UN-Climate Change Conference

On 16 May 2012, Heidi and Gopi participated in the UN University programme called "Bonn dialogues", it was held at the Deutsche Welle Radio channel. The panel discussion was "Cities: Drivers of development - drivers of risk?".
Gopi then attended another side event (around 60 participants) where the audience was allowed to ask questions. One of the speakers in the panel was Doreen Stabinsky, Senior Advisor on Trade and Governance at the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (ATP). Gopi met her personally, presented the BK flyer and told her about the natural farming and yogic agriculture carried out by the BK in different countries.


As Ms. Stabinsky demonstrated interest, more information will be sent to her. Gopi also gave support during an event held in the Raja Yoga centre in Cologne, where meditations in favor of the five elements take place on permanent basis.

On 18 and 19 May 2012, Patrizia and Heidi participated in the Conference. Patrizia took part in two of the main sessions with all the delegates on climate change, emissions and mitigation. They discussed the limit of 2 degrees C, which had already been agreed upon in Cancun. However, in Durban a gap in the emissions' reduction pledges was discovered and thus enhanced action will need to be taken in order to close that gap. ATP has been founded for nothing more or less than the future of the planet which was and still is at stake. Patrizia was impressed by the patience, endurance, politeness and respect shown whilst everyone listened to each other and spoke with so much regard. In addition, the Chairperson intervened with remarkable tact. Patrizia is of the opinion that even no specific actions result from these talks, it will have been an opportunity for everybody to learn about the differences of each country and to treat other countries with respect, thus learning a lot about values. There were recurring references to "mother earth", the "human family" and the "future generations". One could sense the true desire to really do something worthwhile, and also to protect one's own country.

In a side event about how realistic 2 degrees C in 2020 is, the conclusion was that the later action is taken, the more expensive it will be to bring down emissions worldwide. It was demonstrated that in 2009, as an effect of the worldwide financial crisis, the curve in emissions went down and also the CO2, which proves that human emissions do play a role in the warming up of our atmosphere by emissions of CO2.

There was theatre event in the main hall, a tug-of-war between the young generation and the business-commercial interests. The young ones won by inspiring others to join them.

Our stand was set up with flyers and one of us was always present although it was not visited by a lot of people as there were a significant number of stands and information at every corner. Didi Sudesh took time to be there at the stand personally as she really finds the green subject important

There were also other organizations representing the ideals of consciousness, reduced consumerism and values. We decided that we could cooperate with one of these organizations and will organize a joint side event for next year.

It was a very valuable experience which allowed us to learn many new things and establish new contacts.

Heidi played the role of the perfect host offering valuable support with food and accommodation, tickets, information and excellent company.

Reporters: Patrizia, Gopi, Heidi

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