Green Day in Madhuban 2020

The Green Day dedicated to the environment has now become a bi-annual event in Madhuban. Many activities took place with focus on emergency preparedness and refining our relationship with and service of Mother Earth.

5th March: Climate Emergency – A New Reality presentation by Golo

Golo gave an update on the virus and foresaw many of the things that were to happen later in the month: ¨We will soon deal with a world full of Denial, Anxiety, Depression, Fear, Anger and Panic. Are we ready?“ During various disasters it is important we are prepared to deal with: Food and Water Shortage - Electricity Failure -Fuel Failure - Restricted Movement –Security – Health. He reminded us of Babas Message Feb. 2018:

  • Settle and finish all conflicts
  • Keep food for 6 month - 1 year
  • Make Amrit Vela powerful

Some preparations can be:

  • Intensify your Spiritual Efforts
  • Allocate Resources and People
  • Create a Check List - detailed lists for self, centre and retreat centre
  • Collect Information
  • Share within the BK Family
  • Act
  • Water Storage
  • Food Storage, -NRG- 5
  • Fuel Storage
  • Renewable Energies

Disaster Management Training by Noni, Marianne, Claudia and Irene

The team did a 1,5-hour-long training of universal procedures for emergency action. There was also a session on how to relate to our fears and what will happen to them if we don’t do anything in 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. And what would be the impact in my life if I can change the way I relate to my fears in 1 month, 6 months and 1 year. More information of this session will be made available.

ECO Panel - The big shift is happening, what is our response?

The afternoon of the green day started with 30 min Green Angel Meditations. They can be heard here. Then Hans from Germany interviewed Sister Jayanti, Golo and Sonja. Some of the questions in the interactive event were:

  • Is climate change really so serious as some are saying? What I can do as an individual, what the BKs can do as an organization?
  • Over the years of participating in the climate change conferences you have seen and experienced a lot – what shifts have you observed over the years?
  • What are the spiritual dimensions of climate change, what is the connection between the inner world and the outer reality?
  • What is your strategy to work with people who like to save planet earth? How do you connect to them?
  • There I a lot of anxiety and fear out there. What’s your message of hope and compassion?


 Nature Art and Healing, Creative Workshop with Sonja

Some experiences from the participants:

“There is hope for change every morning when the sun rises”
“Each thing in nature has a deep meaning connected to it. If we pay attention to it, we are reminded of the meaning of our own life”.

“Nature is so beautiful. When I go out in nature I let my own inner beauty also come out and shine”

“Butterflies remind me of aiming for the sky!

“We have Baba with us every moment; it is worth celebrating with colors”
“I had a peaceful night after this workshop with nature and art”

"I can see the pain behind the immediate beauty of nature. I promise I will continue to help with restoration”.

Healing the world with the power of presence – Workshop with David from Art Department

The group practised being present in the moment, where no thinking or involvement happens. Presence doesn’t understand it! It is a space of being where healing for the self and the world happens. Creativity happens in that space. Being present means I don’t think I have to get this or that done, it means whatever I need I have it now. There is nowhere else to go. Heal the world in the same way. Experience from a participant:

I became truly present in the workshop - focused fully, effortlessly. David shared from his rich experience with solitude in the bush, and also from his experiments with his diet, how being present is connected to simplicity and less needs. Living simply, we become less of a burden and thus we can enable nature to heal. Being present when playing music has freed him from fears and mistakes - inner healing took place. At the end of the workshop, he sounded a special kind of a singing bowl to help the audience focus at the present moment.

The world and the Yagya in 2 and 4 years - our stage, our response. Role Play with Golo.

The purpose of this role play was to understand how the power of thought is shaping the future. Baba often speaks on the power of our thoughts and feelings; and its impact on the world and matter. He indicates that power of thought is most powerful tool we have. The participants imagined future scenarios in 2 to 4 years and had lively discussions in small groups.

19th March: Update on Corona Virus and Climate Emergency by Golo

An extra session was given by Golo to give further update on the coronavirus situation. It is linked to environmental degradation as various ecosystems are destroyed by human intervention and causing a disturbance in the natural world. Climate change has changed to climate emergency. We knew about climate change since 100 years. No proper action was taken, and we are now in a difficult situation.

He shared about our BK Environment Initiative and the various activities

  • Travel Compensation
  • Plastic-free Yagya
  • Sustainability sessions for each DF group in Madhuban and each RM Europe.
  • Two Green Days per Madhuban season
  • NEW - Green Center Assessment and Certificate
  • Regular Newsletter

Spirit of Care retreat

From Valeriane: During the workshop on "Caring for Nature", the group engaged and was very dynamic. We first presented 2 different scenarios reflecting the complexity of the present relationship and the different attitudes of caring for nature and then invited a collective reflection about this.

We then had a creative meditation on serving the earth followed by an individual reflection on creating an eternal karmic relationship with the Earth. Souls then shared what action they might do that would make a difference in their personal life, community, family workplace.

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