460 COP 24 4.12 JayantiEva Sonja at stand This report includes:

  • A general update from the conference
  • News from the exhibition stand
  • Effective use of coffee breaks
  • Interfaith press conference
  • BK side event "Lifestyle changes that last"
  • The support team working hard

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COP24 3.12 UN DESA 460The BK team continue to be busy.  This report includes:

  • The opening and Sir David Attenborough's introduction
  • The BK exhibition
  • Our invitation to the opening of the German pavillion
  • Our side event "Just transition"
  • Our participation in the Interfaith event

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Support teamSmallThis first report describes the team activities on 2nd December and includes:

  • The BK team
  • The interfaith opening of COP
  • The engagement with Civil Society
  • The Interfaith activities
  • A brief mention of the BK programmes
  • The support team

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COP23JayantiInterviewDuring COP23 in Fiji, Sister Jayanti gave an interview in the Climate Action Studio.  She identifed the link between individual consciousness and the mitigation of the effects of climate change. She gives a number of practical examples. This is a fascinating insight.

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COP24LogoThe Brahma Kumaris (BK) have a high level team attending COP24 in Katowice, Poland from 2nd to  14th December 2018.  BK have been attending and participating in these important UN conferences since COP15 in Copenhagen, 2009.  Over that time, many partners and collaborators have been established and the programme of events reflects the rich mix of events.  It is a very busy programme.

The BK delegates pdf(click here)

BK Programme pdf(click here)

BK Side event (Building a spirit of Solidarity) pdf(click here)

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