Yogis For Future

You and the BK Green Community are invited to the Pre-Launch of Yogis For Future. We welcome your feedback and ideas before the launch on Dadis Day 25th Aug.

Intro by Sister Jayanti: Yogis For Future is a beautiful new initiative by a team of Baba's children to consolidate our meditation commentaries for the public in one place. At this time in the Kalpa the capacity that Baba has given us to share thoughts of peace, compassion and hope are very much needed all around the world. I hope that you will share this with your friends and contacts and your online community, as appropriate, so that the maximum number of people can benefit from all the love and Bhavna that has gone into every element of this endeavor.

In Baba's loving Yaad
Sister Jayanti

Dear Brothers and Sisters around the World
Om Shanti

We are happy to inform you about the launch of ‘Yogis for Future’ on Dadiji’s Day, 25th August 2021.

The idea for this new initiative on internet and various social media platforms was born after seeing the dramatic acceleration of climate change and the loss of biodiversity.

In the last years ‘Fridays for Future’ started by Greta Thunberg has become a platform for climate change activities that’s recognized worldwide. So the idea came up to initiate ‘Yogis for Future’’ - to invite like-minded people to come together, meditate and create good thoughts and intentions for the wellbeing of humanity and the planet. It seems that people will be more and more in need of inner peace, resilience and hope for the future. Brahma Kumaris can play a vital role in offering meditation in times of crisis.

Yogis for Future” aims to bring together and streamline BK meditation commentaries, so that people will have one place for their needs. A team of BKs has been formed and for the last four months we have worked intensely to bring this idea into reality.

The main focal point will be our webpage: https://yogisforfuture.org/

In addition, there will be the following social media platforms. Follow us:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yogis.forfuture/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yogisforfuture/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yogisforfuture

So far, we have collected more than 100 commentaries in English and are still looking for more. We will release all of them as we go along. Our idea is to add more and more commentaries at regular intervals to keep up the momentum.

We hope you like the idea and will share and utilize these new platforms. If ‘’Yogis for Future’’ is well received, we may also think about creating an app and expanding it into other languages.

We would appreciate your feedback, help and cooperation to make this project fly high.

Your YogisforFuture Team
Contact: yogisforfuture@gmail.com

Peaceful Greetings
and your newsletter editors
Peter, Jignesh, Golo, Arnold, Sonja

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