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Serving the elements

Elements (short) mp3MP3
Elements (longer) mp3MP3
Earth (short) mp3MP3
Earth (longer) mp3MP3
Water (short) mp3MP3
Water (longer) mp3MP3
Fire (short) mp3MP3
Fire (longer) mp3MP3
Air (short) mp3MP3
Air (longer) mp3MP3
Ether (short) mp3MP3
Ether (longer) mp3MP3


Meditations for Living in Harmony with Nature

Written and spoken by Carmen Warrington, music composed and performed by David Jones
(refer: www.abcmusic.com.au/meditationsforlife  or iTunes) 

pdfPeace generator From 'Take 5' mp3MP3
pdfBlue Pearl mp3MP3
pdfSeed of Peace From 'Peaceful' mp3MP3


Lotus Heart - meditation commentaries for balancing the self with nature

These meditations were recorded to inspire and establish a positive connection with nature and matter. They are both awareness raising tools where deep inner values are made to be experienced and pleasant tools to be in harmony and rethink deeply our relationship with nature.

pdfRespect mp3MP3
pdfSimplicity mp3MP3
pdfNon violence mp3MP3
pdfEmpowerment mp3MP3
pdfUsing inner energy to be in harmony with nature mp3MP3
pdfHarmonising the elements with the body mp3MP3


Creating a climate for change

Created and performed by Brahma Kumaris in Glasgow, UK 

Meditation on Sustainability mp3MP3
Meditation on Giving mp3MP3
Meditation on Connection mp3MP3
Meditation on Peace mp3MP3
Meditation on Simplicity mp3MP3
Meditation on Silence mp3MP3
Meditation on Nature and Spirituality mp3MP3
Meditation on Respect mp3MP3
Meditation on Light mp3MP3

More meditations are available from:

linkFrench section meditations

linkSpanish section meditations


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