Talk on Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal

Report on global YouTube Public LIVE Talk,
Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal
Sunday, 31 May 2020 at 5.30 pm India Time


Golo J. Pilz:  Solutions to create hope in times of Climate Change and COVID-19
Sis Jayanti:   Role of Meditation in Bringing Transformation to the Self and the World

Sonja, Coordinator of BK Denmark and BK Environment Initiative

Brahma Kumaris Environment in co-operation with Brahma Kumaris Malaysia in conjunction with UN World Environment Day on 5 June 2020.

Amidst the worldwide lockdown and in conjunction with World Environment Day on 5 June 2020, Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative, in cooperation with Brahma Kumaris Malaysia and Awakening TV Channel, hosted a thought-provoking Global YouTube LIVE Public Talk themed:  "Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal"

The program was successfully completed on Sunday, 31 May 2020 giving an inspirational message to the world on the significance and underlying message of COVID-19 and Climate Change for humanity - what humanity as a whole can collectively come together to do to save the planet earth and free humanity from the tremendous chaos and upheavals of fears, anxiety, sorrow of various degree caused.

The first speaker was Bro. Golo.J.PilzAdvisor, Renewable Energy & Head of ‘India-One’ Solar Thermal Power Plant and regular Speaker at UN Climate Change and Biodiversity Conferences, addressed on "Solutions to create hope in times of Climate Change and COVID-19".  In his inspirational session, Bro. Golo emphasized that beneath the challenge of COVID-19 and Climate Change, there is great HOPE installed because humanity has the ability to heighten its consciousness to create an elevated reality to bring about a better world. Through the inner and powerful tool of Meditation, humanity can co-create a better reality - a world full of love, peace, happiness and prosperity. So, there is HOPE underlying the present crises engulfing the world.

He also highlighted the BK ‘India-One’ 1MW Solar Thermal Plant pioneer project and offered training to the world to come and learn to replica the same, in the joint effort to address energy crises and environmental degradation and Climate Change issues.




The second speaker, Sis JayantiRegional Director of BK Europe and Middle East, regular Speaker at UN Climate Change Conferences & Author, addressed on the deeper aspect of the subject matter from the spiritual perspective on “The Role of Meditation in Bringing Transformation to the Self and the World".  Sis Jayanti equally emphasized that despite the crisis, there is HOPE for humanity and the World. She stressed that spirituality means an INSIDE-OUT Living Approach which can effectively bring about sustainable transformation to the self and hence to the world: "As I Change, the World Changes".

The simple solution to change the world is to sort out what is within the self.  As I do that by anchoring on the higher consciousness as a spiritual being full of divine qualities, my attitude will automatically change to be more uplifting, harmonious, peaceful and loving. Accordingly, would be my vision, behaviour, actions - hence the change in culture to that of belonging to one big family, one home, one planet.

This spiritual wisdom of living 'inside-out' is the key to co-operate and complement the solution to the world crisis and environment degradation. The old way of living 'outside-in' is the root cause to the world crisis.

This 'inside-out' approach of living would enable one to stay and live a lifestyle that is simple and yet of higher consciousness towards a real and sustainable change.  For this, one needs to adopt a clean living anchored on spiritual truth and laws by observing the following main practices:

  1. The practice of Power of Meditation based on spiritual consciousness of remembering
      • who I truly am, the inner being of light
      • the Source of Light & Love, the One up above
      • the eternal relationship that we are all members of one family
      • our home, the home for all of us to live, share and to enjoy (planet earth)
      • that we actually belong to another home, the one up above and beyond
  1. The clean-living of Non-Violence (being compassionate, Karuna in Hindi) including Vegan diet, a plant-based diet.

These tools will help much to increase both our physical and spiritual immunity, enabling humanity to be fearless, free from negativities and hence able to stay strong and resilience to cope with crises. If I am truly non-violent, I am in harmony with all the units of existence, I will not be afraid but strong and fearless, no animosity towards anyone.

In one of the Q&A: How do you blend science with spirituality?', Bro. Golo commented interestingly that ...ancient wisdom taught us everything is interconnected. Modern science nevertheless has separated us, disconnected us from nature, from the environment and separated humanity. Based on the latest findings of science from quantum physics, it is observed that the observer influences the outcome of the experiment. Many experiments carried out have proven that our mind and intention of the mind have an influence on our physical reality. This means that our inner world as a soul with emotions and feelings are connected to the outer world. That is where science and spirituality can complement each other to complete the whole once again. Spirituality teaches us the law of harmony, peace, love and purity and how to connect to the Divine, the ultimate Source. Science talks about the physical world and how it is functioning. Given that the physical world which is giving way and that we can't deal with, there is a great need to shift our paradigm in approaching the solutions. We all feel that the whole world is changing. Spirituality and science have to come together to play their complementary role. Science can benefit from the wisdom of spirituality. With the combination of both, we can create a better world. This is the focus and the effort of the yogis in bringing change to this world to be a better world. Luckily Indian mythology also tells us that time is a big cycle. The good age is ahead of us.

(It is essential though to prepare the self to be ready for the dawn of the new world, at this critical time of the Cycle of Time & Life and the lockdown).

The session ended with a beautiful and refreshing GREEN ANGEL COMMENTARY by moderator, BK Sonja Ohlsson, Coordinator of BK Environment Initiative and BK Denmark, giving love and powerful vibrations to the roots of the living Tree of Life (humanity) and the commitment to sustain the growth of this new Tree of Life to bring forth the era of HOPE into the reality of a Better World.

We thank the Supreme Source, Mother Earth, the Organizers, BK Worldwide family and all for supporting this initiative and in coming together collectively to make the Planet Earth, our Home a better Home for you and me and all.

Thank you.
I'm With Nature. Stay GREEN Stay SAFE...


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