Tree Projects

Tree plantation by Rajyoga centers in Hong Kong

50 Trees planted by the Brahma Kumaris in Hong Kong as a part of the Environment Outreach initiative.

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Kalp Taruh

Kalp Taruh is a key plantation project cum mechanism By Brahma Kumaris to ensure land restoration and promote higher order values for building a better civilized society and support many of the UN SDGs.

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KalpTaruh – A Unique Plantation Campaign

Parks created and managed by Brahma Kumaris

Gardens promote physical health, mental health through relaxation and satisfaction. It can provide a harmonious space to relax, unwind, reflect and restore ourselves. BKs believe and follow cleanliness inside and outside. They are keenly interested in Environmental Health issues and offer lasting spiritual solutions to world problems. BKs have been entrusted with creating and maintaining a number of parks across the country.

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Tree Planting Program by Agriculture & Rural Development Wing

The Rural Development Wing also started to celebrate the annual World Environment Day in 2016 when hundreds of centres arrange environment awareness campaigns and tree plantation events each year.

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Tree Planting at Solar Power Plant India-One

at Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Headquarters, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India

The tree plantation at India-One restores bio-diversity, absorbs carbon and prevents dust on the large 60m2solar plates. India-One Solar Plant became operational in 2017, and the tree planting started long before, in 2010. More than 3000 trees of approximately 45 varieties have been planted. These trees absorb about 42tonnes of CO2 per year.

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Trees are showing the way

Trees Are Showing the Way, How to change the hardest thing to change – the human heart.

The aim of environmental work is to figure out collectively how we can return to a mentality of taking care of the natural systems that sustain us. In order to do this we need to rapidly move into a phase of giving back to the world around us more than we take from it.

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