NaturalCleaningThe Global Co-operation House  (GCH) team of Brahma Kumaris have created a lovely new e-book on natural cleaning products.

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DadiDadi Janki recently gave this message for all who are concerned with our environment.


This is the draft calendar of Brahma Kumaris events at COP23.

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COP23 BonnBrahma Kumaris will be actively supporting the COP23 event in Bonn.  News to follow.

Anubhuti2The Anubhuti retreat centre, in Novato, California, USA has done much work in achieving sustainability:  

They have these in place currently:

  • Composting of food scraps and landscape clippings
  • Recycling
  • Solar water
  • Solar electricity power
  • Water conservation
  • Wood stove heat in some areas
  • Organic food purchased when feasible
  • Vegetable garden and fruit orchard
  • Drip irrigation
  • Rainfall holding tank for irrigation water


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