COP21, Paris Climate Change

Summary video for Brahma Kumaris at COP21

This video gives an overview of all the activities of the Brahma Kumaris at COP21.

COP21 – Ethical and Faith Achievements

A number of the faith-based organisations came together in Geneva to review what was actually achieved in COP21 from the humanitarian perspective. This report gives a detailed analysis of the agreements made in Paris and their practical effect.

COP21 Sister Jayanti Climate Change TV interview

Sister Jayanti believes in the power of consciousness and thought to positively influence the world around her. The message she wants to bring to COP21 is that when her thoughts are peaceful and free from conflict she can create a situation where there can be peace and harmony with others and with nature. She explains that everything starts with the individual and even minority groups can have a powerful voice.

In this interview, Sister Jayanti expands on this topic with great force of argumant.

COP21 Golo Pilz Climate Change TV interview

Golo Pilz, advisor on renewable energy to Brahma Kumaris (BK), said they are at COP21 because BK want to bring consciousness into the negotiation process. BK believe ethics and values from the inside have to become a fundamental part of the negotiations. Pilz explains that faith leaders reach out to large numbers of people and therefore can have a profound role to play in changing people’s habits and hearts. He also talks about the powerful impact of consciousness.

COP21 Report Friday 11th December

This report includes news of:

  • Meeting Nicolas Hulot, advisor to the president of France
  • Working with the Climate Coalition
  • Very good BK statistics from the COP

COP21 Report Thursday 10th December

This report includes news of:

  • An interview with John Liu at Chateau Millemont, just outside Paris
  • Meeting Professor Rockstrøm
  • News of a very good film “Years of Living Dangerously” (and link to it)
  • About human rights
  • BK art exhibition and reception (with wonderful food!)
  • Amazing scenes around COP (including Golo pedalling for victory)

COP21 Report Wednesday 9th December

This report includes news of:

  • COP21 Solutions at the Grand Palais
  • Interfaith meeting with the Head of Staff of UNFCCC
  • Side event on eating less meat (A first for this subject!)
  • Report of the Interfaith Liaison Committee
  • Views of the Grand Palais

COP21 Report Tuesday 8th December

This report includes news of:

  • Gender day at COP
  • Climate Action Zone presentation
  • The Role of Ethics and Faith in Climate Solutions
  • The Inner Dimensions of Climate Change – A spiritual perspective
  • Networking at the American Cathedral
  • Evening presentation by Golo
  • Champs Élysée at night

COP21 Report Monday 7th December

This report includes news of:

  • Main event at Salons Hoche
  • An interview from the USA delegation
  • Arc de Triomphe

COP21 Report Sunday 6th December

This report includes news of:

  • World Climate summit
  • Solutions COP21 (with a view of the future)
  • Centre programme in Paris new centre
  • Montreuil programme with harpist
  • A view of the Champs Élysée

COP21 Report Saturday 5th December

This report includes news of:

  • Brahma Kumaris side event
  • UN side event
  • Montreuil town hall event (with artistic statement)

COP21 Report Friday 4th December

This report includes news of:

  • Press conference with the World Council of Churches
  • Interfaith Press Conference
  • Presentation by Al Gore (questioned by Sister Jayanti)
  • Concert with Desert Rose

COP21 Report Thursday 3rd December

This report includes news of:

  • The ecumenical service in the majestic cathedral of Notre Dam (great photos)
  • Youth day report
  • COP21 space with pedalling participants for power generation
  • Eiffel tower

COP21 Report Wednesday 2nd December

This report includes news of:

  • The press conference
  • news from the exhibition space
  • Nathalie Cohen band concert
  • The cities of France working together

COP21 Report Tuesday 1st December

This report includes

  • photos of the public Climate Generation Space,
  • the UNESCO meeting on ethics and climate change,
  • an Interfaith Dialogue on Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience,
  • an event organised by the Youth group for the youths of Paris
  • and the breaking of fast event.
  • numerous interviews

COP21 Report Monday 30th November

Monday 30th November has been a busy day for the Brahma Kumaris COP21 team. This is the first day of COP21 with nearly 200 nations and their leaders being present. Brahma Kumaris were able to be present when the USA President gave his powerful speech and there is the feeling of witnessing history in the making. Brahma Kumaris also attended a multifaith meeting in the IUCN pavilion. There is a recognition of the value of the faith-based organisations and their ideas.

COP21 1st Report 27/11 – 29/11

This first report includes Brahma Kumaris activities:

  • Interfaith meeting Basilique Saint-Denis
  • Faith in Climate Justice – handing over the petition
  • Setting up the exhibition stand
  • A talk by Patricia Iturregui Byrne on the background to the climate change negotiations
  • Taking part in the human chain of 10,000

Preparations for COP21

The Conference of Parties for Climate Change 21 will be held in Paris in December. Braham Kumaris will be actively supporting this conference as we have done (for climate change and bio-diversity) for many years.

Message from Brahma Kumaris for Paris

The following message has been issued by Sister Jayanti, the Director of Brahma Kumaris for Europe and the Middle East.

24 hours meditation for COP21

On November 1st, 2015, people from all around the world joined together in meditation in preparation for COP 21, for 24 hours. This was centred on the Grand Rex theatre in Paris where all the events were screened. The event was joined by international musicians who made their own contribution.

Statement of Faith and Spiritual Leaders

The faith and spiritual leaders from around the world created a statement, a call for action, for the leaders attending the COP21 climate change conference in Paris.