Key entry points into the topic of biodiversity consciousness

Key entry points or talking points into the topic of biodiversity consciousness and spirituality/Brahma Kumaris:

The Brahma Kumaris recognise that change is needed at a personal level. We have to return to the values that made our traditions great: peace, love etc…

It´s time for individuals to act with conscience. Our planet is a home, not a commodity… It’s time for individuals to use their inner resources in a sustainable way.

It´s time for communities to use inner resources to help manage environmental issues such as desertification and flooding. It may be too late now to put things right, but we can manage our response to future challenges through personal empowerment, inner resilience and a return to civic values.

Nature is signaling a shift of consciousness and a return to the values which sustain and nurture the planet. Nature protects when she is protected.

Brahma Kumaris offer support to the decision makers. Understanding and connecting to the inner self, refreshes, empowers and sustains hope for the best outcomes for all.

Poverty in the world is a reflection of the state of the human spirit - anger, greed and attachment. We need to dig deep into our spiritual resources and sustain community values with the spiritual powers each human being possesses.

By reintroducing universal values and traditional farming practices the Brahma Kumaris Rural Development Wing supports biodiversity, healthy lifestyles, sustainable livelihoods and peaceful living.

Real change in any social or environmental systems must begin, and be sustained, in minds and hearts of human beings. Awakening biodiversity consciousness means reminding ourselves that the loss of biodiversity is not a problem external to us that can be changed unless we change our awareness and heal the living system of our thinking.

At the core of the Brahma Kumaris’ work is the understanding of the connection between awareness, attitude, vision, action and the world. All real changes - big or small - occur as a sequence of subtle shifts, beginning with a change in “awareness”.

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