Brahma Kumaris celebrating World Environment Day, 2023

World Environment Day

Om Shanti, warm and heartfelt greetings to all. 

June 5th is World Environment Day!

Please accept an invitation for all Baba’s Centres to host a public event or BK activity to celebrate this day and add spiritual vibrations to the healing of the land, the waters, the air and the environment that gives our bodies sustenance.

The United Nations World Environment Day (WED) is celebrated yearly to focus on our relationship with the environment. This year the theme of the day is to focus on solutions to plastic pollution under the campaign #BeatPlasticPollution.

Here are some suggestions and resources that can help you organize an activity or an event for this day. Enjoy bringing out the creativity in your centre to mark this day and bring spiritual energy to the relationship with our environment.

  1. INSPIRATION. Listen to Sr Jayanti’s message for WED, Sr Jayanti's Message. Invite others to a special meditation for the day and play the environment video from Bradford Inner Space WED video with beautiful scenery and commentary.
  2. DISCUSSION. Encourage discussion at your Centre Eg.about water use, and choice of packaging. How much plastic is being used? How can we reduce plastic containers for cleaning products? And above all - Why is this important from a spiritual perspective?
  3. RAISE AWARENESS. Circulate/share with your contacts and discuss the poster, Transforming Waste into Best: reducing the Use of plastic.
  4. NEIGHBOURHOOD CLEAN UP. Get together and organize a clean-up of plastic waste in your neighbourhood. Then ask those joining to avoid plastics for a week, and share your experience with the rest of the family on the 5th June.
  5. ONE-DAY CHALLENGE. Challenge students at your centre to try and go one day without using plastics. Discuss their experiences both positive and negative. What did they learn from the experience? What might they do differently in the future? What did they learn spiritually from the experience?
  6. LOCALIZE. Approach a local leader or someone knowledgeable on plastics and the environment. Invite them to speak at a gathering and give their own inspirational message about behaviour change. Get a senior from the centre to reinforce a similar message from a spiritual perspective.

Let us all acknowledge this important day and transform the waste (of plastics and humankind’s damaging behaviour in relation to the environment) into the best.

Let us know what you did

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World Environment Day




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