8th Conference of Youth

The BK Environment Initiative (BKEI) youth participation was scaled up in 2012 with a meaningful and effective participation at COY8 as part of the overall UN set of meetings on climate change in Doha. COY8 was held on 23rd to 25th November 2012 at the Doha Student Centre in Qatar. The COY8 was attended by about 300 youth from more than 40 countries. New and positive ideas have emerged in this year's COY which encourage a spirit of togetherness. The BK youth delegation was made up of seven young people - Teresa (Zimbabwe), Juan (Canada), Manpreet & Sandra (Qatar), Piyush & Patish & Salam (United Arab Emirates).


Throughout the COY8, the BK youth had the opportunity to share materials, ideas and experiences.

On 23 November, the BK Youth facilitated a workshop titled "Climate Change Demands Inner Change - Revealing the Missing Dimension in Resolving the Climate Crisis". This workshop was facilitated by Teresa, Juan and Piyush. The workshop was one way of assisting youth to appreciate the need for a shift in awareness to underline any shift in government policy as well as community attitudes and behaviours. It was aimed at contributing to the creation of a positive atmosphere, spirit of togetherness, and promotion of enduring human values such as peace, love, tolerance, and mutual respect.

PDF COP 18 - COY Report

This workshop was coupled by a short skit which was presented by Manpreet and Sandra. The skit was in the form of a conversation between Mother Earth and Mankind, beautifully illustrating and reinforcing of the workshop messages. During this activity, participants also had the opportunity to explore values as a way to sustain themselves and become more resilient when facing events from climate change. In the workshop many visual content was used which created a vibrant atmosphere.

The primary objective of the workshop was achieved, which was to bring about enhanced understanding about the interconnected nature of thoughts, feelings, awareness and intentions and the state of the external environment.

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