Newsletter April 2020


Dear Friends,

Who would have thought that! Climate change was the top news and the BK green team had just been to the climate conference in Madrid.  Newspapers around the globe had daily articles and shared information about global warming and environmental degradation.  “Fridays for Future “was daily on the headlines.

And suddenly without much of a warning, it’s all brushed aside by the Coronavirus and the pandemic spreading around the globe.  The world watches the death toll with disbelief and experiences the lockdowns and the effects to our day to day life.  Freedom of movement is suddenly restricted and some of us are locked into our four walls.  Many face economic ruin and don’t know how life will go on for them.

Right now, I am in Mount Abu, Gyan Sarovar and India has implemented a drastic lockdown which creates hardship for many.  There is not much of a chance to leave the country.

Our so busy and fast world has come to a standstill.  A standstill which allows many of us to reconsider the way we lived, the way we exploited and destroyed our planet.  We hear stories that nature is coming back.  It seems that water and air are cleaning up.  But unfortunately, climate change and environmental degradation is moving ahead on fast track.  After all, it’s the result of decades of wrong-doing and won’t be stopped that easily.

The world is changing in front of our eyes  The virus is teaching us to reconnect with fundamental human values – love, compassion, humility and faith in God.

At least in the near future, major conferences and meetings are being cancelled and the green team more and more are shifting towards online activities.  We are preparing to offer more webinars, YouTube talks and, most important, online meditations for us and the planet.  Please see our webpage for further information.

Our thoughts reach out to all of you with best wishes for your safety and wellbeing.  Let us see this unfolding scenario as a chance to change our inner world and thus help humanity in this time of crisis.

Yours, BK Golo


We are remembering our dear Dadi in creating this newsletter.  She was always a great supporter of the BK Environment Initiative.  In one of our first presentation for the RC group, Dadi was not well and resting downstairs.  She came up the stairs especially to hear about our ECO activities.  She felt it was an important service and she wanted to support the group.  During the first years of climate change conferences, she read our calendar every day to follow our programs.  Hansa used to read the reports for her, and show pictures.  Dadi often used to come to Solar site in Shantivan, to support the group and to enjoy peaceful natural atmosphere.  And we all know Dadi loved the ocean! Dadi is now our green angel and will continue to support this service.  Thank you Dadi.

Dadi’s message for the Environment

Earth Day 22nd April

An Interfaith message in times of COVID 19 and Climate Emergency

Online Concert for Healthy Planet on Earth Day. Grammy winner Ricky Kej Live on Awakening Channel.

Watch trailer here

Green Day Madhuban
In the beginning of March, there was a fantastic Green Day in Gyan Sarovar.


From Sister Jayanti for Current Times:

Deep Adaptation Forum

Q&A with Sister Jayanti hosted by Prof. Jem Bendell

Visual Meditation Sister Jayanti:

Healing  the world and the self


Hope and Courage during the Current Times


Dialogue for Peace in South & South East Asia
Valériane participated in the Rishikesh program, see more

The latest from Extinction Rebellion: they have suspended all public actions and launched a new phase of “regenerative rebellion”, #AloneTogether, offering resources to focus on achieving a world of justice, cooperation, and resilience.

Article from Sister Jayanti visit to Brazil 29th Nov.
“Peace and sustainability through spirituality” by journalist: Maura Campelini, Sao Paulo. Click here

Peaceful Greetings
Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative
and your newsletter editors
Peter, Golo, Arnold, Sonja

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