BK Youth Activities in Rio+20

During the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the official Rio+20, BK Youth got involved in a few actions as part of the UN Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY). The conference took place at the Rio Centro, in Rio de Janeiro, from June 13th till 22th. Represented by Juan (Montreal, Canada) and Kamila (Belo Horizonte, Brazil), BK Youth also collaborated with the objectives task group, which is a branch of the MGCY.

For the conference, Brahma Kumaris brought the proposal of introducing peace and non-violence as part of the sustainable development goals statement. This action was named "Sustainable Development Needs Peace" and drew attention of different delegates from around the world, as well as some Brazilian media channels like the Globo News TV. That brought a very different perspective on the normal ideas for bringing a new environment, being very nourishing and inspiring for all the participants.

During the Youth Blast (official event of the MGCY, from June 7th till 12th), BK Youth lead the workshops "Avatar, an experience" and "EcoShanti: it's our lifestyle". So, during the official UN Conference, there was an exposition about these workshops at the MGCY wall, within the Pavilion T, where all the side events were taking place. A display of pictures was put as part of the BK contribution for the Youth Blast conference.

BK Youth also organized a "Meditation for the Future We Want", just in front of the Pavilion 3, where all the main events were happening. This activity was made in two days, and 11 participants had a chance to experience 30 minutes of silence, going within themselves and exploring their inner potential as the basis for a deep reflection on the future we want.

Another activity that counted on the BK participation, with a big contribution from the youths, was a beautiful ceremony of the award "Ray of the Day". Bhutan was recognized for offering a different perspective on the progress of Sustainable Development: the country included happiness as a measure of growth, going beyond the simple economical aspect.

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