World Environment Day 2021


Dear Nature,

12 days festival celebrating eternal bond with nature

In support of the UN decade of Ecological restoration.

Reimagine, Recreate, all starts with Realise, Review and Relive

Invitation to everyone to participate in the 11 days various activities, enriched with 11 brilliant talks from Great leaders and Local Heros creating Global Impacts and finally on the 12th Day celebrating mother nature with an online green meal Party along with experience sharing.

Join us on Zoom

Every day between 4:30 PM – 5:30 PM we will have a talk from an expert environmentalist, local heroes who are making global impacts, youth, teenagers and children activists sharing their story. On Day 11, we will have a mass meditation in this slot. And on Day 12 The slot will be of 2 Hours.

Read more and follow for all episodes

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