Travel Compensation for BKs


All forms of travel are among the biggest emitters of CO2, especially air travel. With one international flight we exceed our recommended annual carbon footprint. In order to protect our planet, it is advisable to travel less – go by train and bus instead of car and plane.

If travel or flying is required, you can now compensate for your contribution to CO2 emission by contributing 3-5% of your yearly travel budget towards a dedicated BK travel compensation fund. These funds will be used by Brahma Kumaris for solar and green projects in order to compensate for your travel emission.

Start now:

  • Reduce your personal travel CO2 footprint
  • Use environmentally friendly ways to travel
  • Compensate for your contribution to CO2 emission by donating towards the compensation fund
  • Share your experiences via mail

Plastic Free Brahma Kumaris


Plastic has become a major environmental and health hazard, as it ultimately breaks down into microplastic, which can be found all over the planet.  Meanwhile, the usage of plastic has spiraled out of control - bags, bottles, straws, utensils, polystyrene cups, film, food packaging and more. Brahma Kumaris Environmental Initiative aims to reduce the usage of plastic in the BK centers. Let us help nature by being an example!

Start now:

  • Pack tolis plastic-free
  • Avoid plastic in your fridge and household
  • Avoid using plastic water bottles
  • Buy plastic-free
  • Share your experience via mail

Disaster Management


According to the latest scientific news from the UN Climate and Bio Diversity Conferences, the planet is at the brink of collapse. Such a disaster can disrupt essential services such as water & food supplies, electricity, healthcare, sewage/garbage removal, transportation and communications. We all are aware about the time we are living in. Hence it makes sense to be prepared mentally and physically as best as possible.

Be Prepared, Recover, Respond and Help

  • Prepare a plan and allocate funds
  • Create provisions and supplies
  • Be Ready
  • Be Steady
  • Stay Calm

10 Ways to Change the World

By changing our consciousness and re-connecting with our inner spirit, we will naturally want to make the world a cleaner, healthier, safer and more beautiful place in which human beings and other creatures, can live together in peace and harmony.

Leaflets and videos about the environment

Faith for sustainable consumption and innovative Technology: A presentation by Golo Pilz on the role of faith in sustainable technology in the face of global climate change.

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Workshops for the environment

Environment, Lifestyle and Consciousness - As a part of our Environment Initiative, the Brahma Kumaris are exploring the connection between the consciousness of the individual and the collective effect on the state of the planet. Our consciousness determines the values by which we live. Our values form the basis of our actions which in turn determine whether or not they contribute to the protection and sustainability of the environment.

Meditations for the environment

Vegetarian / Vegan diet