Values, conscience and climate change

Learning to live in harmony with our natural world is the most pressing need of our time.

Solutions based on education, legislation and advances in technology, although important, are not enough to turn the tide. There needs to be a radical shift in our hearts and minds - a change of consciousness in the way we relate to ourselves, others and nature.

values conscience

So, where do we start? In an age where values such as harmony and simplicity have got trampled on in the rush for the latest i-pad or holiday destination, can we find the time - or even the will- to listen to that barely audible voice of the human conscience?

Sr Jayanti,  Brahma Kumaris' NGO representative at the United Nations and the European director of the Brahma Kumaris and the Revd david Alan Rice, who is is Rector of the Anglican Church of St.Margaret, Lee, in South London and Chair of the World Congress of Faiths, as well as being the journal editor for Interreligious Insight, will explore these topical issues.

7pm - 8:45pm, 5th June 2014, Pound Lane, London NW10, UK.

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