Wednesday 16th December 2009

Sister Jayanti departed from Copenhagen after breakfast, and there were many fond farewells. It had been such a special time for all, spending 10 days together, and everyone was so appreciative of Sister Jayanti's presence.


Because of the planned demonstrations to enter the Bella Center by force, our delegation decided not to go the Bella Center today, but instead to focus on our events and stand at the Klimaform.

Invitation to speak at the European Environment Agency's program

As a follow-up to yesterday's panel discussion with Sister Jayanti and the Klimaforum, Golo was invited to give a presentation at the European Environment Agency on Chronicles of Ecotopia – Imagining Sustainable Futures. He presented the work of the Brahma Kumaris Solar Energy Initiative in India and also the Village for the Future, a sustainable settlement with innovative buildings and sustainable farming and lifestyle.

Side Event of the Brahma Kumaris Solar Energy

Golo cycled (in true sustainable style) to the Klimaforum to give a longer presentation to a full room of NGOs on the Brahma Kumaris Solar Energy Initiative and the Village for the Future. He again gave a very good presentation, where he also explained the importance of the change in our consciousness and how it effects our actions and helps us to change the habits which have lead to these unsustainable lifestyles. He interjected a lot of humor and asked how many in the gathering were vegetarians. Surprisingly half the audience raised their hands. It has now being shown that by becoming a vegetarian 50% of your personal carbon footprint is reduced. Perhaps at last vegetarianism may begin to make headway.

Interview with young American Independent Documentary Filmmaker

Julia was interviewed by Margaret Thomas, who did some work at the Esalen Institute, an alternative educational center/health spa in Big Sur, California. Margaret was interested in our perspective of consciousness making an impact on matter and also in how the BKs work with the UN.

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