changing minds not climateThis report from the BK COP team includes:

  • The opening of the conference,
  • The opening of the BK stands
  • The side event: Global implications of rapidly changing Arctic
  • Golo's presentation at Cologne Institute for Tropical Science
  • BK side event: Visionary leadership for the transition to clean energy
  • Evening reception
  • Team photo

pdfSee the report and photos...

meeting smallThis first report from the BK COP team includes:

  • Summary of the meeting
  • News of India One being used for publicity by the German Government
  • News from Hamburg, Bremmen and Bonn
  • The delegation setting up
  • News from Conference of Youth

pdfSee the report and photos


cop 23 fiji logo horizontal2xAt the UN Climate Change Conference this year (COP23, from 6 to 17 November) nations of the world will meet to advance the aims and ambitions of the Paris Agreement and achieve progress on its implementation guidelines.

pdfCOP23: Press Statement

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IndiaGovtIndiaOneGerman Environment ministry has chosen India One as part of its campaign "Ready for the Future" for CoP23. Minister Barbara Hendricks officially presented the posters to the public. 


The Brahma Kumaris COP23 team is now assembling and getting ready for a busy time at the COP23 event in Bonn, Germany.  These are documents prepared to date:

pdfStatement: Empowering_People_for_a_World_in_Transition

pdf The delegation

pdfCOP23: Calendar of events

COY 13 Logo Ohne Datum Transparent Cropped

pdfCOY13: Calendar of events

linkCOY13: (Conf. of Youth)




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