BK Environmental Commitment

A wider view

The Brahma Kumaris Environmental Policy aims to encourage all of us throughout the organisation to feel that we are guardians of the Earth's resources.

We can help each other to grow in terms of our awareness of the natural world as a living system that needs our care; and deepen our concern for cultures living in environmentally susceptible lands. By becoming more mindful of these issues and more compassionate in our attitudes we can make environmental choices that can be felt in all spheres of our lives – in our homes and personal life as well as in Brahma Kumaris activities and buildings. We will use all resources in a more mindful and sustainable way.

The five main attitudes that will empower our environmental approach are:


1. Living with Simplicity – this is already part of our BK culture, but no harm having the aim to improve where we can. With an eye to the impact that all purchases have on Mother Earth, let's ask ourselves for the Earth's sake as well for the sake of economy, before we buy anything 'Is this purchase really necessary for centre maintenance and activities?'.

2. Buying Compassionately – where purchases are necessary, and local budgets allow, environmentally friendly choices are sought out and considered.

3. Using Economically – using resources carefully, from a place of respect and gratitude for the people who produced them and the resources that were used to create them.

4. Learning Continuously - always learning from each other and especially learning from other organisations we work with, many of whom may have more experience of using Environmental practices than we do.

5. Sharing Generously - sharing information via the BK environmental website - so that we can spread best environmental practices within the organisation and beyond. The environmental website is a good place to start for advice – please post up your experience or knowledge of products to consider for good environmental features. Sharing what we already know is the best place to start.

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