EU Energy Week 2015

EU Energy Week – 2015

Each year the EU sets aside time to focus on energy issues.  This year it was the period 15-19 June.  Brahma Kumaris (BK) actively supported this with lectures and workshops to raise public awareness of the issues.

Healing the Self, Restoring the Earth

We are living in a technological age which is increasingly out of step with the natural world and its cycles. In the busy-ness of daily life it is easy to get disconnected from ourselves with consequences for our well-being & health on all levels.

This talk and meditation experience will be held in the Brahma Kumaris centre in Glasgow Thursday 18 June 7—8.30pm.

Sustainable Transition Demands a New Mindset

17 June 2015 11:00 to 12:30 (90 minutes) in the Networking Village. This workshop will be promoting the use of workshops and dialogues to encourage / educate / reflect on Personal Resilience and Responsibility in the area of environmental sustainability. There will be tools for organisations, groups, companies, individuals and education. Speakers will be Golo Pilz and Maureen Goodman and it will be facilitated by Sonja Ohlsson: all of Brahma Kumaris.

Strengthening personal resilience and responsibilty

People are at the heart of “energy transition” often they are not aware or interested in the effects of climate change on them directly. During this lunchtime event we will highlight the need for a “profound shift in awareness” to transform the quality of the conversation and action among stakeholders: we need to recognise that our preferences and behaviours shape our actions. Real change must begin and be sustained in the minds and hearts of human beings. This event takes place in Brussels at the Aloft Hotel Shuman, Place Jean Rey 3 Tuesday 16 June, 13:00 – 14:30 with speakers experienced in environmental issues.

Mind and matter

New thinking creates new realities – How is your inner-climate?

When we talk about the sweeping changes that need to be made relative to climate change, we need to include the inner dimension as well as the outer. Fundamental shifts are needed in understanding of the world and humanity as being interdependent entities and also to realise that our way of thinking creates the world around us. This panel discussion, including speakers experienced in environmental issues, takes place in Brussels, Monday 15 June, 19:00 – 21:30 at the Brahma Kumaris centre Bischoffsheimlaan 39, 4c, 1000 Brussels.

Meditation for the Environment , Copenhagen

You can nourish both your soul and the planet with peaceful thoughts in a meditation outdoors. Both beginners and experienced meditators can participate. A brief introduction to meditation and the environment will be given, then 45 minutes meditation with both guidance and silence. Friday 5th June at 11:00 to 12:00, Islands Brygge, Ved den grønne plæne ud for Sturlasgade