Report for 30 Nov to 2 Dec 2012

30 November 2012

The international delegation had another wonderful day. The early morning lesson was held together with all the Brahma Kumaris members in Qatar and those who came from Dubai and Oman. It was a very warm gathering, in which we shared experiences, presents and a delicious breakfast together.


In the afternoon, the Youth representatives of the delegation, Piyush Ahuja and Teresa Mungazi went to AL Jazeera new channel, for the preparation of a video about the different initiatives taken by Youth in COP 18:


Later, we all met again to participate to the online transmission from India. It was a moment of joy and enpowerment.

On Saturday 1 December morning, the international delegation was invited to do sightseeing in Doha.


Get together: Living in Harmony

First of December 2012 some friends and contacts came to the Reception organized by Brahma Kumaris delegation to COP18/CMP8 in Doha. Businessmen, government officials and professionals from different backgrounds attended the event, from six different nationalities. Sister Jayanti and Brother Golo shared their expertise in solar and consciousness respectively. The Chairman of Arab Forum, Saudi Arabia had flown in for this event particularly.

Later in the afternoon, around two hundred people joined the group and Sister Jayanti Kripalani, head of the Brahma Kumaris delegation to COP 18/CMP 8, addressed the participants on the subject of Living in Harmony.

An inner state of harmony, where one’s feelings, understanding and conscience are aligned with each other, is the key to happy relationships with the self, with others and with nature. This is the message of the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative at the UN Climate Change Conference under way in Doha.

“Whatever is going on inside is what gets reflected outside. If my inner state of being is not in a state of harmony, if my mind and body are not attuned and in a state of harmony, if my relationships are not in harmony, what will happen? We can see the result in the world around us,” said Jayanti Kirpalani, head of the Brahma Kumaris delegation to COP 18/CMP 8. She was delivering a talk on ‘Living in harmony – Creating inner resilience in challenging times’ here today.

The sorry state of planet Earth said a lot about the state of its inhabitants, she noted. And the root of the problem was in our minds, she said. Mental disorders, she noted, were the fastest growing category of illness.


“We have lost our concentration at work; we have forgotten how to listen, lost our listening skills. People say that when they want to pray, that is when their mind plays the most games with them, and the result is that prayer becomes a ritual.”

To sort this out, one needed to spend time in silence, Sister Jayanti said, adding that silence was not making the mind go blank. “It is an exploration, a journey, and being able to discover what is going on in the mind, and learning to bring my mind to a state of focus.

“If I ignore my conscience and run with my feelings, at the end of the day I won’t be able to sleep. My conscience will challenge me. So, I have to align my conscience, feelings and understanding. This is what living in harmony is all about.”

This inner harmony leads to harmony in relationships. Instead of creating happiness and sharing love, relationships have become the most common cause of stress today, Kripalani said, pointing out that London, where she is based, today has more single parent families than families with both parents.


And how are good relationships formed? “Every time there is an exchange of respect and dignity, a thread of relationship is created. And when many such threads are made, it becomes a rope – a strong relationship.” But in a relationship, if both persons are weak and empty, where will it lead? “This is where meditation comes in. It allows me to tap into my inner resources. It frees me from the need to look outside for prestige. I find my inner resources to be able to fulfil my own needs,” she said. Another way is connecting with the Supreme. “Through that connection I can tap into an infinite source of unconditional love, peace and energy.” When one draws power in this way, one is able to bring about change in the self, create harmony and contentment.


'Contentment comes when there is an inner awareness in which I am comfortable with how I am, and at peace with myself. I do not need to take from situations or people.'

This ultimately leads to harmony with nature. One who is content and peaceful will not seek to exploit nature but have a relationship of respect with it, she said. Human thoughts and vibrations can heal nature and nature responds to human actions.

'Nature is going to protect us only if we protect it'

Discovering the desert

On Sunday 2 December 2012, the Brahma Kumaris delegation was invited to a trip in the desert. Great adventure, which ended at the beach !


Returning home, we found a copy of the English Newspaper "Time Out", with an article reporting an interview to Golo Piltz in reference with the Brahma Kumaris’ inputs to the COP 18.
The title of the article is “A profound shift in global awareness is the dire need of the day”, which summarizes our unique message to COP 18.

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