z1This important meeting, held in Mumbai, India had the aims:

i) To raise awareness about One for All and it can best advance energy access in India

ii) How can faith engagement help scale up energy access?

iii) To understand the policy and financial barriers and opportunities to scale investments in energy access in India.

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FirstUSAConvergenceOrganized by GreenFaith the convergence took place at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana, June 20th through 24th 2016. At the Convergence over 60 diverse millennial faith leaders - from over 20 states (USA) and across Canada - who care about climate change and the environment, and who are eager to mobilize their communities to protect the Earth gather in a spirit of friendship, hope and optimism. Juan Milling from Canada represented the Brahma Kumaris in this wonderful event.

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Brahma Kumaris have received impassioned requests from the OurVoices organisation to add to the activities of 12th June, 6 months after the COP21 Paris agreement reached by the heads of states present.  The letters include links for more information.

pdfLetter to Sister Jayanti

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Sister Jayanti has recorded her environmental greetings for this event. This is given here:


Luciana 2016 2This poster advertises the Brahma Kumaris' activities in relation to their share of activities being carried out in 30 countries by many faith-based organisations on 12th June.  It is organised by OurVoices.

cc2On 28th September 2015, Brahma Kumaris participated in a 5 km People’s Pilgrimage organized by Hong Kong Interfaith Climate Change Network (HKICN). Over 300 people participated from various faith groups together with the representative Ciara Shannon from Our Voices.

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It appears to be a law that you cannot have a deep sympathy with both man and nature.