A Spirituality and Environment Retreat

The aim of the retreat was to create an experience for participants that spiritual understanding creates a shift of awareness and through this awareness we can deeply feel the well being within ourselves, while contributing to that of our planet.

Eco Shanti was presented for the first time in Peace Village the Brahma Kumaris Retreat center in the state of New York. There were fifteen participants who attended to the invitation. The retreat last for three days and during the weekend the participants had the opportunity to rediscover the natural harmony that can exist between the self and Mother Earth.

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During the retreat the participants did many activities like witting a letter to Mother Earth; watching the beautiful movie The Man Who Planted Trees were they were able to reflect on their inner values; they made a collage with the purpose of creating an image of their green lifestyle; they had the occasion to go outdoors and spend time in silence and reflexion; they collaborate with green actions like cleaning the pond from bad algae and removing the weeds from the gardens; they experienced powerful meditations, a panel on the topic of good actions, time and energy; Two powerful yogis shared with the participants their relationship with God and Nature and finally they had the good fortune to assist to a Green Om Cafe were all were delight in exploring the value of simplicity, while enjoying a cup coffee, a piece of cake and listening to good music.

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By the end of the retreat all the participants were very grateful for their experience

a feeling of healing, love and unity were among all the participants and the coordinators of the retreat. One sentence resume the whole experience: We are an Eco Shanti Family !

Here are some words from one of the participants:

It was wonderful to have spent such a peaceful, pure and powerful time with you all this weekend at Peace Village. A special THANK YOU to Kristina, Juan, Anne-Christelle and Tina who brought us together and made the magic happen with their grace, vision and commitment! Until our paths cross again, Om Shanti, Eco Shanti. May the inspiration and hope we take from this retreat continue to bloom in our hearts and in everything we do! πŸ™‚

*Shanti means peace in hindi

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