startPilgrimageWalkThe Spiritual Ambassador to Our Voices, Sister Jayanti Kirpalani, from the Brahma Kumaris, has joined the Pilgrimage Walks showing the concern for climate change. Approximately 100 students of the Brahma Kumaris and retreat guests joined the walk.

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Rome2015The Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative was invited to Rome by Greenfaith to repond to the Pope who issued his new encyclical called Laudato Si (Praise be to you) which was on environmental issues, climate change and people's spiritual duty to look after the planet.  On Sunday 28th June, the gathering organised a march "One Earth, One Human Family" through Rome where thousands of people joined in holding banners and praising Planet Earth and the Pope's initiative.  The march ended in St. Peter's Square where the Pope addressed the group giving his best wishes.


Korea2015 04Korea Brahma Kumaris Association participated in the Asian Civil Society Conference on Climate Change and Ecology(ACCE), which was held in South Korea, April 24-30, 2015, with the theme of “Climate Change, Sustainability and Resilience.”  This was a lively gathering of a number of faith-based organisations and non-governmental organisations.

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SrJayantiTalkingToOurVoicesSister Jayanti speaks in this short video (1:47) to OurVoices ahead of their activities for Hindu Environment Week identifying the need to respect our Mother Earth.

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The Green Angels of Hong Kong have been busy promoting environmental issues. 

The team attended a symposium organised by the Columban Mission Society, Moral Imperative of Climate Change held 3 November 2014 (Mon) at St John Cathedral in Hong Kong.  Maureen Chen represented Brahma Kumaris on the panel.

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The team also supported a seminar on Green issues "Back to Nature", held 30th November 2014.

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They produced a delightful poster for gift ideas for Christmas on the theme of: reduce, re-use, re-cycle, rejoice! 

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