Welcome to our meditations for the environment.  Spending time in silent reflection or meditation helps us to connect with our deeper values and find the strength to live by them, enabling us to be more mindful of the impact of our choices.

Meditation Videos

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Sleep Meditations

Sleep meditations to relax, enchant and leave you feeling deeply connected to the healing energy of nature.

  • 1. Heart of the forest:

     A journey to meet the Mother Tree of the forest, understand the wisdom of ancient trees and the silent support they have given us through the ages.

  • 2. Mountain Walk:  

    Follow an enchanting path past sonorous streams and fragrant Pine trees, to the summit of the mountain where a spectacular sunrise connects you with all life on the planet.

  • 3. Sea Scape:

    A journey from a deeply peaceful cove to loving encounters with dolphins and other sea creatures that welcome you into their remarkable world.

Meditations for Living in Harmony with Nature

Written and spoken by Carmen Warrington, music composed and performed by David Jones

(refer: www.abcmusic.com.au/meditationsforlife  or iTunes)

Lotus Heart - meditation commentaries for balancing the self with nature

These meditations were recorded to inspire and establish a positive connection with nature and matter. They are both awareness raising tools where deep inner values are made to be experienced and pleasant tools to be in harmony and rethink deeply our relationship with nature.