Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet, Global Online Summit


Eminent speakers and wonderful performers from all walks of life from Peru, Costa Rica, New York, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia contributed to the Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet webinar.  The range of brief talks was fascinating and,along with the musical interludes, were heard by nearly 25,000 people.

The event was dedicated to the UN Environment Day which this year was 5th June. (HOE) instigated these regular Sunday webinars as a result of the Covid pandemic because of a need to heal and restore ourselves and the planet.  Nil Kumar invited the Brahma Kumaris to participate on Sunday May 31st 2020 when, over a seven-hour period, the twenty-eight different speakers from around the world shared their own insights on how the mind and the earth are connected; how peace comes from within; how to heal the earth we need to change from head to heart; how the economy is in need of new measures; and much, much more.

We were hosted by several members of the HOE team along with some excellent presentations on topics such as Ayurveda as well as beautiful musical interludes.

Below is a portfolio of the speakers and a link to view their presentations.


We are pleased to offer the link to view

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