2018

The team in Katowice have been meeting numerous VIPs. This report includes:

  • The reception held for friends of Brahma Kumaris
  • News of the climate march
  • The interfaith meeting with the Deputy Executive Secretary of UNFCCC
  • 2 programmes in Krakow
  • A visit to the famous salt mine at Wieliczka

COP24 5th report – 6th December 2018

The was an intense day for the team. This report includes:

  • BK press conference
  • BK side event: “Building a spirit of solidarity”
  • BK side event: “Raise awareness for the transition to clean technology”
  • Ringo meetings
  • Attending side event: “Finding hope in a time of transition”
  • How well the team are looked after.

COP24 – 4th Report, 5th December 2018

The team in Katowice are now interacting with other groups even more and seeing first hand the activities at COP24. This report includes:

  • Power of the people, a Brahma Kumaris event
  • Playing God? – A discussion on multifaith responses and launch of the Green Peace document
  • The interfaith co-ordination meeting
  • Report of the COP24 presidency and civil society dialogue
  • Success of the 10 ways leaflet

COP24 – 3rd Report, 4th December 2018

This report includes:

  • A general update from the conference
  • News from the exhibition stand
  • Effective use of coffee breaks
  • Interfaith press conference
  • BK side event “Lifestyle changes that last”
  • The support team working hard

COP24 – 2nd Report 3rd December 2018

The BK team continue to be busy. This report includes:

  • The opening and Sir David Attenborough’s introduction
  • The BK exhibition
  • Our invitation to the opening of the German pavillion
  • Our side event “Just transition”
  • Our participation in the Interfaith event

COP24 – 1st Report, 2nd Dec 2018

This first report describes the team activities on 2nd December and includes:

  • The BK team
  • The interfaith opening of COP
  • The engagement with Civil Society
  • The Interfaith activities
  • A brief mention of the BK programmes
  • The support team

UN Climate Change Conference COP24

The Brahma Kumaris (BK) have a high level team attending COP24 in Katowice, Poland from 2nd to  14th December 2018.  BK have been attending and participating in these important UN conferences since COP15 in Copenhagen, 2009.  Over that time, many partners and collaborators have been established and the programme of events reflects the rich mix of events.  It is a very busy programme.

A million good wishes for the earth

Brahma Kumaris actively supports a number of environmental initiatives.  As part of our activities for COP 24 in Poland, we would like to invite everyone, who in their heart is concerned for the welfare of the Earth, our home, to dedicate some of their time, thoughts and energy to share their good wishes and positive thoughts for the Earth, by taking part in the initiative “A Million Good Wishes for the Earth”.

A Negotiator’s Toolkit

A Negotiator’s Toolkit was written by the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) to support negotiators engage with their governments on reasons why urgent, rights-based climate action is critical to the long-term well-being and stability of their countries.  The booklet offers ten concise, expert arguments which are referenced to published literature.  This publication was inspired by a side event co-hosted by QUNO, Brahma Kumaris and Newcastle University, during a climate change conference in May 2017, in Bonn, Germany. This second edition includes additional information and references.