Second Report on the UN Climate Change Conference COP27

The COP opened on Sunday, and almost 200 presidents, prime ministers or ministers arrived at the conference. This year’s speeches have drastically changed, and one could hear words like “Highway to Hell, Collapse of Civilization and so on. As per the science, we should reduce the emissions in 2030 by 50 % to stay below a 1.5 C temperature rise. Most experts agree that such a reduction is almost impossible to achieve, especially with the current tension and energy crisis. So, the outlook is catastrophic, and already a blame game has started about who is responsible for such a failure of leadership. Most countries and international organizations do have posh stands that organize one program/workshop after the other. In countless speeches, the unfolding disaster and possible solutions are presented and discussed. However, the developed countries so far have downplayed their responsibility nor do they want to compensate for the damage their industrialization has caused.  It seems this conference again world leaders are not up to the task of initiating the change. This is the time the presence of the Brahma Kumaris and our message “When I change, the world changes.” becomes more and more critical. All of us present at the COP can feel the change in mood and a new openness towards the spiritual solution. Our stand and our team became quite busy giving many interviews, and press conferences.

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