Green Team tour of Australia

Visit to Aravali Meditation Sanctuary

See a short film of the Green Team at Aravali Meditation Sanctuary


Centre visits

Eight members of the International Brahma Kumaris (BK) Green team toured Australia to meet with the Australian Green team, conduct retreats and give talks in several cities from 17 Sep to 13 Oct 2013. The tour comprised of almost 50 programs including three retreats, a radio interview and a magazine interview. There were many talks including three in Spanish, two in Portuguese and one in French. Most events were on the theme of spirituality and the environment.

Aravali meditation sanctuary

Some of the International BK Green Team arrived in Brisbane, Australia and were taken to the Aravali Meditation Sanctuary, approximately five hours south of Brisbane on Wednesday 18 Sep where they were able to relax into the silent ambience of the Sanctuary for a couple of days before the Australian BK Green Team joined them on Friday 20 September.

Blue mountains

The BK International Green Team and some of the Australian Green Team gathered in Blue Mountains Retreat Centre near Sydney, Australia from 27-29 Sep for “Spirituality-the Heart of Sustainability”, a retreat for sustainability and environmental professionals. Charlie Hogg from Sydney was the host and special guests were Joachim (Golo) Pilz from India and Germany, Sonja Ohlsson from Denmark, Haydn Washington, an environmental scientist and author and Julian Crawford, a corporate sustainability consultant.

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