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Dear BK Green Community

World Environment Day 5th June is just around the corner. Plenty of programmes you can choose between. We are sure there is much more happening out there... let us know about your activities! Take action to Reimagine – Recreate – Restore your relationship with the planet. Register your event at the global calendar.
In celebrating World Environment Day we also remember our nature lovers in this e-mail. There is a section specifically for those being connected to animals and plants.

Enjoy the rich variety of news, videos and articles. You can also read the latest edition of our new public-facing BK Eco News. Welcome to share subscription psosiibitlies with your freinds and contacts.

In remembrance of the Eternal Gardener.

My Faith & the Environment: A Positive Interfaith Youth Response" virtual event dedicated to World Environment Day, prepared by our youth network to all age groups! incl. Nicole Travnicek, UK.

Wednesday, 2nd of June, at 7 pm BST. LINK


With Love for Mother Nature - Reimagining Together the Recreation and Restoration of our ecosystems. Brahma Kumaris UK will offer 30 minutes of a virtual meditation for Nature and all living creatures, with visuals, gentle music, and an inspiring commentary.

Saturday 5th June 2021 - 7:00 PM BST LINK


Brahma Kumaris Brazil is leading the EcoAlma Environment Initiative. The campaign will extend through World Environment Day, when the results of the donation campaign will be shared in an artistic program that features the TEN WAYS TO CHANGE THE WORLD with Luciana, Valeriane, Francis and Paulo. (In Portugese)

Sunday June 6th, at 6:30 pm (Brazilian time) LINK


Eco Yogis: Conversations on Healing Nature from the Soul. Finale with Sister Jayanti dedicated to World Environment Day. Previous Eco Yogis are: Rebecca, Golo, Juan, Carolin, Valeriane and Sonja.

Wednesday 2nd June at 6pm AEST LINK to all programs


Dear Nature... Celebrating the eternal bond with Nature. Celebrating Awareness and Action

1-12 June   LINK

World Environment Day Celebration by Peace of Mind TV

Saturday 5th June 10 am IST LINK and Trailer


Learn more about yourself by Dog Whisperer Cesar Milan ( Sent by Lotta)

  • Tiny energetic dog dominating everyone and everything because of too soft leadership and no boundaries, rules or limitations, and lack of exercise. Starts 16.34 min.
  • Owners lack of confidence makes dog overprotective and aggressive. The owner is advised to train confidence in a practical way and it pays off.
  • Love and respect are two different things. This very aggressive dog is in fact very insecure, this insecurity is feeding the aggression. The dog clearly loves its owners, but does not trust or respect them.
  • Love and affection at the wrong time. Fear and aggression is created because the handler cannot read the message from the dog, that it is needing space, but instead gives love and affection at the wrong time.


Free online conference "Toward a New Way of Being with Plants" to be held June 17-18, 2021 which we think might be of interest for the Faith for Earth Initiative community.

New Videos about Sustainability at the Australian Retreat centers:


Journey into Meditation - New website exploring our relationship with ourself and the external world, for example Being like a cloud or Butterfly meditation. By Jim and Paul Ryan, UK.

Michel: This 22 Year Old Cleaned Up 3,800 Tons of Garbage in India |

John: Lifestyle change and system change are two sides of the same coin - UNEP Emissions Gap report

Any architects out there who are interested in this forum? The Critical Conversations Project is a series of thematic roundtable discussions conducted by the Architecture, Culture, and Spirituality Forum in partnership with the Center of Theological Inquiry.

Peaceful Greetings
and your newsletter editors
Peter, Jignesh, Golo, Arnold, Sonja

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