COP 26 Events

Date UK Time Title program Venue 27 Sep 09-10.30   Inspired Faith Action Towards COP26. A webinar organised by the Interfaith Liaison Committee (ILC) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Online 27 Sep 16-17.30  Inspired Faith Action Towards COP26 A webinar organised by the Interfaith Liaison Committee (ILC) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate …

Yogis For Future

You and the BK Green Community are invited to the Pre-Launch of Yogis For Future. We welcome your feedback and ideas before the launch on Dadis Day 25th Aug.

Rising to the Climate Emergency – Brahma Kumaris UK 2021 (COP26)

The UK will host the 26th UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow on 1–12 November 2021. The COP26 summit will bring parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The UK is committed to working with all countries and joining forces with civil society, companies and people on the frontline of climate change to inspire climate action ahead of COP26.

World Environment Day 2021

  Dear Nature, 12 days festival celebrating eternal bond with nature In support of the UN decade of Ecological restoration. Reimagine, Recreate, Restore…it all starts with Realise, Review and Relive Invitation to everyone to participate in the 11 days various activities, enriched with 11 brilliant talks from Great leaders and Local Heros creating Global Impacts…

Earth Day 2021

April 22nd is celebrated as Earth Day and the theme this year is ‘Restore Our Earth’. Watch Sister Jayanti in conversation with environmentalist Dr Vandana Shiva, moderated by Br. Srinidhi. April 22nd, 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm IST

Watch: http://tiny.cc/restoreourearth

ECO Yogis

In celebration of nature, and encompassing Mother Earth Day (22 April) and Environment Day (5 June), we invite you to join in on 7 special conversations with some members of the International Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative team where we will harvest their experiences, ideas and perspectives about nature, the environment and the work they do. bit.ly/ecoyogis

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Tree Planting Program by Agriculture & Rural Development Wing

The Rural Development Wing also started to celebrate the annual World Environment Day in 2016 when hundreds of centres arrange environment awareness campaigns and tree plantation events each year.

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Tree Planting at Solar Power Plant India-One

at Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Headquarters, Abu Road, Rajasthan, India

The tree plantation at India-One restores bio-diversity, absorbs carbon and prevents dust on the large 60m2solar plates. India-One Solar Plant became operational in 2017, and the tree planting started long before, in 2010. More than 3000 trees of approximately 45 varieties have been planted. These trees absorb about 42tonnes of CO2 per year.

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Trees are showing the way

Trees Are Showing the Way, How to change the hardest thing to change – the human heart.

The aim of environmental work is to figure out collectively how we can return to a mentality of taking care of the natural systems that sustain us. In order to do this we need to rapidly move into a phase of giving back to the world around us more than we take from it.

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LCOY Australia Report

A brief report of the LCOY Australia 2021 program, Friday 5  – Sunday 7 February.

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Faith for Earth Councilors : Capacity Building and Development program

New Delhi, 17th March; A meeting of high-level faith-based organizations from the Hindu community was held yesterday at UN House, New Delhi to seek synergies between the ongoing work of many faith institutions and the vision of UNEP as part of the Faith for Earth Councilors Program.

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Urgently Addressing Climate Change as a Human Rights Issue

An event offered by the Geneva Interfaith Forum on Climate Change, Environment and Human Rights (GIF) on the occasion of the 46th Session of the UN Human Rights Council.

Concept Note

Urgently Addressing Climate Change as a Human Rights Issue – Small Island States, Indigenous Peoples, Youth and Faith Perspectives

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Programs dedicated to UNEA5.1 – UN Environment Assembly February 2021.
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the lens of values. Wednesday, the 3rd of February, at 4.30 – 6.00 PM CET
Inner awareness and commitment for restoring nature. Saturday, the 6th of February, at 9:00 – 10:30 AM CET

LCOY 2021

The Local Conference of Youth (LCOY) is a youth-led global movement under the umbrella of YOUNGO, the official youth and children NGOs constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

