World Environment Day

Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet, Global Online Summit

Eminent speakers and wonderful performers from all walks of life from Peru, Costa Rica, New York, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia contributed to the Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet webinar.

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World Environment Day (Youth events).

A new initiative by Brahma Kumaris Youth has been launched on the occasion of the World Environment Day (WED 2020).

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Talk on Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal

Amidst the worldwide lockdown and in conjunction with World Environment Day, Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative, in cooperation with Brahma Kumaris Malaysia and Awakening TV Channel, hosted a thought-provoking Global YouTube LIVE Public Talk themed:  “Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal”

icon linking to PDF document    See the report and photos.

     See the report and photos (phone)

United Religious Initiative Nairobi 2019

A meeting was organised in the Desmond Tutu Conference Centre in Nairobi to commemorate World Environment day, 5th June. Many religious groups attended this meeting and Brahma Kumaris, represented by BK. Jyotsna Patel and Dorcas, were active there.

Celebrating World Environment Day in Brazil 2019

The Brahma Kumaris in Brazil celebrated World Environment Day in several places around the country and created a short presentation report with photos of the events.

Brahma Kumaris celebrating World Environment Day, India 2018

Across India, more than 30 Brahma Kumaris centres celebrated World Environment Day with great enthusiasm. Many hundreds of people were taught new ideas about protecting the environment. A photo report was prepared of the events.

Treading Lightly on the Earth, London, June 2018

The event was dedicated to the World Environment Day, 5th June, and the focus this year was to ‘beat plastic pollution’. A slogan of the Brahma Kumaris is ‘when we change the world changes’. It was hoped that the afternoon would inspire each one to make positive changes in their life. The event included dancing, meditation and panel discussions.

World Environment Day 2018 – a message from Sister Jayanti

Sister Jayanti has recorded a message for the world in relation to the World Environment Day.

World Environment Day – 2017, India

World Environment Day 2017 was celebrated with great interest at the Brahma Kumaris centers in India.
This year, more than 300 programs and rallies were conducted in different places all over the country.

For a world of Peace – Salvador 2017

This event was held by Brahma Kumaris in Salvador, Brazil on 15th June to celebrate 2017 Environment Day and International Yoga Day. It was a joyous day filled with dancing, lectures and various meditation exercises. They also had a public talk on the “Spiritual dimensions of ecology”, on June 6th.

Chinese BKs meditate for the world

The Chinese BK family had a lovely meeting in their park to meditate for a cleaner, healthier, safer and more beautiful world.

W.E.D. at Lake Tegernsee, Munich

We have received a delightful poster promoting World Environment Day for activities at Lake Tegernsee, Munich.

World Environment Day, 2017

World Environment Day in Mauritius Celebrating World Environment Day 2016 The land and the children of the land The Brahma Kumaris Agriculture and Rural Development Wing are actively celebrating the World Environment Day, 5th June 2017.  Details can be seen here. The aim of the prgrammes is to raise environmental awareness and the conservation of natural resources….

World Environment Day in Mauritius

The Brahma Kumaris in Mauritius celebrated the World Environment day by attending the Regional Fair organized by Ministry of Environment where they introduced solar cooking, yogic farming and a Greening Tree for people top place their goood wishes. They also attended the two day Exhibition on Ecologie Interieure where they shared a number of ideas relating spirituality to the environment.

Celebrating World Environment Day 2016

World Environment Day was celebrated by Brahma Kumaris with enthusiasm by holding cleanliness drives, tree plantation programs, informative talks on our responsibility towards environment, educated the importance of Organic Yogic Farming, competitions for children etc., encouraging different communities to adopt Sustainable Practices and bring awareness on Environmental protection.

The land and the children of the land

On June 8th 2014, Brahma Kumaris centre in Sao Paulo, Brazil, received Marta Maria do Amaral Azevedo to talk on the topic “The land and its children”. She and Sister Luciana Ferraz, national coordinator for BK in Brazil, composed a panel in honor to the International Environment Day.