Climate and Consciousness: The Confluence of Two Living Systems

Ours is a time when the natural world has been weakened and needs our service and support. We turn our attention to the Earth in the awareness that this is the only home we human beings have ever known. From this awareness emerges an attitude of respect and deep regard: we feel love and tenderness towards this fragile blue marble spinning slowly in space, our mother, and think how well she has served us and wonder whether we have served her as well. Even in her weakened state, we see through our loving vision that she is extraordinary- a delicate interlacing of rivers and oceans – of mountains and plains – of sky and fire harmonized into a connected whole. We are drawn to act in careful ways, in thoughtful ways conserving the integrity of her delicate balance allowing her to renew herself and give birth to a renewed world. *

*The Brahma Kumaris’ knowledge offers a subtle trajectory to explain the movement between consciousness and the material world – the two living systems. In Hindi these words have a rhyming quality: smruti, vriti, drishti, kriti, and shristi – that is awareness, attitude, vision, action and the world. The vision above and the paper developed for COP 16 elaborate on the application of this subtle dynamic in the domain of climate and consciousness.


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We are old friends, you and I.

Both energy.

You, the visible, nature and I, the soul, the subtle.

You have offered me sustenance and all my eyes can see.

Beautiful, delicate like flowers and butterflies,

or strong and awesome like mountains and waterfalls.

As in any intimate relationship, I have often taken you for granted.

I choose now to see you with new eyes.

To become aware of you with gratefulness in my heart.

Without you, what would I be??

I am an eternally shining subtle star

but you provided my costume, my body to experience life through.

The sweet frangrances of nature to enjoy,

others with whom to express love and share happiness.

I am a peaceful being, a loving being and

when I am in this pure state I transmit this to you too.

We then live in total harmony, both giving to one another.

Along the way, things changed somehow.

I started having expectations of you,

I became difficult to satisfy,

I trampled your innocence. Forgetting our pact.

I took more from you than was my need

and gave less than was your right.

Respect, balance and beauty lost.

I encountered suffering and pain, but it was never your fault.

I see that now.

As a soul, in this detached state I radiate peace and love towards you.

This is so simple to do as I have so much to thank you for.

This pure vibration will purify

and help you return to your original state of balance and beauty.

This is the time, I feel that love.

Posted by Arnold Beekes


For the first time in the history of the world, every human being is now subjected to contact with dangerous chemicals, from the moment of conception until death.