We invite participation from youth students, young entrepreneurs and those interested to get involved in creating a better world. You will learn about climate change, sustainable initiatives, innovations and network with like-minded youth.
LCOY UAE | LCOY Australia

Eco Newsletter, January 2021, Issue 1

Interfaith and climate change Welcome to the first edition of the Eco Newsletter from the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative.  This edition highlights our work related to Interfaith and Climate Change as it is an area that is growing in terms of its importance and influence.   All over the world people are adjusting to the new…

Brahma Kumaris Report (2018 – 2020) to the United Nations

United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Report 2018-2020 of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU)

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Video: 10 ways to change the world

By changing our consciousness and re-connecting with our inner spirit we naturally want to make the world a healthier, safer and more beautiful place.

Faith for the Climate

Faith for the Climate, A message from sister Jayanti, Director, Brahma kumaris Europe & middle east, connecting Diwali and the environment.

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Faiths Unite: Visions for Transformative Climate Action

The Interfaith Liaison Committee welcomes friends from around the world to learn, discuss and explore climate action in the run-up to what should have been COP26.

Online Event, 27 Oct:  The World We Want

Online Event, 03 Nov:  COP26 –Ramp Up Ambition!

Online Event, 10 Nov:  Hope for the future

Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet, Global Online Summit

Eminent speakers and wonderful performers from all walks of life from Peru, Costa Rica, New York, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Philippines, Hong Kong and Australia contributed to the Healthy Mind, Healthy Planet webinar.

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World Environment Day (Youth events).

A new initiative by Brahma Kumaris Youth has been launched on the occasion of the World Environment Day (WED 2020).

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Talk on Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal

Amidst the worldwide lockdown and in conjunction with World Environment Day, Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative, in cooperation with Brahma Kumaris Malaysia and Awakening TV Channel, hosted a thought-provoking Global YouTube LIVE Public Talk themed:  “Effect of COVID-19 on Climate Change & World Renewal”

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Green Day in Madhuban 2020

The Green Day dedicated to the environment has now become a bi-annual event in Madhuban. Many activities took place with focus on emergency preparedness and refining our relationship with and service of Mother Earth.

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Meditation for the World

Welcome to our daily 15 minutes synchronised meditation with the whole Brahma Kumaris community around the world to share vibrations of peace with the world.

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COP25 – Madrid – Report 11 (last)

After a busy two weeks, much has been done by the team.  Several new collaborations have been created.  The team is now dispersing back to their places around the world.  In this report:

  • A review of the final outcome from COP25
  • Article in German Newspaper “Die Zeit”
  • A Vigil by Interfaith community
  • Travel compensation arrangements
  • A creative reflection and dialogue
  • Feedback meeting
  • A birthday party
  • Goodbye from the editing team
  • Additional reporting on the reflection and dialogue space

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    See the report (phone)


COP25 – Madrid – Report 10

The tireless BK COP Team continue holding events and collaborating with other groups.  In this report:

  • More news from the COP
  • Side event in the Chile Pavilion
  • An intergenerational dialogue between all the UN climate bodies and youth representations
  • A UN head of organisations leadership dialogue
  • Civil society forum
  • Some splendid photos

    See the report and photos

    See the report and photos (phone)



COP25 – Madrid – Report 9

In this report:

  • Greta Thunberg’s speech and a review of the COP25
  • A side event by BK and Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies, at the German Pavilion
  • Training with Green Faith
  • An interfaith co-ordination meeting
  • A second BK reception
  • Meeting an education leader from Ahmedabad, India

    See the report and photos

    See the report and photos (phone)

COP25 – The beginning

As has been the case for many years now, Brahma Kumaris will be participating in the Conference of Parties 25 (COP25).  Even though the event has moved half way around the world, from Chile to Spain, a strong team has been assembled for the event.  Many programs have been arranged to enable us to convey our message of spirituality and its importance to managing climate change. Here we give the team profiles, the calendar of events and a press statement of 2/12/19.

PDF  Team Profiles

PDF  Calendar of events

PDF  Press statement